Should I invest in ARY, OST or OCN?

Should I invest in ARY, OST or OCN?

Bump for interest

All three are good. Except OST maybe, it's got a market cap of like $100M too.

ARY is likely going to get a video from DataDash this month, which will increase the price a nice bit.

ARY obviously

Easily ARY.


Get real dividends in ETH, not AIDs.

What is a realistic EOY prediction for ARY? Over $2?

Buy whatever is below ico price

$5 - $15

Thank you, decided to go all in on ARY. I have done a reasonable amount of research, just wanted Veeky Forums to tip me over the scales!

Same here bro.

Actually, I had some change and bought 100 TNC too!

ARY is a good choice. Sure, it got fucked pretty hard once it hit KuCoin and muh bear market, but significant price increase is expected so just be patient

ty user!

Any reason OST isn't worth touching?


Same coins I bought recently, unfortunately I bought ARY at a bad price of IDEX, but still confident in holding it. TNC though impressed me, it didn't take a beating like lots of other coins the past few days.

ARY just dropped after i bought in lol

Wait till after Kucoin comp is over, TNC price was also suppressed during it.

look at the ETHERDELTA charts