Be burger

>be burger
>invest in my first ICO
>be this
who else comfy as fuck in $ELA?

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pls somebody tell me you won this cryptocurrency correction too


very few people realise what this is yet.

Just wish I sent more NEO in during the ICO.
Do you have a prediction for what the large gaming partnership will be? I'm thinking maybe Tencent

It's clearly going to be the entirety no Las Vegas as a partner.

they met with the binance ceo and posted a group picture with him on a twitter account of them. really makes you think.
This will be in the top 10 for sure, it is something completely new and genius. Has been in development for almost 2 decades. Has some of the biggest chinese companies as partners and backers.
I put 60% of my folio in, and that is quite a bit.

Why is the price so high?

Low supply, and working product mostly.

yea im liking this coin but holy fuck is their business plan complex, its good because you know this shit isnt just some vaporwave coin but bad since only smart money can get in on this right now with its high research barrier (unless you go in on coins without researching)

the chinese flooded the ico and it has low as hell supply

Yummy 15 coins. But that does lead me to believe it will have trouble mooning. A 10x in a year? Sure. But that's a long hold.

i'd say this coin is heavily undervalued right now considering its ties to NEO/big chinese business. The reason for going in on this is the same as the reasons for going in on VEN, but honestly this has more immediate moon potential than VEN considering this hasn't gotten a major exchange listing yet and people are only now hearing about it

Seems like it may start mooning now

I sold 500 VEN last night to get into this, felt bad seeing VEN up 20% today but its corrected and this has done nothing but shoot up

I will give it a serious look. A 2x doesn't seem unlikely.

I as actually thinking the same. I'll evaluate it when I get up.

My portfolio is 40% neo, 30% elastos.
Feels fuckin' good guys

Buy while the Chinese are sleeping. It always goes up when they wake up.

I'm not researching all night, and I'm not impulse buying. If it moons, it moons.

its going up real fucking fast right now

FOMO setting in. Only more and more people will find out about the project and want to hop in, I suggest getting in now while this is a sleeper project still.

The Chinese just woke up, it's a bad time to buy this second. I'm saying as a general pattern

how to obtain as a burger? Was under the impression you couldn't withdraw off huobi as an American?

Was the first ICO where we were allowed to participate. I'm still holding my coins in my Elastos wallet, patiently waiting for a Binance or Kucoin listing

nah that hasnt been true for a while now as far as i know, works fine for me

someone came on about 12 hours ago when it was $50 and said buy right now

wish I'd listened

angel investors by DHF and Jihan themself. But can anyone explain what the shit the tokens do though?

This is a pretty good shill guys. What discord are you from? Looks like lots of members.

i am the ceo of binance and our discord is only for chinese millionares sorry kid not today

Jesus just do like 30 seconds of research.

Just ignore the thread and put your money into garlicoin or tron instead

Read the white paper user fuck. Its simple to understand. Simplest terms its similar to poe but much more valuable than poe and tied to neo and much more.

Sooo comfy. Chen Rong is so Right.

Fuck me, my Elastos holdings value just passed my Neo value. Never thought any coin would do that

g-good time to buy lads? i am seriously impressed but those green fucking bars are scaring me

As much as I love this project, I say wait a bit. It's popping the fuck off right now, I think it will correct in the next few hours. Or not, it might go straight to $100

>tfw i always find the good shit late when it's been shilled on biz
never gonna make it, fuck

someone shilled it 12 hours ago and I gave my usual 'haha moron' reply

what the fuck

>tfw sold this at a profit but before the moon TO BUY TRTL. FUCK

lmao its just tearing down massive sell walls like they are nothing, volume high af right now, imagine when this hits a big-name exchange

This is just begging to collapse to a sub30 dollar range.. the fomo and mystery is keeping it steady sidelined for now, but just 1 thing needs to go amiss and * BOOM * 50% dip..

And i'll be there, waiting, patiently, menacingly

trtl is a solid investment imo. I'd say just from its community following alone its going to go up to a solid 30 sat this month once bear market eases up

>new paradigm

have fun waiting, it won't happen. There are almost no whales. and after the airdrop I bet my ass it will hit binance within a week.

Yeah i agree but i could've stayed in elasto for longer first

have you been diagnosed with retardation at all?

>>tfw sold this at a profit but before the moon TO BUY TRTL. FUCK

>Well at least you were in ico.. you tried. 2,3/10

Still mooning. fuck I fomoed at the dip

0.071000 ETH

nah i wasnt in the ico i bought in befroe the hype at .005 and sold at .006

In since 30. Feelsgoodman.

Right here.

Didn't even buy in the ico

Where the fuck is the top? Why keep moon?


>know that if I buy right now the moon will instantly stop and I'll want to kill myself
c-congrats lads

Its unironically a 4 digit coin.

It was listed initially on another Chinese exchange for 160$

Thank god I thought I got in at the top at 0.073 ETH

I was going to buy in at 0.031 but I got locked out of huobi for 2 hours and had to buy at the high at the time of 0.041

Delta has been non stop "ela has hit a new ath" ever since

Which exchange?

I feel so stupid now that i didnt buy the third round. Contributed max for the first two rounds (25% of my NEO portfolio), but got scared for the last one.

I knew this thing is solid as fuck when i saw Da and Jihan backing it. Also Foxconn baby!!!

What is G3?

Da Hongfei of NEO and Jihan Wu of Bitmain are both early investors and advisors to Elastos. Jihan Wu has committed to redirecting hashing power from Bitcoin mining to Elastos. G3 is a co-operation between NEO, Elastos and Bitmain who share a vision of a decentralized economy and smart web. Key features of the smart web include the virtual machine, runtime environments and trust zone, provided by Elastos and Bitmain, consensus provided by NEO and KYC provided by Ontology.

G3 is meant to cooperate with Chinese government regulations and considering two of the leading figures of Chinese blockchain are involved (Jihan Wu and Da Hongfei), the likelihood that these projects will greatly succeed when the Chinese adopt crypto-friendly regulations is very, very high. China appears poised to change their cryptocurrency regulations soon:

Who are Elastos backers/partners?

Foxconn (world’s largest electronics manufacturer) Elastos received a $31 million sponsorship from Foxconn group for R&D

SAIC Motor (China’s largest auto manufacturer) SAIC motor has officially partnered with Elastos to use Elastos’ blockchain technology in the development of autonomous driving technology/smart cars. Confirmation with news link from Elastos team: The smart car market is projected to be worth trillions of dollars in China within the next 5 years

AVIC (Chinese state owned aerospace/defense company, Fortune 500 company),,

Alibaba and Huawei:

A soon to be named huge gaming company:

Zapya (400 million users, p2p file sharing app): Zapya agrees to build on top of Elastos

lul nigger no one is partnering with tencent.

what is the market cap?


aanndd here comes the dump