How much could you sell the piss tape for if you had a copy?

how much could you sell the piss tape for if you had a copy?

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The Jews at the DNC will just shoot you in the back of the head 3 times and call it a suicide so they don't have to pay you.

I would destroy it. I don't want Trump to send CIA assassins after me.

The one /pol/ made up?

Fucking Liberal jackass. Go back to /r/politics you uneducated sheep.

Gr8 b8, cucklord. Too bad it doesn't exist.

Invest all the money into whatever rival company and sell it to the rival company. See the blackmailie burn

some idiot got range banned, now answer the fucking question conservicuck

What piss tape?
I live in a bubble.

Same, pretty curious

This isn't /pol/, fuck the fuck off.

You're the uneducated ruminant. I was in the thread it dropped in, it felt fake. It wasn't /pol/ who made it, it was an outsider "leaking" it there to muddy the waters where it originally came from. You damn well know she had a team who would post there.

In the news there's a "dossier" or "the dossier" they mention, some gen x or boomer made up some shit about Trump staying in Moscow and hiring hookers to piss on him in a bed Obama stayed in when he was president, and it was "intercepted" from "Russians" who bugged the room to get "kompromat" on Trump and Obama.

Even if it's true who fucking cares? Does being into kinky shit make someone incapable of being a politician?

I saw it on /pol/, It was one post linking to a wordpress .webm of what appeared to be an impersonator it had audio that sounded fake (shoped out), it wasn't in the same room the event was supposed to take place in and ofc all the source material was scraped of /pol/ anyway. The impersonator looked close to real though they did a good job of it. The thread was really weird like it was filled with shills and not any real anons.

I would release it for free. Saving America from Trump would be enough reward for me.

almost seems to be a requirement

There are Amerimutts who unironically believe that the man they elected President spent his time and money traveling to Russia in order to hire prostitutes to urinate in a bed because Barack Obama once slept there. Should I just assume that burgers believe everything that's reported by CNN, Buzzfeed, The Onion and the Weekly World News? How do we profit from their mental illness?

> How do we profit from their mental illness?

I think big pharma beat you to the punch

reminder that it's never been proven that /pol/ made it up

I've seen the thread that has the "evidence," it's far from convincing and 90% of /pol/tards who cite it have never even read the thread and are just parroting what other anons have told them

if the claims are true the implication is that Russia blackmailed Trump that they would release the tape if he didn't become their bitch, by say, making sure they didn't get sanctioned even though both parties in congress voted for it

found the pleb.

how many psyops are going on in this thread?

don't forget about the part where he went into the bathroom to scream he hates niggers

It was posted on pol, during the election and I have seen it. Its not great and it's not clear on his face enough to make any difference.
>The one /pol/ made up?
^^This basically OP is a retard and does not understand how this was played by pol or pols impact on the election.

OP. You must realise Trumps election and nomination was initially a pol prank because happening man retired.

Why would they make up a piss tape? If they were going to make something up, it would have to involve pedophilia at the least. Republicans have already confirmed that they're fine with voting for pedos, so a piss tape would be nothing to them.

Well he spent time and money travelling to Russia for the Miss universe pageant and to do deals with his Russian creditors. The prostitutes and blackmail would’ve been thrown in as a sweetener. Trump was just thinking with his dick again, as he usual.

Anyway the tape could be sold for an easy million

Russia shouldn't be sanctioned but that is a whole other story.

Did your President also travel to Hawaii and Kenya for the purposes of defiling beds? Was Donald Trump's Presidential campaign actually a facade where the true purpose was soiling every mattress Obama had ever dared to dream on? I genuinely want to know what these people believe - how far does it go?

I know for a fact that abraham lincoln shat his bed while traveling, fortunately for him before the dawn of video recording technology...

just a reminder, nobody here cares about you mentally ill lefties. You're talking to air right now.

When did this supposedly happen, the 1980's? What the hell has happened to your minds? Did his victory break you?

Yeah its really weird how this even exists I know.

Remember that time a bunch of millenials got scammed by a communist, then turned around and tried to elect a conservative warhawk with a history of scandals to the whitehouse?

Remember when they lost to a billionaire new york democrat reality tv personality?