The boomer

is salty right now.

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Just wait until we get to 100k.

Apparently a pile of bricks can tank 1/3 of its value, too. How the fuck does that make more sense?

> The bubble has burst
Oh so that was it? Cool.

2013? it's crashed like 7 times since then.

>turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy
Does he even know what he's saying?

lmao it's up 9000% from when he made his "self fulfilling prophecy"

someone needs to make him aware of this, because he's apparently too retarded

I wonder of these guys will fomo in eventually.

Shouldn't a professor know the definition of "self fulfilling prophecy"?

2017 was life's not the fair, the year

2018 is going to start life's not fair the actual extra dimension

boomers to get wrecked soonly

Most professors, politicians, executives, etc are clustered around 70 years old. We've never had a more geriatric leadership in all facets of life our country than right now. They're literally growing senile and feeling their minds decay.

these are the people cryptocurrency threatens

good times ahead friends, I promise you

start making plans for what to use your future wealth on

>nocoiner retards circlejerk over every drop because they can't get over how they missed the chance to become a millionaire

How is that a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Self-fulfilling would mean that people saying "it's a bubble that's gonna crash" actually put money into it and make it crash. From what I know the people who invested believe in crypto, and the muh bubble pussies stayed out. This guy is a moron.

asshurt libtards detected

Should there be a boomer holocaust?

This reads like satire. What fucking clowns these boomers are.

Why do boomers find it so hard to imagine why cryptocurrency would have value?

It's not even a far out concept, it's just decentralized money.

lol wut?

I have to say, even if we crash to 0 tomorrow I will never stop laughing at anyone who "predicted" this crash in 2013. A short position entered in at that point would have consumed the wealth of fucking Jeff Bezos by now.



Imagine you're so pathetic you have to tell everyone on twitter when you're right

Drink your prune juice old man

feels fucking great
we're all gonna make it

Imagine if boomers actually had to deal with legitimate competition when they were growing up.

The neets on here are more wary and cunning than they are

>can either go up or down
>big rally means a big correction
>50% chance of being right with a blind guess
lmao stfu

he had that tweet sitting in the holster awhile lol

feeling /comfy/

>crypto has no value
>fiat currency is only as strong as the government declaring by fiat it is worth, which why a dollar is worth a dollar and a Zimbabwe dollar is worth less than dirt

This is just hyper speculation. I wish I got in years ago so I can dump it all when it was 20k. Congrats on the memetards who sold the dank meme when it was dankest

could u try that again in english

you would cry when it would hit 500k

when desu ?

>>crypto has no value

nice, just spent 3 days waiting for a 100k bank transfer

This, kek. What a clown.

pic related

the fact you just valued your "currency" in fiat currency denominations and dumped it does not help your argument that crypto is worth the paper it is printed on. Oh wait, you cannot even use it as wallpaper once the tulips rot

Crypto is non partisan go back to /pol

pic related

Nice pump and dump you got there... it would be a shame if someone regulated the market.

Wow what a fucking moron

>laughs in third world shithole

>when bitcoin was worth $1000 I called bullshit
>now that it has dropped from $20k to $8k I have been vindicated!
>if you bought bitcoin in 2013 you'd only have a 700% profit! cryptocurrency BTFO!

Remember when Zero Hedge was actually pro-cryptocurrency and not a bunch of cucks?

>the fact you just valued your "currency" in fiat currency denominations

Oh sorry, I'll value it in comparison to oil and gold next time.

God you people are fucking retarded.

Spotted the republicuck

The third position is the only way

went to college, paid 100+k for masters, became college professor, sells college. doesn't sound like a pyramid scheme to me

>pearl harbor, 5-10 years before he was born
retarded image, kys

Not it isn't you fucking 13 year old it's ancap and always has been. You obviously learned politics from /pol/.

Based Sumner consistently destroys these “muh bubble” arguments

stop telling them how to win

We've finally reached a full crypto bubble when everyone is buying and selling alt coins and the world economists and bankers have conceded that they were wrong. That's when it's time to sell before the great crash. Then buy back into whatever crypto-based companies survive the wreckage.

>silly senile boomer doesn't understand the concept of decentralized permissionless blockchains

If only there was some way to for the government to make something illegal and ban companies from doing something! Even if it is profitable! Really glad that Amazon accepts blow as a payment and then sells it to addicts.

Your coin is at best a commodity. If you valued it as a currency and it kept going up, you would not spend it. You would wait for it to max out in value and then use it to buy consumer goods or commodities.

>Robert Shiller
I think that guy's name says everything you need to know about him.

based sumner

Seriously, I really hope that NEETs win over these fucking boomer idiots.


My dad's 70, he owns a few Eth and some Bitcoin. I explained it to him as a way to fuck over banks and he was in.

This whole coinmeme is a massive unregulated scam

Its valuation is outrageous and I do not see how I get my money back


unironically this

>shat on BTC @ $150
>gloats @ $9000



Just wait for them to die

a friend of mine unironically says "hurr ripple going to 5$. it's going on coinbase durr"

It's just standard bubble psychology.

kek as if they haven't put 100k of their fuck you money in since the beginning

>predict BTC's eventual crash every few months
>gets it wrong for 7 straight years
>finally gets it right
>insists they're a financial genius
Great work, (((Professor.)))

Wow Bitcoin is highly speculative? This guy is a financial genius its not like literally everyone knew and knows this.

Buttery Flaky Crust guy?

Don't believe in the chains of blocks it's a Chinese hoax!

Immediately before we crash to 16k.

boomers on the verge of getting completely BTFO as the state wont be able to fund their retirement and their portfolios fet wiped out in the next crash. all the capital flight will flood into crypto and make the NEET's rich

good timeline

Lamboland here I come.

>this entire thread

Bitcoin was $100
>ignored Mt. Gox crash in 2014
>focuses on 60% crash
>listens to investor figureheads, but doesn't follow up on their actions
Bitcoin is now $9000

In 2003 I told everyone that "to say the stock market is highly speculative would be the understatement of the century". 5 years later, my statement turned into a self fulfilling prophecy.

Why are boomers so fucking retarded?

I don't think "self fulfilling prophecy" is the right use of the expression here

It's a simple prophesy

hes saying he crashed the market himself

you just gave me a boner

The old fart has to cope somehow.

>self fulfilling prophecy
Is he claiming his own words are the cause of this crash? What the fuck?

You'd be surprised how high and mighty all these boomer economists coming out of the woodwork now are acting. It's a defense mechanism because while they've been sitting on the fence denouncing the crypto-boom, everyone else was making insane amounts of money.

They all "saw this coming" years ago, as if a major correction doesn't happen after massive bullruns in literally every single market on earth. They're acting like children.

>"5 years later"
>4.3 days worth of data
>No y axis
This is a photoshop right? You would fail the most basic of science degree's if this was your ability to present facts.

imagine the amounts of money if he just put in 10k bucks in 2013, even if it lost 50% of its ATH