TFW you made 30k usd in the last 6 days from promoting faking giveaways on vitalik's twitter

TFW you made 30k usd in the last 6 days from promoting faking giveaways on vitalik's twitter

crypto is just too ez

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lmao does this shit actually work? I always thought people were smart enough to see an obviously fake Twitter account.

Proof or larp


Fuck off shitskin you aren't welcome here

Federal prison will be very full soon

yep, turns out people are stupid. right now its hard because there are tons of idiots pretending to be vitalik, but 3-4 days ago i was making 2k usd per tweet, easily. was a good ride, 30k usd in 6 days. now i can just take it easy for the rest of the year :D

Have fun getting raped by Tyrone in prison.

Not people involved with crypto that get information from twitter. They’re some of the dumbest creatures I’ve ever seen.

post your txid and if you gave it to me ill return it

ffs. I wanna try this now haha

i refuse to believe this is possible

You are fucking scum.

>ID: gay


this is all for one single tweet.

never share your secrets you dumb pajeet

Nigga you gay.

I am embarrassed to say I woke up saw it and did it on impulse from coinbase account.

Why the fuck would they send you crypto? Or is like a buy in fee or something?

Probably some content locker that made them do surveys for such free item and somehow told them to send some coins for "shipping and handling"

>eth autistic creator makes a comment about how if you send too little or too much he wont do it, feels legit
>you feel like sending it

I hope somehow you go 2 prison op for felony fraud you very much deserve 2 spend a few years getting raped.


its fucking Social Darwinism, thats beautiful user...

can't believe it actually works

i dont live in usa, where i live theres literally 0 chance something happens to me. and i used vpns

By the way: I'm giving away 200 ETH to my community. Just send 0.20 ETH to the address below and I'll send you 2.0 ETH back, to the same address you used in the transaction.


This is my way of thanking this beautiful community of like-minded people! #Ethereum

sorry, that isnt me. that guy got lucky and raked over 10k in one tweet, good for him.

did you band wagon or did you do it after him?

i was the second person to do it. first was a guy pretending to be john mcafee

Nice ID there, OP. Or should I say gayjoh.

Feds getting ready to push your shit in

agree, that was a pretty unfortunate ID. not homophobic though,

except im not american and i dont give a single shit to us LE.

americans think they rule the world lol. their police work is papel toilet where i live

I honestly thought about doing this but im not sure I could live with myself.
Then I thought maybe I'll do it and send the shit back just for fun and to teach brainlets.
god im such a pussy someone kill me please

unless you scammed Americans, then say hello to extradition my little shitskin friendo

i guarantee you could do it now and no one would send you anything. it has become really hard in the last few days due to the increasing number of impersonators. i have some tricks up in my sleeve that guarantee my success even in such harsh conditions, but id never reveal them as i plan to make some more money with this scheme.

its against my country laws to extraditate its own citizens. do u think im a fucking mexican? retard


Wow nice ID faggot

>id is literally gay

how'd you make an anonymous twitter? burner phone?

normal phone. i dont give a fuck. my country is so corrupt nothing would ever happen to me, plus im pretty sure serious global law enforcement doesnt give a single fuck for 30k usd. its nothing to them

Where are you living?

bad part of western europe (spain)

Speaking of, this guy gave a warning five hours beforehand.

get it? nah you don't get it

>we've triangulated his position
>send in seal team 69

They don't have resources to hunt down a Pajeet living on Poo Avenue because some morons voluntarily gave him money. Then what? We pay to house him in a five star prison with working toilets? No thanks.


women were a mistake

this guy gets it


god damn it

Those who believe money can do everything are frequently prepared to do everything for money.

>bragging about being a nigger

What referral were you pushing that paid out that much?

Anyone wanna buy @vitalikbuterim off me..hasn’t been used yet

op is a low life and he knows it.

Nice ID faggot