Prepare your anus, this looks OGRE as fuck

If you bought the dip remember to take profits, because we're going straight to 5k

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Have fun missing out on 2018s gains because of your meme lines faggot

the aliens are coming though

you heard it here first it’s over

The ayys will buy all our bags right

>Meme Lines
>Insane timeframe

OP said it first you twat

yeah that’s who i quoted and acknowledged you inbred



mommyyyyyy im scared

head and shoulders doesn't even outperform flipping a coin brainlet

Prove it does.

resistance and support are based off market psychology
H&S means people are losing confidence and exiting the market
that along with the major stock market fall driving people out of high risk investments = crypto crash

yes it is over

>H&S means people are losing confidence and exiting the market
You actually believe this but head and shoulders doesn't even have a volume indicator, so how do you know?

>you don't you fucking idiot
Prove to me that head and shoulders indicates a reversal more often than flipping a coin.

Try Log

It'll be back above 10k tomorrow for good
Cap this

so far they have been pretty correct delusional coiner
We will be going down fag, just wait. And i'll be buying your coins at a discount since i already cashed out

you aren't very good at TA

already took profits and bunkered down into a higher market cap / lower volatility coin while pegging 40%of my gains a few weeks ago through an ICO which should hit during the recovery

you were saying xD
it.... begins....

>head and shoulders
That's dick and balls. Rookie mistake.