If you had to pick between XRP or XLM

If you had to pick between XRP or XLM
which would you pick

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XLM a trillion times over. I've already picked.


xlm, no doubt.

xrp creators own most of the supply, id never invest in that shit.

If xrp goes to $1 it defeats the purpose of the coin

Oh shit for real?

tell us more...

buy XLM sirs it haz gud teem and sawlid plan forr monies. Pleese sir, wil make yew billuns n few dayz. I hav 7 lambows alreedy. Thank yew XLM.

Ripple. The jews always win.

I'd choose xlm all day long every day. That said though, while it will go higher than ripple, xlm is unlikely to be worth more than about 5 bucks ever.

lie lol

This is until) unironically true but they don't give a fuck about the price of ripple, only that people are buying it.


Ripple will be on Robinhood, XLM won't.

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80% on the XLM supply is not circulated which means the market will be seriously diluted. Stellar is pretty open about not caring about raising the value of lumens.

XRP is a much better choice long term if for no other reason than that Ripple is directly insentivised to increase XRPs value.

Fuck off. Garlinghouse said it needs to be at least 20 to fulfil it's purpose.


I was currently in both but more supportive of XRP, they both will make great break through but see more activity with companies on XRPs end.

XLM easily.

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stellar lumens