Is this a good project to get on Veeky Forums? I sold my eth at 800 like a stupid cuck. Trying to make it back by becoming early adopter for these smart contract scams

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This shit again?

What the fuck are you talking about? Is this even released??


Yeah just saw a post on leddit xd

??? Can't understand a thing


You sold at 800? You shouldn't be in crypto, but please, keep giving us your money. :)

Wtf, you can buy the contract?

It's fucking 50 ETH to buy the contract LMAO
This is worse than ponzi schemes

ehhhhh I can see this working. I've seen dumber shit make money before


First time in history that blacks are valued higher than whites


Nice, just sold 100k

Thanks Pajeet, just bought 100k.

I would buy cuck on a screen

sound investment

This kind of shit kills me. People are just paying for useless crap on a website. There is no inherent value in owning "words". How the fuck could this possibly make ANYONE money.

Literally all of the crypto games make money.
CyrptoKitties = $13 Million
CryptCelebries = $2 Million
CryptoPussies = $100,000

By comparison this is far more artisticly charged project. Probably won't make more than a million but I can see it going decently.



Good investment??

Are people actually buying this shit??

Can someone explain what this is? Are these new coins?

No stop with this shit

yes sir many moon

These shits are all the same pajit-fags coding on the dirt floor, how the fuck do you buy words on a screen

This guy knows what he's talking about. Literally no one gives a fuck about what is being sold. They are getting on because they have a chance to become the early adopter right now.

Kek these retards missing out on the gains

It's going up crazy

how is it this high?

Satoshi's ghost...
He's back

i.. its not supposed to be like this... its supposed to be a scam..

Early adopter please explain how I spend my dad's money


Trump is beating Obama #MAGA


im still confused how this works


KEK This madman released a new word
He's one of us

/sp/ here, this shit might work

sec incoming

Devs right now

I want to believe...

Guess who bought /biz? bitches!!!!!!!! I own you faggots now

Get in on cryptosports tommorow, football players coming.

fuck i kinda regret buying this lol

Is this scam dead?

its utter shit money for pixilated images. A complete scam for morons pumped by soulless faggots

Lol im stuck as the owner of Veeky Forums rip .1 eth

Dude, out of today's games I'm stuck with a hotdog on a seeded bun and a mutated spinning apple. It could be worse.

>Dude, out of today's games I'm stuck with a hotdog on a seeded bun and a mutated spinning apple. It could be worse.

lul wtf. how much did u pay man?

you had me at money
bought 1k thanks