What are the most promising coins currently only listed on KUCOIN?

What are the most promising coins currently only listed on KUCOIN?

Trinity (TNC)
Hawala.Today (HAT)
Block Array (ARY) might be worth a gamble

ARY is 100x EOY you absolute brainlet dyr

Yeah TNC 333 333 333 circulating supply easy 1$ short term but needs other exchanges

neo, kcs. rest are shit coins



Do you like OST?



how tf u think ary is gonna be worth over 1bil market cap

AIX seems pretty good
it's just a tad higher than ICO price too

HST and Netflix



ACT - Chink coin that's better than NEO and has more dapps but has no advertisement in the west. Once it gets more media over here, it's gonna blow up

TELCOIN - read the white paper dyor

fortuna im loaded up.

fortuna tackling the 426 trillion dollar otc derivatives market elimnating fees through smart contracts. yale grads and people with cpnnection to bank of china. dyor.

unironically telcoin without a doubt

Not on Kucoin yet but will be soon. HPB is literally the next walton.


Easy. ADB go pick your lambo color now

DRGN and soon HTML

Carvertical maybe, hard to say at this point

LAToken, they have a conference currently

Telcoin. It's a no brainer. DYOR


I did, but I fail to see the catalyst. It might be givne away by telcos, but then it has a huge-ass supply.

carVertical (cV)

BNTY....oh, you said promising? Sorry user, can't think of anything.

DENT honestly, already has a working app/product

AGI, don't listen to the others, it's the only non-shitcoin. They already displayed in front of the UN and at Davos some of their product.

Telcoin. Easy 1000x EOY.

the answer is obvious user

that would make me a millionaire, so no.

Thanks, just bought 100k

Wtf with HAT circulating supply

Hawala is a pajeet scam

They stay user because they dont want you find out, that they are pajeets

Mcap under 50mil. Price is now below ico and only way is up.

ku.coin share, nano, neo, rest are 100% shitcoins that will stop existing in the future

its gotta be Hawala today and encrypgen both lowmarketcap with ambitious projects

QLINK, the first decentralized mobile network, focused both on single customers and businesess, currently in partnership with ARY for truck delivery companies.


You seem to hold some bags

AChain, nigger. Don’t be stupid.

bought at 75 sat so no

Anyone own COFI?

trinity (if neo will use them)
within a few months with its supply i see it hitting 20 cents like tron did. but thats only if we start to get some green bullruns again in alts.

Second elix and hat


This, and HPB when it comes out on kucoin.

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