It's been a tough week Veeky Forums

It's been a tough week Veeky Forums

What you drinking?

>gf is asleep
>half a bottle deep in pic related

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>drinking amaretto by itself
Mix it with whiskey you pussy!

King cobra and steel reserve

I'm like 10 deep on 20mg oxys. Comfy.


got me a fresh bottle of this today, its not bad for the price.
smoking a rocky patel edge habano stogie too, good shit

Good ole h20

how is it? Been looking at it

Rye whiskey. Gtfo with that mixed shit.


Meh grabbed it from the supermarket a few hours ago.

It is tasty stuff.

Enough to soothe the pain of this months losses in solitude.

Diet Soda. Because I didn't invest in crypto

Powers Whiskey

its pretty damn good actually, not at bad at all.
this bottle seems a bit higher rye than the last one but i like it.

Are you me?

Ardbeg Corryvreckan. It's not as good as their Uigeadail, but still pretty good for the price.

Gin n tonic with a bit of lime.

half a bottle of cornsyrup with a little alcohol..

you're gona be dry as fuck tomorrow user

Negro, how do you get 20 hydrogen atoms to bond together

a bottle of wasser

>exotic taste
Tastes like metho

>half a bottle deep
That is disgusting.

Lagavulin 16

>drinking disaronno by itself
Im drinking pic related with mexican coke.

Vodka because I'm not an over compensating manchild who needs to feel like an adult

Is that you Pajeet?

holy shit. im all about that desaronno myself.

mixed with coke helps me not get as depressed about the markets.

Recently got into this tasty stuff. Burns like a bourbon should and no crazy complexity. Just straight Kentucky bourbon.

unironically blew a rack on a bottle of spade thurs night been hungover since wed, will not have another drink for at least a month

Try some Blanton's next

not sure how you can stomach drinking that shit to be honest

im on a straight gin martini


Pic related from because i'm not an alcoholic.

>Half deep in a bottle of liqueur.
Fuck off faggot. It’s 35% alcohol.

>with mexican coke
total trash

shit taste confirmed

Mixing it with coke.

Not sure why the fags are hating on it.

Drinking isn't a dick waving contest. Drink what you enjoy how you enjoy it. As long as you are happy who cares what anyone else thinks?

>smoking a rocky patel edge habano stogie too, good shit

Few rollies would be nicer faggot.

Founders Azacca. Great session IPA. Do recommend, know that sounds insane but its just strong enough that its good but not so strong you cant drink a lot of it.

Triples confirm. I drink Angry Orchard hard cider.

Yeah enjoy your high fructose corn syrup bro.

coincuck tears

Wasting solid whiskey you fucking monster.

Coors banquet

Peach Paul Masson

And a blunt cause I'm a real nigga

Orson Welles approves

cause he real


Good taste user.

Anyone here taking any medication/drugs with their drank? I mean it almost feels like you have to take some fat lines of coke with a good drink otherwise it's a waste. As for myself, I'm on 1 MG of etizolam and drinking some fat tires right now. I feel so fucking good it shouldn't even be allowed to feel this good.

I take 50mg zoloft a day and took 100mg of modafinil this morning.

I don't drink much anymore due to abusing substances when younger but in a good place right now.

bam wild turkey is one of my favorites. Especially the barrel proof stuff like rare breed

I work in a high end cocktail bar.

>get talked down too by patrons all day
>Old assholes order pours of mac 30 without even knowing how to appreciate it.
>tip like shit
>ask what I like and make fun of it when I talk about old tiki culture
>Make 10x as much a year off crypto than my job
>most likely make more than the people who are condescending to me.
>sipping on a home made maitai feeling confy with my OMG stack.

All in a good night Veeky Forums any other Rum/OMG bois here?

Holy shit that whiskey is as old as I am, how much did that cost?


1990 reporting in.

Always thought it would be fun to drink a bottle the same age as myself when I make it.

whats a good solid rum to try?

Know that feel, I want that now for the bottle and to savor something of likely super high quality.

I unironically will mix this 1-2 with Dr Pepper (real sugar).

Makes it taste amazing and gives you around the same alcohol as a real beer.

Try it, you won't regret it.

Kraken is a great value for the money.

Found the Chav.

Cheaper than this...

Ven juice

Fireball + Rumchata/Bailey's/Kahlua

Arizona Sweet Tea

I had to cut the rum out a while back, its too sweet. Flor De Cana is pretty good.


Mad bong rips and bud light platinums here. I'm 4 deep this shit goes down like water and the alcohol % gets me feeling right after a beer and a half.
>21 been drinking this since 16
What decent beers should I try that wouldnt get me looked at like a brainlet redneck connoisseurs?

, between redneck and connoisseurs kek

Is this a joke? You're literally drinking mixer. This is something teen girls do. Are you going to wash it down with smirnoff ice?

First of all stop saying "mad bong rips"

That would be a good start.

Was trying to be ironic but thanks for the advice I asked for regarding beer you faggot


and this



Sorry stepped away for a big. Don't listen to people who suggest spiced rum, it's trash. High end rums have just as much complexity as bourbon or scotch. I suggest the plantation line as good starters. Decent price 20-30 for the full line up.

Plantation 3 star for a good white

plantation traditional dark for a solid Jamaican style.

Plantation grand reserve (Barbados) for a good gold.

Plantation OFTD for a overproof rum.

Now I really like Smith and cross but it's super funky if you are not up for that be warned.

miller high life. 30 pack.
and I work in the craft beer industry.


Legit first picture uploaded to biz that's not a meme.

An old fashioned

kek their master distiller is a badass

dasani on the rocks so I can outlive all of you homos.

Post her butt

Also, San Pellegrino and cranberry lemonade mixed

It's actually been a great week