Am I tripping or is there a distinct lack of pajeet threads spamming Veeky Forums as compared to usual?

Am I tripping or is there a distinct lack of pajeet threads spamming Veeky Forums as compared to usual?

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They all lost all their money in the crash and scattered off

Except for this one.

everybody is taking a break I guess, I don't even look at my delta anymore until the next bull run aka ETH flippening

how is this a pajeet thread moron im not shilling shit wait are you a pajeet? did i offend you?

You're tripping. I just posted a mobius thread. pls buy sirs. very good coin sirs.

I don't think you offended him... I think he may have offended you

Pajeet confirmed

I was the very first Pajeet to shill Sphtx. You'll be seeing that a lot in the near future.. Possibly in March. By then I'll be up 4x..

Give it a few hours, when the pajeets wake up

Then you'll get your Zilqueefa threads and PooInTheLooChain shills

thanks i bought some

Shilling fb

>the absolute state of pajeets

I've noticed between like 3PM EST and 8PM EST they're fucking shilling hardcore between eth pyramid, eth horse, etc.

I lol'd not gonna lie

Hard to meme about bull markets if you pay the slightest attention to the actual state of coins

They always go away when the market is bearish

>numale grin
Is this subtle shit being signaled to make other numales passive or something?
Fuck my life.

pls,, sir buy my discord

There's something about this guy that disturbs my subconcience. I know it's a meme but he does not look human. Just look at him. Look closer. Closer. Don't think to hard, just look at him and try to feel what you're feeling when you do

Thank fuck

Well he is a jew.


I am wondering the same fucking thing

Another thing to noticed is:
>Hes mark zuckerberg
>hackers actually try to get to his shit 24/7
>we are nobodies
>no one wants to hack our shit

So maybe people should stop being to paranoid about what he does? Everyone fucking knows computer have privacy/security issues, he just protects himself since, you knows, hes mark fucking zuckerberg

Here is some Pajeet Spam (Not a pajeet though)

Get an free Aussie airdrop up ya! Havven - Aussie ICO doing a free airdrop

we don't even know if that's his computer/desk... what a dumb comment


why tape it? just put epoxy in if hes that paranoid.
someone still can put something there when he takes a shit.


hmm.. only 6 filtered threads. that's 3x less than usual


Something happened on February 1st. Disney shills also (almost) disappeared from /tv/. Very suspicious.

highly unlikely Marks desk would be in the middle of the office, seniors usually at least get a glass room


>thats old news, he said he does that..taping over the cam long ago.

IP logged and banned.

His face looks too smooth and shiny. Plus he's a ginger.
Cartman was right.