Welp, looks like Crypto finally drove Peter Brandt insane

Welp, looks like Crypto finally drove Peter Brandt insane

P. shooter mean plastic shooter?
fake guns?

Is he issuing a challenge?

Pea shooter...like a little tube you blow peas out of with your mouth. A kids toy. Don't know why he spelled it P.

pea shooter
the vegetable

Based bradt

It's supposed to be Pea shooter, as in a blowpipe or straw that you shoot peas out of. Might be a weird phrase to a non native English speaker

>owns 3 rifles, 2 of them grandpa hunting guns

what gun is that

Him and McAfee are gonna have a showdown to the death, one on one, no security forces. Dropped off on opposite sides of a small island, then....death match

if you have to ask you can't afford it.

faggot remington 7600 pump rpump rifle. He must live in pennsylvania where all the fucking retards love those things

He wouldn't have the balls to pull the trigger

some kind of single shot .50 BMG

Why don't you try him then? If you win, you get the combined luck of all his gains transferred to your spirit and thus future trades.

But if you lose, then you not only die, but go to your own personal Hell. Here, you constantly fall asleep during a 100x long and then wake up to find not just that you have been liquidated but the bubble has truly popped and you've lost everything. You are surrounded by the laughing, mocking voices of everyone who told you, "It's just a scam," and, "You're going to lose everything," for all eternity.

>home defense
>with a scope

Castle doctrine only applies if they are in your home (e.g., you can't snipe somebody because they set foot on your land). Pretty sure a rifle with a tripod and scope is pretty fucking useless in that situation.

>precision rifle that sits 8" off the ground


yeah you totally could not point it at someone in your living room and kill them with it

totally useless, better to be naked

Literally fucking who

is that some kind of suppressed .50 BMG?

I dont get it, why is this old fuck getting so hostile?

>single shot

he's like a living randy marsh

You can clearly see the mag, you bonehead

No, it's a 30mm GAU-8A.

New to the internet. Feels threatened. Wife was probably raped in the past. Won't let it happen again.

>Wife was probably raped in the past. Won't let it happen again.
"Raped" i.e., he came home early from work and caught her with Tyrone

It's a weird phrase for a non-yank

t. brit/aussie dual citizen

Holy shit is that a famas?????


>New to the internet. Feels threatened.
oh boy here we go

Lmao the tactical .22 oh fuck

Nice sarcasm retard
Snipers have NO CROSSHAIR unless scoped, anyone that has fired a gun knows this. Even a Glock is better to have than a sniper for indoor use.

why are these guys green?

Old school technical analyst that called the exact moment bitcoin peaked. Parabolic overreach or some shit.


you could fire it and aim just close to them to make them desist

Desert Tactical Arms SRS


you know this faggot is getting tons of death threats and is getting scared

Also it's clearly .308 caliber. Don't give gun advice, you're not qualified.

Its a famas

Ok so it can fire 5 single shots, grow up its not automatic.