I sold my stash at 40% lost yesterday. It is mooning hard today. WTF IS HAPPENING? GOD DAMN IT!!!!

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Should of HODLd user

This Chink fucking SODLd user

tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

did you forget the basics?
You dont even need half a brain to realize not to sell at a loss

because fuck you thats why

>tumbling down
It is >$170 user, wtf are you talking about

Litepay is supposed to be launching next week


yeah, I sold at loss and bought XLM instead, not a total disaster

god damn there is really no hope for some of you. don't sell at a loss you fucking dingus

>Litepay launch
They announced this in Dec, if it is that meaningful, the price wouldn't tank in the first place

>don't sell at a loss you fucking dingus

This guy isn't ready for any intermediate techniques, let's not confuse him

I bought at 149 and sold at 155
missed the moon :(

Thank you OP, your loss is my gain.

This might be what you're looking for:



everyone shits on it, whatever. ltc has quite a bit of potential left in it.

But now the date is close and the hype is on

Direct fiat gateway, with visa partnership so accepted everywhere. Direct to merchants bank account, so no exposure to volatility. This is huge. Especially coupled with robinhood

im an og trader. your liquidation is my entry

It is about to correct hard. Don't worry about it. LTC is a crypto that works great, but does absolutely nothing that other cryptos cannot do.Call getting out at a loss a blessing. A lot of plebs are going to be holding bags at the same value for the next several months wondering why it isn't doing anything.


Uggggghhh that smile....

>But now the date is close and the hype is on
Maybe I'm just over thinking but that sounds too easy, too predictable. I don't think that's the case. Remember when Veeky Forums says LTC going to moon on XMAS because Chad and Stacy are going to pour their holiday money to crypto? I fucking tanked hard around that time

>that smile....
Litcoiners have serious Soycucks population issue

you jumped on a liferaft and now your floating in the ocean alone, soon you will be drinking your own piss to stay alive.

Name another crypto that offers a direct fiat gateway and payment wherever visa is accepted, and doesn't expose the vendor to volatility? I'll wait.

This isn't some theoretical, this is real. Not promises in a fucking whitepaper. Real world applicability.

tfw I thought of dropping $1000 into it right at the bottom, oh well

I'm seeing Raiblocks ads on the LTC sub reddits lol

LTC has a cult like none I've seen before. This is making me think about dropping my nano bags soon. If LTC pulls off this visa partnership, at 1% fees, all other crypto currencies are no longer needed. Boom, done.

LTC is the future. Shitcoin shillers FUD litecoin because it makes most of their shitcoins useless.

Litecoin is finally doing it!

You can go on LitePay website now, order a Litecoin card and use it at any Visa vendor. The transaction will convert LTC to Fiat from your Coinbase Account at cheaper then a VISA transaction. THIS IS HUGE!!!!
It is fucking beta asshole

That was just speculation. This time something is actually going to happen. There is a confirmed event coming

wait out the bulltrap, buy LTC on the next dip. there will be at least one or two more this month

Didn't Santa say this shit is going to $20k? KEK

>intermediate techniques
could you teach me how to make money from Bitconnect my nigga?

Its been out for a while

r'tard. LTC just going up from being down in a very dark place

People [spoiler]like me[/spoiler] couldn't help but see how the price fell to a delicious low...

Going live soon.

>Plebosaurus Rex

If you can’t HODL LTC I’m not sure what makes you think you’re going to HODL XLM.

If bitcoin is legitimately worth 10K, then LTC should legitimately be worth 2K


thanks bloomberg

>what makes me think I'm going to HODL XLM.
Their "CEO" doesn't spread daily FUD on Tweeter. Also, the "owner" doesn't sell his "shares"

And then reinvested all the money into the litecoin foundation. Bringing us litepay.

Feels good.

>Charlie reinvested all the money into the litecoin foundation
Good luck selling that to Normies. Don't forget to tell Tyrone that MAST, Colored Coins, and LN are coming in the near future. He will respond by saying TRX/XRP is way better, it is going to $5k in a couple years.