200ETH buy wall eaten

>200ETH buy wall eaten
RIP pajeetcoin

>funholders that didn't sold at 1k satoshis

Keep talking, see what happens

Don't they have a big conference in february? I'm a little tempted to buy the dip.

>Claims to be gambling coin
>Only stupid casino games
>Claims to "fix" "charge""back""issue"
>No "f""i""x" if no adoption
>No intention to enter sportsbetting market despite William Hill dicksucker on board

Great project, faggots.

it's in 2 days and the convention is from feb 6-8. Now is literally the best time to buy.

Im gonna get in on fun just because its meme coin
hodl it for 2 days and sell

How much will I gain/lose? What do you guys predict?

Doesn't that mean 200eth worth of people are confident itll go up?

back to .20 hopefully

Yes it does, and its actually still positive. Op is doing something im not sure what if he understands buys and sells and is mad he is not on the fun train and doesnt want to give into knowing that this is a good project and prove to himself that he is wrong in his ideas

A buy wall being eaten is the over-amount of people selling to fill buy orders.
Sell walls being eaten is an overwhelming amount of buys eating sell orders.

A buy wall being eaten means the price is probably to go down and fulfill lower buy orders.
However, FUN is going to go up. If you hold this coin right now it is the dumbest thing to sell right before the conference. If you do not hold this coin right now, make it 30% of your portfolio at least, because there is a huge chance we will see 10cents in the next few days.
>inb4 haha pajeet thats not even half of your ATH
Well yeah, bear market coupled with whale manipulation will do that to you, if you didn't buy at 15cents this is good news, and if you did buy at 15cents you're an idiot.

it means a whale tried to pump it and ended up getting dumped on instead

>and if you did buy at 15cents you're an idiot.
I should have just magically predicted that the south korean governemtn would crash the market. how do I see into the future like you?

at the very least $1 EOY man dont even worry

Or China fud, or tether fud, or senate hearing fud, or Bittrex delisting fud. Seriously it’s like all the smug bastards come out of the woodwork to laugh and kick you while you’re down. I bought at 10¢ and 8¢ anticipating some good news this month and not fucking 3 hours pass after my buy order and shitrex decides to through us all a giant shit curveball.

Lucky 7’s please be a sign.

I got 6 eth. How much should I put into this crap`?


Your triple 777s have restored my faith in hitting the jackpot

all in
x2 in 2 days

Even if this goes to zero, we can still use it to play poker.

>Veeky Forums themed Funfair casino when?

>never watched fun on binance ever
Whales never put up buy walls on FUN. Youll see them market buy the price up between 1-3am pst. Watch, 4-5 hours from this post itll happen. Because its been happening repeatedly at the same time for two weeks.


>Youll see them market buy the price up between 1-3am pst
Realizing this has helped me make an extra 4.5k FUN.
Still pretty /comfy/ desu

Really? maybe I should try to increase my stack through whale bot manipulation.

If dubs I go all in on funfair.

ok, just both 1.3 eth worth of Fun at 0.00006300. Around 21400 fun's.

I will drop this garbage in 2 days regardless.

I hope you are right guys

Thanks for the heads up user. I'll sell in 1.5 days instead.

Gotcha! I will sell in 1 day! And beat you all.

Also, your quads confirms that mass sell is in 1.5 days