WTC thoughts?

WTC thoughts?

it’s okay

A 2018 must buy.

ven holder here
wtc is actually solid

wtc ven amb
3 most solid supply chain coins

WTC is good, although I do prefer Ven. I just think their marketing is a lot more aggressive and they seem to be progressing faster. WTC seems to have the better tech though.


Here's your complimentary exclusively never before shilled x10

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Nice recovery gj waltonbros regards: Pennyless vennie


I have full faith both will survive. They are targeting separate markets/industries and operating completely differently.

VEN: aggressive marketing/hype, big dick partnerships, all star billionaire investment backing, rebranding in a little over 3 weeks, charismatic and likeable grocery store rapist Sunny Lu

WTC: zero marketing until beginning of year, lowkey working in the background, partnerships with municipal governments who already tested WTC's hardware/software, SIX child chains at launch and not the 3 originally stated, new brand image unveiled last week that is widely praised

Anyone pushing the WTC vs VEN bs is just trying to fud to pick up cheaper. These are your two golden tickets to the fucking chocolate factory - all you gotta do is hold and not fuck it up!

Sold the grandmasternode at 8. Am I a brainlet?



holy fuck

Oh.. boy, i did it no-

Yeah dude. You literally threw away $500k because WTC is going to $100 by EOY no doubt...that's a mere 3-4x at current prices. Hell even @ $50 that's $250k...

Should I kms now or later? Or just go all in on VEN

That better be to the account i just check'd.

all in AMB buddy

WTC is a good project but not even in VEN's stratosphere .. be honest. DYOR


If you got/get in before everybody else congrats!

otherwise enjoy 3-4 months not knowing its actual price, prolly losing money, buying higher than you should. overhyped...

I did. That's why I'm 50/50 in each.

same. wtc 200$ EOY easy and ven 15$+

not a bad way to go.

WTC can do some great things in supply chain, GREAT things

VEN will control the world of business and trade on the blockchain. It's unreal.

Welton Gang. I have VEN but I'm going to get Welton on the next crash in a few days! Welton is good guy!

Stop shilling wtc you know its dead in the water. They havent secured a single partnership outside of trials with individual branches and their in house tech hasnt be revised by any third parties. The only reason they havent been marketing is because they dont have any working products to justify an af campaign. Comparing Ven and Wtc is silly, even if wtc manages to get off the ground they wont be competitors with Vechain, there use cases and polarising.

I fail to see what wtc can do that ven cant. Just because supply chain managment is waltons only use case doesnt mean that they'll be able to do it better than Vechain.