50k a month

>50k a month
>cost $600 to build

Skycoin thread

*DO NOT* buy any coins
*DO NOT* buy any skycoins

Prices are extremely inflated right now. Coins will be distributed to miners.

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160 sky/let/ here. I thought all the orange Pis to build this thing were sold out.

Wait, how does 8 orange pis $1600 a day?

can you send a link to the build guide?

more info pls

Y'all some lazy fucks. Took me less than 30 seconds to find out everything I needed to know with a simple click. You deserve to stay poor for even asking

I mean how are you going to make 50k a month. What is this faggotry estimate based from?

Where do you get the miner from?

here you go, you incompetent toddlers


I can't find any reference to mining rewards.

you're not mining really, you're getting paid in skycoins to be an ISP

I only found a review recommending this to mine for dash...
>hashrate of 900 MH/s at 216 W
looks pretty cool to make and sounds cheap, I'll try it out later if I can get more info if it can do other crypto though.

>for a single card...
so I'm guessing x8 the rate/power of those

Hm so if none of your neighbors use your network you don't make any money, right?

No you will still be connected to networks that require traffic, so you will still earn.

Ok thanks. So how many skycoins?

Uh, please explain how you came to the $50k a month conclusion...

haven't found any info on that yet

Thanks just bought more sky

Use your brain. Do you really think if investing $600 gave you 50k a month OP would be shilling his shit here instead of building so many of them himself that he would need a warehouse to store them?

also if you have a data cap on your internet you're probably excluded from this

>Do you really think if investing $600 gave you 50k a month OP would be shilling his shit here

my shekel sense is tingling...

nor do you want some sweaty neckbeard using your hardware to access cp. on closer examination this is a really shitty idea

It's probably more like $1,000 a month, still nice though
I'm still skeptical how this will even be able to utilize 5g if it's based off our ISP

I am using my brain, you failed abortion, that's why I'm doubting his claim.

>50k a month

yea ok larper

This has been gone over time and time again. Does Verizon get in trouble every time some basement dweller looks at a boy's asshole? No.

Wow, you're touchy. But you have your answer.

the 50k a month is based on future predictions for the value of 1 skycoin

No your being paid in coin hours. You get coin hours by staking sky coins

It's Veeky Forums, we act tough here. The same way you opened your reply to me with "Use your brain". Nothing matters.

I could see this considering I was effectively mining $60k/day in 2011.

Yes I know it's not live yet and there are no payments. But once a node is setup, how does this link to your wallet for payouts? I've installed a node but can't see where I can connect to my wallet.

just ordered the parts for 100k thanks

How many skycoins can a $600 rig mine a day? I imagine it would be heavily dependent on your internet connection.

If you think ((they)) won't change the rules for the little guy you got another thing coming

>*DO NOT* buy any skycoins, Prices are extremely inflated right now.

Ranked 141, literally all scams and pump & dump worthless shit tokens above it.

1000% ROI? I smell bullshit.

That's bullshit. We don't even know what the Skyhours will be worth. You'll earn them, not skycoins directly fags

coin hours are earned from the miners, and then the skycoin team will do a buy back program to buy coin hours for skycoin

synth said so in the latest interview

If fumfin if foo goof fo fe frue, frofafly it if

Why mine coinhours tho? You earn shitloads if you just hold your coins in your wallet.

>50k a month
>1600 a day
>cost $600 to build
>take day 1 earnings
>build 2 more rigs
>take day 2 earnings
>build 6 more rigs
>achieve infinite money

imagine a future where half the users of skywire possess less than a whole skycoin. that's with 100 million global users. big, but still under 1% of global population. holding a thousand coins now

Totally possible — money encourages upgrades until the pipe dream aspects (mesh, etc) become doable

Yea becoming a milionear in a month has never been that simple

Skycoin is a farce. Dont fall for it senpai. Skywire will never go live and youll just waste your money. Price to build went up to like $1000

Weak fud

What do you guys think about setting about a crowd coin masternode? Seriously I'm asking for opinions.

Low energy fud

>6x orange pi in beowulf clusters 15usd ea
>1 chink router 45 usd
> power supply 35 usd
>extruded aluminum frame 40 usd

600 cost my ass

At least switch proxy.

>skycoin is literally an orange pi funded org to promote a demand for their terribly supported SoC crap.

It all makes sense

>1 BTC


why so poor white man why you no pay for chink skyminer

give us money yes

So can you still buy this? How do I join?