Is anyone still in this shitcoin?

I'm ready to get out of it.

There are people on this board who literally paid money for Tron.


I didnt buy Tron at 300 sats a few months ago because the fundamentals were non existant.

Fuck me for doing research and not going into a worthless coin.

Next time ill just noobie fomo into the next worthless coin for 10x gains

imagine being stupid enough to pay 26c for this shit. ahahaha heaviest bags?

It was trading at .02 one month ago. After the crash, its up a mere 2.5x.
The only reason anyone would be upset with tron is if they bought at the height of the pump right before the whole market crash. Tron will be back with a vengeance, selling now would be the dumbest thing you've ever done.

>buying trx anything after 200 sats.

Fuckin kek.

But is it going to make a comeback though? Is it?

I bought TRX for 0.000057

I say new ATH just before mainnet launch, then another dump. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I should clarify, that's 0.000057 ETH. Why the fuck would I even choose to buy with BTC nowadays...

When will the mainnet launch be?

31st of March.

Real product in March, and coin burn are two significant happenings for this coin.

>he's ready to get out of it

Holding XLM and TRX. I was ready to dump my TRX bags and go all in XLM, but the general consensus here seems to be to hold TRX, at least until certain key events. Thanks brothers.

In since 20 sats. So yes.


But will it ever get higher than its previous ATH?


1 dollar eoy 2018. 10 dollars eoy 2019, 100 dollars eoy 2025.

Between TRX and ODN delusion, Ive been having a right laugh.

Never change

Can any TRX bag hodler's tell me what the token's utillity is? and what the fuck star trek means?

>he thinks we care about what he's ready to do

>Ceo shills coin nonstop
>Plagiarized whitepaper
>Massive supply with the foundation holding lions share of coins
>Remade the roadmap in order to drum up false hype
>No planned token burn

I really wanted to believe in this project..

Misquote. but it's supposed to be the "Primary resource" of a decentralized platform. Whether that means it benefits the holder is anyone's guess.

I FOMO in at like .35 CAD so I ended up losing quite a bit, but it's all good I bought a bit more at it's lowest and I'm already up 20 ish percent. It's all good though my first big mistake in the crypto world.

I paid 3 cents x 50k, got out at 19 cents.

Burn by March.

Yeah - every fucking normie in history thinks this is the next BTC it seems like. I, quite literally, just came to Veeky Forums rn from Facebook because I've got a bunch of retards in crypto groups sperging at me because I'm telling them to stay away from this shit, and they're raging and hurling insalts at me and these fucking RETARDS LITERALLY PUT HALF THEIR SHIT INTO A COIN THAT HAD A PLAGIARIZED WHITEPAPER HOLY FUCK L O L

>plagarized whitepaper

This is retarded, they just referenced another white paper (WHICH LITERALLY HAPPENS ALL THE TIME) but didn't make a references page, just like the github "code-stealing". That fud is so fucking dumb, if they would've added a page at the end that says they referenced xyz from shitcoin 42 that huge dump would've never happened

but then idiot newfag niggers like this guy don't know that this shit is common practice so they fud the fuck out of it and trick other normies into thinking that having a portion of a white paper that fucking explains what blockchain is from another whitepaper is "wrong" when their shit coin probably did the same thing

This is pretty fucking fallacious, lol. The extent to which they "borrowed" was fucking ridiculous and pretty much a sign of how retarded they are through and through. And yeah, 0 references is a big deal. The entire WP is a joke, it's basic P2P dogshit. Follow that up with a lack of utility and godawful CEO who shills AND dumps the fuckin shit - and fuck me sideways, you've gotta be about as braindead as can be to get into this, let alone then rage when others try to point out you're an idiot. It's built on hype and shilling, not application - but load up your bags, m8, I'm sure when it rises along with literally every other coin, you'll have us showed

It's literally the de facto coin for retard children.

Hail your tranny faggot Justin Fagson, faggots.Your project is total shit and mediocre at best.

Yes TRX hodler, give me more of your tears... delicious

>it will never moon again
>trx is dead

The market moves as one in these early stages of alt coins, generally speaking. EVERYTHING is going to moon again, everything is going to dump again all within this year.

I have 100k TRX almost. I actually think it will be a big coin within a few years, but its a longer play. I'm going to sell at .25 or .30 in a few weeks.

i have 6000 tron. holding bags since 700 sats

if this shit doesn't take off after mainnet launch+coin burn i am out

are you autistic? how is it total shit and mediocre? derp

How is it not?

this. tron was a shitcoin since the beginning. people only fomod into it cause rumor was justin sun had a deal with jack ma (alibaba) or someshit ...

my friend has rich parents and he wanted to invest in some alts. lucky mofo bought 10k usd worth of trx at 0.03. It got pumped to 0.3. I told him that if hes not selling all of that garbage hes a fucking retard.

he said watch and learn. he hodl'd every single one and now trx is back at 0.04

marko u stupid fuck

Stop reminding us.

....tfw I didn't sell at $0.30, I fell for the hodl meme, instead of taking profit.

Yea I'm down about 30% on it which isn't that bad considering



hustle into CPC. Dump TRON. Make mad gains. Sell at 10x. Don't buy TRON again.

poor Lambo Lydia on twitter was all in TRON and DBC when the shit hit the fan. I hope she survived. SELL Lydia. Buy CPC and VEN and get it all back.

>It was trading at .02 one month ago
Completely false.

can you do the same for vechain plz