Chad Sergey ACTUALLY fucked this girl and will probably hire her as a marketer for LINK

Sergey def hit that shit.

Sergey followed her on twitter 2 days ago. Her resume suggests as that she will probably become the marketing gal for LINK

Same girl from his SIBOS interview

her company Adastra has an article talking about open banking and PDS2 in 2018

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Stop spreading lies, OP. Her nose is way to big for Sergey to fuck.

>tfw french qt as your marketing director
how can we fail now?

Nah dude he definitely hit it. Can't be too picky with all that Carl's Jr in his belly


Explain this stinkies

Well she looks better from the front at least.

>waves his hand to a person 3 feet away from him
it was that moment right there I was sold on LINK. Right fucking there, I remember watching that video, after he made that gesture I stoped it, dropped everything else I was doing at that time and rushed to binance with all kinds of coins I had at that time and started flipping it for LINK, I couldn't stop buying LINK until I had no other coins or FIAT left.
That fucking autistic gesture is something only a >200IQ genius could commit.
I have no doubts LINK will allow us to retire before this year is up
$70 EOY Screencap this post

You guys are fucking animals. I don't blame Sergey for hating biz and not releasing info. You motherfuckers dox his employees

Fuck you OP

And he STILL fucked

which employees? if you're talking about that fake ass assblaster he deserved it, biggest larping faggot ever on this board.

If I was a LINK holder (I'm not), this thread alone would be enough to convince me to sell all my LINK immediately

How do you "doxx" a public marketing rep retard durrrr

Nice. Just bought 100k

He hires a female employee and the motherfuckers on here plaster her up here and make memes, and are probably harassing her now on social media.

How do you think Sergey feels about that? He's gonna make you mother fuckers rich

What are you talking about? I can do my laundry on that nose.


The CMO from Ambrosus (AMB) Elena Yunusov

Fucking beautiful!

There it is. I was impressed by its speed, almost exactly 1000ms

I remember my first day on the internet

i love link
i love the memes
i love the community
i love the idea
i love losing money together

Damn he is actually fat

How the fuck are """smart""" contracts (i.e. piece of computer code) better than a human being (or a conventional database/software) in assessing when contract terms have been met and payments should be made?

This whole thing is a meme. Contract law and contract culture have been developed for a thousand plus years in the West and underpins our organic development of capitalism. This adds nothing and only introduces problems to contracts.

It's low-trust 3rd worlder stuff:
>trust a piece of code because you can't trust the person you're doing business with
If you're that low-trust you will NEVER have functioning commercial relationships.


Well FUCK I just wasted 30 seconds

He’s been following her for weeks/months pajeet


You sound like the sort of person who didn't think the internet would ever be anything because it didn't toast bread

>official link poster girl is a jewess


How many Links to get a girl like her?

It's all about automation and cutting costs as well as making contracts trustless. If you don't even believe smart contracts have a place in the future then what the fuck are you even doing here? I suppose you never bought ETH with that reasoning either or any of the 1000+ tokens that it's platform houses. Stay poor faggot jeeze that absolute state of no linkies! Unbelievable!

>so is he waving or...
>ooo piece of candy

350,000,000 apparently

he's a redditor

I'm super impressed with all the Linkys continuing to pump out high quality memes. New material almost everyweek for like 5 months.

@1:43 unironically tells her to go back to plebbit

glad i'm not the only one who was convinced because of this

It removes the need for a central authority like a bank when dealing with contracts. Cutting out middlemen saves money.

Daily Reminder

Are you arguing against automation?
This is just further automate banks and insurance companies. They don't want a person, they want a machine.

He's probably just some boomer faggot that thinks people will be doing business over the phone forever.


can we really trust riddle user? what proof does he have behind him?

I bet you get your news from a physical news paper.


In what applications?
What would a smart contract offer conventional software solutions in payroll or online retail?

>smart contract code requires you punch in data that you turned up to work to get paid that week
>something goes wrong with the punch card system
>conventional software or human can easily override that and send out the payment
>smart contract inflexible and unfungible to real world human conditions

Or internet retail
>only process payment when item is confirmed ready to ship
What does a smart contract offer above existing software/human solutions here?

Does it matter? Lead engineer for Airbnb. They'll def use smart contracts.

Let's recap

SWIFT, Sony, Axa, Microsoft, Airbnb, Factom, Request Network, BNC, Ceek, Origami, etc. I can't even remember them all.

Add PDS2 forcing banks to open their API's.

Let's not forget about the heavily restricted supply once the network is active and nodes are hoarding and tokens are locked into contacts and pools.

Oh and the fact that smart contracts will almost certainly become a multi trillion dollar market with over 80% needing to access data triggers from off-chain.

Are nolinkies really this retarded?

LINK being over $1 defeats the purpose of the token. Its in the whitepaper.

How does the """smart""" contract that locks out fresh operater input offer a better solution than conventional software & human solutions?

A smart contract locks you in to inflexible code. IRL problems and issues arise and you will need to speak to humans to work out solutions in any commercial relationship.

Jesus christ I'm not going to spoon feed you the basics of smart contracts dumb fuck. Explaining LINK to brainlets is one thing but when you can't even be assed to figure out smart contracts to begin with then it's your fault for missing the biggest moon mission in history

t. spends 20 hours a day in front of a computer screen and uses the self-service checkout so he doesn't have to interact with a cashier

I don't think you know how smart these contracts are

Great find OP. Sergey is an absolute savage

The problem with your thinking is you're thinking in terms of a world of humans interacting with other humans. That is not the way of the future. The way of the future is machines/software interacting with other machines/software. So in that context, your example of a human punching in on time to get paid would make more sense, because it would be the decision of whether some automaton has fulfilled its end of a deal, so now some funds have to be automatically sent or whatever, there is no human being involved in the entire process from start to finish.

>Published on Oct 18, 2017


poor linkies living in the past

Watch his face from 0:38-0:40 go from a laugh to a look of utter contempt after he says, "oh you're the bitcoin person."

Why Sergey? Did he think she was a clueless press normie?

>Can't be too picky with all that Carl's Jr in his belly
god damn it

In the white paper it pins the cost of each transaction to the equivalent decimal of links equal to a dollar i believe. Makes sense as you don't want to pay $50 for a smart contract to be executed

>Contract law and contract culture have been developed for a thousand plus years in the West
... because people cannot be fucking trusted. Ever. Contracts cannot be trusted. The fucking legal system cannot be trusted.

You know what can be trusted to do what it fucking says it will? A computer. A smart contract.

Fuck the bankers, fuck the lawyers, fuck the jews, fuck the insurers--FUCK THEM ALL

>social skills
>not seeing the value of smart contracts
REEEEEEEEEEE fuck off back to plebbit

why do you guys keep shilling this? just jump on mobius when it comes out

more and more people are doing this famalama.

then how do you explain this horrible shilling?
this shit doesn't make any sense

You guys do realize Sergey is playing 7D chess? He has realized the only way to win in crypto is to become a Chad. Sergey has not only solved the problems haunting the blockchain, but also how to pump and dump women he meets in his life to, which, in turn, pumps the value of his coin. This is a very interesting concept and I look forward to seeing who he chooses next.

>Only problem

He ded.


I love this FUD because anybody who thinks about it for more than 1 second knows that if LINK is adopted for any serious use AT ALL it simply cannot be anywhere near as low as 1 dollar since there are only a billion total

I hope he chooses me next.

not surprising

show tits

>there is no human being involved in the entire process from start to finish.
Yes but that's the weakness. You're ultimately going back to the AI problem. The human will always be more dynamic and adaptable than the machine. Smart contracts don't even aim to be AI, but even if they did, the human will be able to adapt and solve problems the code can not.

A smart contract will always be second-rate to one mediated between humans with some centralised authority between them.


open vegenda my lady

Checked, open bob


>he knows a lot of "special" places


Only ever contract with high-trust North Europeans (and maybe Japs). You can't have commercial relationships without trust. It's why the rest of the world can't into capitalism.

Smart contracts seem to be premised on the fallacy that you can have commercial relationships in the absence of trust. If you can't trust the other party more than code then they'll cheat you in other ways around/with the code.

You sound jealous

Because he knew he was going to thunder cock her

>He gave us lots of useful advice
"Buy LINK, but don't tell anybody"

Yeah there's probably a niche for this like all crypto is: bypassing centralised authorities because you've been squeezed off normal platforms for either real crimes or thoughtcrimes. But beyond that??

Please, someone forward this list to Sergey. He can get those partnerships, I know he can!

I'm saying he's missing the world of human-to-human commercial interactions because of his lifestyle



You almost had me fooled, Lieutenant Colonel, that was a very clever test. Coming on here and pretending to be some retarded boomer. Very clever indeed.

This means I will be extremely wealthy and achieve financial independence before 30.

>hi sir gay
what did she mean by this

Will smart contract pre-nups solve the woman problem?

Satoshi Rises

half the video he is staring up towards the ceiling
did they put some cheeseburgers up there or something?

>all the oracles are stay at home catladies who decide against you

wtf is going on link where’s my fucking lambo

He didnt fuck anyone except you faggots. He is a loser and Link is for losers. Mobius already partnered with WTC meanwhile link has fuckall.

he ain’t drivin them around in a lambo

yes. the average nolinkie could only understand about 1/3 of what you just typed and then they went all in on TRX for $70

Heyyy. I remember this picture...

>completely trustless software will always be inferior to fallible, centralised human solutions.

You're hilariously wrong. Try not to kill yourself when you see the LINK price in 5 years.

Are smart contracts not just escrows? How do you dispute shit? This is the same with loan system in some cryptos

How do you enforce this shit?

>has to grow a beard to hide his manbaby face