Finance Degree here. Ask me about the markets

Some info on me:

>23, working in IB
>graduated from a top 20 U.S. university
>majored in Finance
>took classes in Financial Markets, Fixed Income Markets, Investments, Derivatives, and more
>taught my Jews and gentiles alike
>All of my professors had hands-on experience in the markets (didn't need to open a single textbook during my BBA aside from my accounting courses)

Anything you'd like to ask about the economy/markets, I can help answer in a direct and understandable way.

Lol somefucking first year analyst thinks his opinion is even worth my shit. Go back to making coffee faggot

Sure, do you think this is reddit?

When moon

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>Some info on me:
No one cares, bud.

>have zero experience
>lecture others about the market

>some outsider who has cursory knowledge of IB wants to talk shit

Could've fooled me

2-3 years


able to get a job with that bud?

I'm majoring in finance currently and worried i wont be able to find a job. Did you do any internships?

How old are you?

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what are your picks on crypto for 2018? is interoperabilitiy a meme? namely ark, icx, wan, aion & ada. do you unironically think link & digibyte has a future? i do firmly believe digibyte will go big, it has made me great gain so far but this is just a gut feeling i have.


also, how has TA worked for you in the cryptosphere? what methods do you use? has Veeky Forums helped you so far? or taught you something that school didnt

will the stock market keep going down on Monday?

very cute, 23 year old pretends he understands markets

You should make internships your top priority if you still haven't gotten one.

Motherfucker what indication did you get that I'm any sort of expert on crypto?

I've been an equity derivatives broker for 5 yrs now.

You're an idiot if you think you have relevant or usable knowledge for the people on this board.

Why do people continue to price options based on Black-Scholes, when everyone knows that stock prices almost never follow lognormal pricing?

>Motherfucker what indication did you get that I'm any sort of expert on crypto?
Starting to think this isn't a LARP.

If you worked in IB you wouldn’t have enough free time to EVER post here

its 50/50 like cryptos. dow jones did go down on a record scale in recent year, maybe it will be a short lived dip and cont mooning. or will have boomer wojacks. i wonder if those people will get into cryptos as a safe haven. i do think iconomy will be a normie bait tho. how many normies actully do their due diligence to buy stocks? or do they go with mutual funds and bonds that just bundle up dozens of stocks picked by someone.

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Funny story: my IB professor once spent a week lecturing us about TA. All the different methods, how it's worked for some people in the past. Then he ended the lecture with: "and if you unironically use TA to invest, fucking kill yourself." TA is a meme.

Slightly down, nothing huge. The good news from the jobs report will keep people happy. Monday's are normally good days due to the accrual of weekend value.

>thinking markets are that hard to understand
Sweet summer child

ofcourse he would say that to the only genuine question in the thread.

You're an idiot if you think this board is even remotely informed about how markets work. There's some econ degree moron getting his dick sucked by idiots who believe his "rates are going down" garbage. The basics of the markets aren't hard to understand when that's all you studied in college

so your prof, has he said anything he use to conduct trades? anything about trends & emotion of the market?

Know of any good businesses to invest in right now?

Unironically don't know.

>IB is work 24/7 meme
Not BB, and I'm not in NY. Different demands

Never. Plan is to get into politics because I'm vain and already have money.

One of them did fixed income trades at his hedge. He'd find arbitrage opportunities and construct hedged trades that would deliver guaranteed, specific returns. He used to joke about he hated making more than what he expected, since that implied there was a level of risk he didn't account for.

Of course, he never shared exactly what he did. Probably because it was back in the 90s/early 2000s. His 9/11 stories are hilarious.

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study at least 2 hours every day. lvl 1 is stupid easy and since you just graduated, most of the CBOK is still fresh. pirate the schweser notes, no need for the books

Value medtech/biotech/pharma stocks.

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buy MCO it's gonna moon end of the month

i'm shorting the shit out of consumer credit companies that have a lot of auto loans on their books.
auto loans are dogshit!

>thinking markets are that hard to understand
you will learn humility in time

I should've clarified. The basics of the market are not hard to understand.

Any in specific that you'd recommend? I'm new.


Are you in the Boston area? Recommendations for internship program/companies that are attractive to IB hiring mngrs? I'm approaching my last year of business school, in Finance. Last step for me is to get a good internship on the resume

IB jobs like IB internships. Simple as that. If you can't get an IB job, try to at least find a corporate banking or valuation analyst role. Do not do an S&T internship if you want IB. I'm in the Southeast.

>One of them did fixed income trades at his hedge. He'd find arbitrage opportunities and construct hedged trades that would deliver guaranteed, specific returns. He used to joke about he hated making more than what he expected, since that implied there was a level of risk he didn't account for.

Sounds like conversions/reversals, which are great if you can do them, but outside of brokerage houses almost no one ever get the prices needed for the math to work.


Buy 100 shares of stock at price X
Buy 1 put with a strike of X
Sell 1 call with a strike of X

It's kind of like a straddle, but it eliminates the loss you have if the prices stays between the two different strikes.

OP. you are a pretty good LARP. But you’re a fucking larp nonetheless. Unironically actually get an education. Good luck in LARPing politics

What's the cheapest way to acquire your education?

Finance Major who graduated in December and started working at a small financial coaching firm in January. I was taught in school that TA is absolutely fucking retarded, and nobody I've ran into in the industry seems to take it seriously. My firm focuses more on educating clients on the psychology behind why they will do stupid shit and how to avoid being a goon.

Will the fed destroy the dollar or crash the bond and stock markets.

Seems pretty binary to me at this point.


Basically this with futures, repos, and other non equity instruments

State university

Lol you're 23 years old, you were 10-13 in the last crash. I got crumbs in my beard older than you.

You should be asking for advice not giving.

You clearly don't know shit, jr.

Should I switch to Finance from Accounting? I've already decided that I don't want to be an accountant or get certified.

Accounting takes an extra year to complete my degree which could be spent working instead!

>I've already decided that I don't want to be an accountant or get certified.
sounds like you answered that yourself, buddy

Next crisis is going to be severe because companies are purging old experienced workers with young workers to save money

They’ll do both, naturally

Yes, fuck actually being an accountant. Accounting principles, however, are essential for finance. Most finance kids forget that

TA is irrelevant with DNN.

So are you in 5 years.

CNBC was talking yesterday about that; that many of the people trading now have never lived volatile or bull markets.

At the tale end of the boom and all through the bust, I ran a business where I could sit with CNBC on in the corner. It was pretty amazing to watch the freakout in real time.

(like the dow falling 700 points when tarp failed the first vote, or when the market opened down 1000 that one time)

>State university
No book recs?

Next crisis may also be worse because the Fed was afraid to stop their artificially low rates. They're starting to raise them now, but they don't have the room to cut like they did last time.

Not to mention, we might not have another trillion $ to throw at the problem.

what university did you go to


I don’t know. Like I said, never had to open a book. Lectures, internships, articles, conversations, and assignments taught me what I needed.

The fact that I said top 20 and not top 10 should narrow it down.

but everyone said that an accounting degree is superior to finance...

yeah i was asking which school specifically

>Bernie gets elected in 2020 and nationalizes all of them

lol I genuinely hope you faggots get wiped out

Yellen was infuriatingly bearish through so many good years.

higher floor, lower ceiling.
You'll probably make more in accounting coming out of school, but you have the potential to become make more if you do finance.

Thanks for the info.

but I hate networking and eating lunch with coworkers and keeping up with the jonases but I also don't want to be an accountant... If I could program I would've gone that route but I have an associate's in computing and it's worthless because I don't remember a thing after coming out of the army.

Bernie has ZERO chance of ever winning.

1. Millennials don't vote, old people always vote.

2. America is not ready to elect a communist President.

I know.

Your job is no more “secure,” you get paid less, have to work harder for credentials, and get viewed even more as a nerd

If you don't want to go finance, you can stay with accounting and do something like audit. It's cushy

audit isn't cushy... I don't want to work 8am to 12am everyday.
I just want to work in a comfy small seaside town private bank or with REITs.

Market outlook for Q2 and Q3.. Time to buy the dip from friday? or keep the cash reserve until a bigger drop?

>The fact that I said top 20 and not top 10 should narrow it down.
Really doesn't. Different 10 options, but still.

.....then do that.

My girlfriend almost got a JP private bank position in Naples. Tons of private banks in Florida

If you get your CPA and you know what you're doing, it can move you into upper tier levels.

My old boss at [company redacted] is a CPA, and she's now making about $1.2 million a year as the CFO over at [company redacted]

Is that an accounting or finance dream? People always say accounting can do what finance can too but not the other way. I also heard that banks prefer STEM majors.

When are you going to fucking kill yourself?

>taking outlook advice from a 23 year old

I’m flattered

If I haven’t run for an office or have a new worth of $10+MM by 40 I’ll off myself for sure.

>Old people dying, millennials all having a shit fit about drumpf
>Muh past predicts future

But please lose all your money retard and remember that I gave you free financial advice on the internet when you do. Healthcare costs are going to continue exploding to the point where there's no alternative but Medicare for All and all the parasite pharma companies are going to get nationalized. Nothing but short term gains to be had.

Honestly I'm not sure. I do think STEM majors have a pretty good shot at getting finance jobs. I'm personally an engineering major, and just landed an internship for a big Investment firm in Boston. My pledge dad is a computer engineering major and he interned with Bank of America Merrill Lynch last summer and will be working for Morgan Stanley after he graduates.
To be fair though we go to a top engineering university (UIUC).

You know nothing about how deeply entrenched healthcare lobbyists are in Washington

Easy answer it's just your opinion idiot....

Any comment on market outlook is by nature an opinion you fucking moron.

Sup Dude, I graduated from Emory, too. Probably a year before you though.

What's your platform

Post says "Anything you'd like to ask about the economy/markets, I can help answer in a direct and understandable way"

I asked and didnt get an answer about my question. NT fuck bitch

Only Emory fags say they went to a top 20 school

also might wanna check out dcorp

See, I'll let you in on a little secret... politicians like to talk about how "our children are the future", about how we need to do things to "attract millennials", and all the rest.

But in reality, they don't give a shit about millennials because they almost never vote.

It's not like I'm just pulling this out of thin air. Let me give you an example (and see attached image)

Back in 2015 I did political consulting work for a handful of local candidates. Among other things, I crunched voter data.

The attached chart is based on 76k registered voters in a town where there are elections every year (locals in odd years, state and federal on even years).

This chart asks the following question...

... Given the historic 2008 election where nearly everyone who COULD vote would want to vote, how many people voted in 2008 and never voted again, and how many people voted in 2008 and went on to vote in every election after that. Given that data, plot by age.

As you can see from the chart, young people only vote when they feel like it, or they are talked into it, or when it's convenient. But old people vote in every election there is.

And even though this data is from 2015, I think it still applies. In 2016 I had to listed to two of my nieces bitching about trump for 6 months while screaming for hillary or bernie. But guess what... both never got around to updating their voting addresses, so neither of them wound up voting.

>working in IB

Lol, enjoy your three years of presentation preparation and data room management, faggot. Stop acting as if you’re doing anything important

Come on now. Sometimes they let me update a model

>a 23 year old analyst thinks his opinion matters


cool your ego buddy

Is this true? I got biochem degree and formulated chem products for 4 years but can't find nujob. I have a potential entry at Ameritrade. They like science types?

Like I said, I'm not sure. I have a pretty good GPA and did an internship this past summer (in engineering though). The nice thing is that you do have a way to sell yourself that's a lot different from what they usually get (straight up finance majors). I emphasized the fact that I have superior problem solving, quantitative, and teamwork skills because of my background. They seem to like that shit.