Do all those asian hookers on backpage actually look like their pictures? Where do they come from...

Do all those asian hookers on backpage actually look like their pictures? Where do they come from? Are they human trafficked over here?

No the pictures are fake, its honeytrapping cops.

they're fake
reverse image search and you'll know this.

and of course they are.
they come from asia, speak little english, make money for their asian men, etc.

no lol they are all fake. 10 times out of 10 you will get some old lady nothing like the pictures
source: I used to work at an brothel

The one I had was second generation and looked just like here pic. Well worth it. Turns out she likes sucking dick and fucking for money more than she liked being a nail tech.

Aww... there's only these and then really fat black shaquandras.

How did you end up working at a brothel?

No, for the most part.

Check The Erotic Review to find ones that have reviews that also indicate the pictures are accurate.

I forgot to mention, it's going to depend on where you live. If you live in a large metro area, then, yes, some of them are actually going to look like the pics. They are going to be working in AAMPs (Asian Apartment Massage), though. With that said, some of the regular massage places will have attractive women too, but this also depends on if you live in a big city. If you live in a small city, you're going to get fake pics and old grannies.

>Do all those asian hookers on backpage actually look like their pictures?
No. They don't use real pictures. However all asians look the same, so if you get a young hooker its basically the same thing.

>Where do they come from?
Vietnam and China are the primary source of sex trafficked Asian hookers in the USA, at this time.

>Are they human trafficked over here?
Yeah mostly. They are coerced into traveling to the USA or Canada with a promise of a job, and then they are essentially kidnapped and all of their documentation taken from them, while they are forced to "pay off their debt" to the traffickers. They work in massage parlors and apartment brothels in order to pay off their debt, and also to send money back home to their family.

That being said, a large number of them know what they are getting into and came over to the USA to work as a prostitute, since they were a prostitute where they were originally also, and the pay is better in the USA.

This is so wrong it's not even funny. I used to monger more about a decade ago (used MyRedBook), and some of the pictures are indeed real, although their lower faces are often blurred, and there's certainly some Photoshop going on. And the majority of the women at these places that are legit are Korean. You will find Vietnam and China are the sources for lower end places.

There's like 60% really obese black women, 35% of these high quality photo asians, and then 5% semi-attractive or attractive white or latinas with a selfie pic. Are the selfie whites usually real? What's the story behind them?

Selfie Whites are most likely girls that are being pimped by black dudes, especially if they look young. Tyrone and Jamal are most likely in the closet waiting to jump you once you enter the room. The older White women are most likely independent providers.

>monger raping sex slaves thinks he knows how it works

I work with law enforcement. I actually do know how it works, and was part of a task force working to reduce trafficking in LA for several years. No larp, but I'm sure you won't believe me anyways.

Korean prostitution has dropped off as Korea has become more industrialized. Koreans dont need to come to the USA to whore themselves anymore, they just whore in korea. Korean mafia stays in SEA now. Yes, 10 years ago Koreans were a large part of it, but not nearly as much anymore. The market is dominated by Chinese and Vietnamese(who are being trafficked by the Chinese).

Maybe you can still find some Koreans around, but its extremely rare on the west coast, which is almost entirely Chinese and Vietnamese. The girls are also instructed to lie about where they are from if people ask.

We rounded up hundreds of women and repatriated them, but more often than not they would be back in a matter of months, working in a different city or different state. Really demoralizing. It's an impossible problem to solve when there are millions of subhumans like you that want to pay $80 to rape asian girls for an hour or two.

they know exactly what they're doing, and they're getting paid 10x what they could get anywhere else for lying on their back for half an hour
fuck where can I get a deal like that?.
>koreans lie
its easy to tell a korean from a chinese, but i've never seen a korean in the biz
>, but more often than not they would be back in a matter of months
hurrr they hurried to come back because its RAAAAAPE

>lying on their back for half an hour
what a sad dude with a micro penis you are dude if you pay and you are happy by that

if the demand dried up this problem would be over. Someone is going to fill that supply order.

>Vietnam and China are the primary source of sex trafficked Asian hookers in the USA, at this time.
Nah that would be Filipinas/Viets/Koreans

>Korean prostitution has dropped off as Korea has become more industrialized.

she was so traumatized by the experience she told me to spend the night with her

this. i booked a supposed 9/10 asian qt on backpage and when i got there it was like a 30 year old 4/10. still busted a nut but was very disappointed

Some are fake.

Reason there are so many Asian hookers is white girls want more money then they are worth. So people look for the next best thing, Asians.

Ok... well to expect the demand to dry up ever is retarded. But if you made it legal one would think there would be more "consensual" providers in the supply side.

Actually maybe if you keep putting more soy in the food supply that'll do the trick of reducing demand.

can i pay for hookers with monero yet? serious question

Just CP.

no i mean can i pay women for sex with monero. like the women on cl who ask for generous gentlemen and etc. can i pay with monero?

In Australia they're mostly students, some are """trafficked""" i.e. imported on visas with false premises of student/work/tourism. Prostitution is legal here. Asians don't have strong moral views against prosituting themselves because they're soulless insects. The Irish backpackers who hook have no excuses.

Yeah, I'm sure they keep a digital wallet on them.

Of course the demand would never dry up. Telling people they cant get high on certain substances and enforcing it is also a huge waste of time.

You need to update your information soon

>in bordertown usa for work
>look up asian massage on bp
>old mexican lady greets me
>nobody else there, but all the other girls are "with clients"
>pay her $120 for a handjob

Are they actuslly pimped or are they just soulless sluts?

the things I would do to Irene, seriously

Its such bullshit, I live in rural bumfuck no-ware in aus and we get asian hookers trafficked though on a weekly basis. cops do nothing.

it's legal tho senpai what u want them to do

Anyone who needs a prostitute is a dickless loser, much less a subhuman using trafficked ones.

I'm sure sex with Irene would follow this exact sequence.

>fat black shaquandras
Is it worth it Veeky Forums? Valentines is coming up.

i fuck k pop stars here in la every month

Both, and a mix. These are women who have been involved in prostitution, poverty, and drug use, and organized crime since they were teenagers.

Vietnamese working in brothels/mps are almost exclusively sold by their family to Chinese gangs though. They have nothing, no passport, no documentation, no nothing. They are stuck and at the mercy of their handlers.

It's very sad.

are they hot and how expensive?

Its not legal due to
Many probably are not registered as sex workers
Prostitute is not a valid reason to grant a working VISA so they are either illegally working, committing fraud or being sex trafficked all reasons to investigate and intervene.
Most likely some high level bureaucratic ass is on the take and granting visas for organised crime to bring them over as masseuses or some shit..

if you like your sex slaves malnourished and demoralized, then the Vietnamese AMP workers are for you!

i'm hearing fit and up for anything. i'll look into it

Sounds perfect senpai

sure you do

Would want her to sit on my face

>It's very sad.
It has to be, up to a point. It isn't really safe, and their employers don't have the best reputation. I know I wouldn't like to be in that kind of situation in another life. There might be some people worst off elsewhere in the world, but that doesn't make this any better. If it was regulated, it would think it would be a lot better for the workers.

Fucking hookers are the biggest catfishes you'll get one significantly older than the picture with breath reeking of cigarette smoke and flaky faded purple hair. She'll get you off good if you close your eyes though.

A lot of the legal fraternity are in on it. There's no appetite to regulate it from the political/LE side because it's a shared vice.

In Aus there is a lot of
>Asian uni students on study visas
Every place of student accomodation around universities is a huge hotspot for hooker ads
>Irish/Euro backpackers on young adult working holiday visas
Most of those are the slut category rather than the trafficked one.

Then their is stuff similar to what you have, actual SE Asian peasant trafficking on skilled visas, but I don't know much about.

Where can I find dommes as a burger now? I used to use bp but the fucking boomers banned it. I just want to pay a hot bitch to hit me in the testicles.

someone i knew was a pimp I was a receptionist

They just moved to dating dummy. Banning didn't do anything but allow a bunch of media idiots to virtue signal to other idiots.