JNT still under a dollar for the time being

JNT still under a dollar for the time being
You're gonna want to get in, like, now if you haven't already.
This can kill Tether for good.

Oh but I'm already in. Missed the ico because clapistan resident, but bought the near lowest possible dip at 35 cents. This is the new tether. It's still a steal at this price.


What exchanges?

is this an erc20 token? its not even on cmc yet

Bibox, gate.io, idex.

> if it kills thr.. why the fuck token price increasing ? it supposed to be one jnt = 1 thr

It is.

Jnt is one aspect of the platform that gives the Fiat pairings value. It also works like gas for ethereum.

market cap of 180,000,000

why wasnt this posted about at 38 cents?

fishy as fuck.

why buy in now when it's not even listed on kucoin yet?

shit's going to dump

errr... market cap is around 90,000,000 , not sure where youre getting 180?

It was. I posted it every day, even during the 25 cent ICO (which wasn't open to Americans)
I got sick of my threads getting two replies then vanishing.

1) market cap of 106 000 000
2) It was

Aaaaand we mooning again.

78 cents, 200,000,000 circulating supply.

no way a completely new coin is valued that high already before testing itself on the markets. going to crash to 40-50 cents if it hits any decent exchange in the next 1-2 weeks.

don't buy it then.

if that happens I'll add more to my stack, this is a coin I plan to hold not pump and dump

Circulating supply is 150 000 000.
You dont know shit about this coin and still making suggestions.

I'm mad as fuck I didn't buy in when it was below 0.25c but I'm not going to FOMO into it. Either the coin's going to dump in the near future or the whole market does another bitcoin crash.


still an interesting coin. but a market cap that high, brand new? no way it'll retain this high. ICO holders are dumping today, that's why it's being pumped here on Veeky Forums tonight.

another day another pajeet shilling his shitty erc20s here

your misuse of the verb 'suggesting' suggests you're a pajeet.

am i wrong? post pic of hand ;)

salty link bagholder detected

Alright NoJibbler

I am fapping right now, so you have to wait.

you can tell it's a pajeet discord pump because they always post bog images. they think bog is our only meme, and if we see bog we laugh and like them.

they even got the bog images from google, the pajeets, they don't even have their own collection.

I sold my other cryptos to get my initial investment back, but kept my jibbies

Jibrel will go to 10 dollars easy by q2

why didn't you just convert all your holdings to jnt then

Almost 90 cents now. This shit is hitting a dollar tonight.