Post a low market cap coin, preferably not in the top 100...

Post a low market cap coin, preferably not in the top 100, and shill it to others using actual logic and reasoning instead of memes.

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CargoX.. just read the whitepaper. Actually solves a real world problem, has a working product and ICO just ended last week, still not listed on any exchanges

Hmmmm looks interesting. I feel like it suffers from the same fate many of these projects will suffer from - it's trying to become mainstream adopted in a massive industry. But I do think tracking of supply and shipping is one of the most viable use cases for crypto currently. This is close to making me overcome my fear of DEXs to grab some.

TEL coin

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BLT. They are tasty

telcoin. mobile crypto based in japan and the thing literally costs less than a penny now

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Boring spend management but reduces costs for big business.
Pro Team.
Shit Marketing but informative telegram.
Trading below ICO price
Exchange announcements later this week
Roger Ver will probably tweeter it


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Bloom Token - BLT
>Bloom is a standardized, programmable ecosystem to facilitate on-demand, secure, and global access to credit services.
>Partnered with ETHLend, Fundary, Everex, Lendoit, Self Lender
>Decentralized micro-task protocol, Gems is using Bloom to prevent Sybil attacks and ensure a high quality user base.
>They have their own dApp. Right now it's used for voting on Bloom's options and inviting more people.
>Credit scoring and reputation begins in Q2 2018
>Credit card system launch in Q3 2018

Plus it doesn't have that stupid arbitrage bait that SALT uses. Bloom is a platform, not an actual lender. So someone like SALT will use Bloom to verify the credit worthiness of their customers.


Not even CMC yet

IOTA of China.

Vechain Qtum ETP are partners.


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cpchain is working with shanghai automotive right now. just sayan

Origin Trails TRAC token. $79Mil market cap and a supply chain coin


>under 100m market cap last time I checked
>generation 3 coin
>anything you want in a blockchain world


>logic and reasoning
That would be coins that actually have a purpose having data on a decentralized blockchain.
So: Shipchain, CargoX, Poet...
Also some of the decentralized internet ones like SUB, perhaps.

I second this.

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Titanium BAR. Google it, big potential and great partner list, big names! Michael motherfuckin Stollaire! He help make what ETN is today.

TBIS Bar. This token is cheap and can be bought for $1.25~ a BAR token, on IDEX exchange. The ICO price was .85 a token.

Will moon 10X in 6 monthe.

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but these two are solid for different reasons



Its sitting at 10 sats. Its only a matter of time before its pumped again.


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ITT, 11M total supply, listed on ED and COSS, still under the radar, working beta, open source project being worked on.

>what is shipchain

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Also, Ambrosus (AMB) is literally the best coin you can buy. Check it out. I believe 100% in this coin

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