The one true pyramid

Stop getting in on these low volume scam pyramids guys.

OG is the only one with consistent volume.

I'm making a bit over .1 eth a day from my buyin of 2eth AT THE HIGH. Even just 1eth in now will get you .1 eth a day.

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OG is the only pyramid with consistant dividends, the clones are all already dying off because they dont have volume

Put in 1 ETH already made .2 ETH off dividends

Hey. we really want to work with some of your solidity devs.
We want to make a contract that wraps around yours so it buy into your pyramid. All we need is one new simple feature.

shoo shoo discord shills

how long has it been live? im hesitant because of what happened with powh

48 hours now.

The code was tested a ton and the whitehat that warned of the POWH exploit was on the dev team fo rthis one and helped make sure there were no holes.

maybe ill buy in if its still up after this weekend then


Get in before the website drops

Full two days now exactly. We get why people are hesitant thanks to fucking PoWH, but every single gap and exploit has been fixed from it. The core concept is still brilliant, it was just a pajeet coder that tried implementing it at first.

The guy that found out how to drain PoWH, Arc, is on the dev team for ethpyramid. He hangs out in the discord and the dude is insane when it comes to this kind of shit.

I was a bit hesitant too trusting one of these a third time, but his involvement sold it for me.

lol I'm sure that'll make people forget the fact that it's at 27 ETH LMFAO
kek y'all getting desperate

420 clone of OG ethpy

>literal exact copy of ethpy code, so no benefits in terms of dividennds, distribution, etc.
>weed theme which makes everyone think the devs are stoners and probably incompetent (i smoke and i wouldn't throw money at a weed themed ponzi scheme, who would?)
>low volume
>less respect just by virtue of it being a clone
very bottom get in now

I put 1 eth in and landed in about the ~300eth point, and have since made .5 eth in dividends over the last couple days. Contract is at ~300 right now, which would give 9(?) tokens or so, which is what I had. The dividens are honestly the big money maker, not the sell price.

People constantly talk about the sell price of tokens, but that's not where the money comes from with this. It's the divvies. Those are HUGE. It's why I haven't sold, and instead reinvest the divvies with each dip. The returns on this are stupid good.


I don't have any stake in any pyramids, but I've been actively following development.

There have been almost 10+ clones formed with 60% of them being exit scams by the owner. EthPyramid2 and EthPyramid69 were formed by the SAME person and has ran off with over 30+ ETH. This also excludes the fact that he locked up 30 ETH because he's deployed one incorrectly.

Shadow is a decent clone, but again, it's still a clone. Volume is what wins in the end and it doesn't have the branding or the name. It's a meme based off what happened to ShadowPoWH and it's hard to pitch to normies.

EthPyramid OG, has the most potential. I would throw in an ether, but I am waiting for the opportune time and making sure that the code is actually secure this time around. PoWH lost me a bit of money.

Anyways, the end game is volume and new money (not recycling Veeky Forums) and all of that requires namesake, branding, and reputation.

I think OG EthPyramid will win in the end.

fuck it, throwing 0.1 eth in

took out all my money from the clones to buy some post-ICO shitcoin
left it in the OG cause OG is where its at
ill just park it in there for a while and see if we hit any normie peaks

Im already in.

made back 20% of my initial in 2 days and the market is pretty slow and dead atm. I got in late aswell.