New EthPyramid (5). Get in before the website drops


Get in before the website drops

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Got in second. Hope this takes off

Lmao found the exit scam

If the owner sells his tokens, it send the entire contract balance to him!

>another scamcoin


This is different from the eth pyramid smart contract code.

I'm not gonna look into it because I don't give a fuck, but here is a list of all the pyramids that are clones of EthPyramid:

If this helped you not get scammed by some shitty code that probably has a backdoor, help me by joining this pyramid instead of the filth posted by OP:

So the code from this shitty backdoor pyramid is 3 lines longer, gimme a few minutes to figure out the exact difference.

Why not buy into the OG Ethpyramid that doesn’t have a exit scam and has been running steady for days? You guys are going to get ripped off by these shitty clones.

Nice FUD

OG EthPyramid is dead. No more returns after this point, only whales pocketing the dividends
Check this one:

fuck pyramids, fees make you lose money everytime

>started with no prebuy/premine
>still relatively new
>fluctuates a lot
>targeted by PnD's

made 2 eth with a .5 investment

Not FUD. You wanna trust this shit? The one posted here has these additional lines:

"// The address of the caller
address sender;

function EthPyramid() public {
sender = msg.sender;

I'm a dummy, does this allow the contract creator to withdraw everything?

There would be plenty of return if people would just stick with one pyramid and stop making shitty clones. These are meant to be long term investments not a new one every 6 hours. It’s ridiculous. If we just stick to one and just leave your money alone for a couple months while shilling it occasionally we would all be making bank. But all you retards are trying to get rich quick or some shit and jumping to a new shitty clone every few hours.

I'm not a programmer, but I think this means the person sending the funds, not the contract creator? Maybe they renamed some variables

lmao you mad that your scam got exposed? kill yourself pajeet, have better luck with the next one

shit it just got drained
That was fast

It's the only difference between the contracts.

Seriously you guys are idiots. Pick one pyramid, invest what you want, leave your money alone for a couple months, shill occasionally and ride the waves up and down, take in dividends, reinvest dividends at dips, cash out when you’re ready at a high. That is how this is meant to be done. Your just getting raped by fees if you keep jumping ship to new clones every night. How do you guys not realize this? Just stick with the OG it’s been working fine. There is no need for 10 other clones.

Oh wow I was right. Contract creator sent a selfdestuct to the contract and got the funds. lmao .03 ETH. What a waste of time.

Just get in on this one and stop worrying about it all.:

We could all make a lot of we would just stick to one and shill it to reddit and shit. OG has 300 eth in it. We could easily get that to 700-800 if we were not splitting all of our money across 10 fucking clones!

Yeah gamble on another clone after another one just fucked everybody over. Real smart. Way smarter then getting in the OG which is completely operation, is the largest, and has no exit scam. You’re an idiot.

I guess, but why should I join your shitty scam OG? It's not even the OG one because this one:

was created 7 blocks earlier with the exact same source code.

yall dumb, I literally post the difference AND told you what it does in the 2nd post.

There are like twenty with the exact same code. So if your ethpyramid one has no exit scam, then the others dont either.

Oh yeah, didn't see that. Oh well, at least I figured it out on my own. Thanks buddy.

Cool but I stand by the point of why are we splitting all of our money across 10 different clones!? We all stand to make more if we just had 1! How are you guys not understanding this? If there was just one that is constantly fluctuating we would all profit!

> lmao .03 ETH. What a waste of time.

That's a lot of money in my country moron. I'll do this again in the morning with more careful hiding source code.

Good luck, Panjeet. Maybe you'll scam a few more finneys from the idiots around here.

quit being fags and get in the OG

Seconded. Been running for days without issue. Been a little slow because you retards keep jumping to new ones every hour and losing money in fees instead of just sticking with one that is tried and true and shill it to everyone...

I don’t think you retards realize that this is suppose to be a long term investment. Not a few hours or days. You’re suppose to leave your money alone and collect dividends while riding the waves up and down. Hence the Power of WEAK HANDS! You faggots all have weak hands. Put your money in OG, shill it once a week, ride the waves for a couple weeks or months and profit. Retards.

they'll FOMO when it hits $200... while the smart ones been accumulating while it's 50% off.

Exactly. Once people realize it’s legit they’ll start jumping in on hoards and the price will spike big time. People are just a little hesitant because of all the issues with th POWH scams a week ago. OG Ethpyramid is legit guys. 300 eth in the pot already. It is going to spike when people get over their fear which will be soon.

Everyone thinks if they get in early to the clones that they'll make more money. The problem is that time has shown again and again the clones pump and die within hours. If there's no volume on your pyramid clone then it doesn't even matter if you were first in. I'm not even in any of these because i got burned in powh but if i do get back into one it will be ethpyramid

This! If we all would just stay in Ethpyramid we would all make money. I know most of you are losing money jumping from clone to clone. I’ve been in Ethpyramid since about an hour after it started and I’m past even just slowly collecting dividends. It will be a lot faster when people get over their fear.

if we all get in this one now we are pajeets there is only .01 eth