If crypto doesn't pan out

If crypto doesn't pan out how would I (a 5'6 broke mexican manlet) be able to get bitches on the regular?

pitbull puppy mill?

You must know de wai

Grow and sell pot


A gun

step 1. be attractive step 2. dont be unattractive

Start a landscaping business and find your 15 year old bride

>get muh bitches and muh money muhfugga ese
this is the kind of retard crypto has attracted

it's no longer about the technology but get rich retards

sell cocaine

>>a 5'6 broke mexican manlet

Move to Mexico (where you belong, with your own people), for starters.

>uploading a thumbnail

Make gainz

Fucking kek

I actually was offered a pitpull puppy this week,one of my relatives pitbull gave birth to 9

Brotha teach me the way

kind of a dreamer fag so any illegal thing i do i get sent back to mexico

I consider myself more of a rope man

step 3.if not attractive join a gym

its very common where I live that college kids have high school girlfriends since we live in a small town and all,I don't condone it but some 17 year olds girls are fine as hell

look man,you are right but we all have dreams and i think if i hold for couple years some of those dreams might become true because of early investing

I honestly would but I would really miss my family and friends that i have

a lil

ill try


don't be mexican?


I'll work on that just have to change my name and bleach my skin