I got gooked again didn’t I?

I'm afraid so, sorry.

Patience. This coin literally cannot fail. This is just a small bump on the road.

Yep, you just have to hold onto your bags for 6 months while everything else moons. Sorry OP. You got fucked.

the sk authorities literally cleaned out the shady sk exchanges to pave the way for its launch

>literally cannot fail

Traded my heavy bags today for some Monero to better round out my portfolio. The only gook I trust now is Sunny and I will ride Thor to Valhalla with him.

My first attempt at daytrading and I think I literally sold the bottom at 57k sats

i see nothing wrong with that statement though?

I just sold all my ICX at 0.005614 ETH, did I fuck up? I assume it will come back down eventually but its really moving up...

Any luck and it'll plummet again when something sneezes at it.

Its recovering and I don't think it'll go back to 56k to trigger my buy order

Anyone selling that low is a retard

Just build your dApps on Ethereum and NEO bro.

Thats what I'm hoping. I set my buy back price for 0.00545 which I think should be conservative. And if it works out I get 90 ICX more than I sold!

I saw btc making a run and thought I could squeeze a few more icx in

Please be true.

Nice, I've just been sitting on mine throughout this whole fiasco. I knew I should sell during the summit but didn't expect the outcome be this terrible. Even if it doesn't drop back into range there're other opportunities out there.

I traded a little right after/during the summit but barely increased my stack and basically ended up taking the full loss. I knew it would dip a little as well, but I was thinking more along the lines of 10% instead of 50%. Definitely bad timing with the crash.

I hope it shoots up again as we enter another bull market when people think it's cheap compared to ATH.

it will drop lmao just look at the charts icx is getting slaughtered compared to other coins for some reason...

Yeah, my brain is telling me it will go back down but I can't help but be nervous as fuck whenever I try trading. I no longer fomo back in higher if it doesn't immediately dip, but my instincts definitely tell me to. This time I will stick to my target price 100% though.