About to hit $1 get in before its too late

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I can't believe this is happening. I went 50% in to the ICO. When it reaches 1$ I can pay off my mortgage.

Freaking out here.

dont let the goyim know, were not finished accumulating yet.

i barely went in ico and bought a fuckton when it hit exchanges. im damn in debt and ill have 100k when this hits 3 bucks... wow

wasn't this a confimed scam? It's not even on CMC

shhhh let them accumulate, lmao

stop fudding, its not on CMC yet cause its still pretty new


fuck off pajeets

someones jealous they didnt get in

Where do you find the price and historical chart for this?

why is this being shilled so hard?

pajeet discord probably

idk why, i was a part of the 40 man jibrel team with sunny lu. saw a lot of shady shit going on. id stay away if i were you



Definitely a scam

can you afgtsot stfu

okay at which point of the video = scam?


what will my 10k stack be worth in 6 months?

Fuck you, faggot. Contribute or GTFO

umm idk maybe like 50k

6 months lol 1 mill end of year

put in 6 btc at 35c. Holy shmoly made almost 12 btc in 3 days. living the dream

weak fud, stfu pajeet

waiting till it hits kucoin and shits the bed, then i'll buy in

i tried to make an informed post a 2 days ago about Jibrel. It was trading for 25c then. Now its about to hit $1. My short goal for this is about $2-3. You might be able to pick it up for 50c if market goes bear again, however if it does not we will be hitting $1 by tomorrow and $2 by next week.

Do you think there will be another buy opportunity? I am a poor fag and dropped everything i had left in at 38 cents. But i want to accumulate more when i get paid. Im also wondering if i can predict the top of the arc and sell.... then buy back in when it dips. It is risky though.

is it just on bibox?

I went in on the ICO but why the fuck i didn't buy more i don't know.

Gonna grab more under a dollar anyway coz thiis shit going past that

Don't FOMO buy at an ATH when the markets still on a fucking tipping point. Wait til a dip, EVERYTHING FUCKING DIPS.

dont do that until you've made some decent profit and you can afford to lose. this is a very secure hold. i wouldn't do it with your whole stack either.

Idex and gate.io also.

Lmao, see you at 10$ pajeets youtu.be/u19Su3y6vok

You would think that. Have you seen what happened during the crash? Jibrel went down to $0.3 shortly after release, then stayed around 0.3-0.4 the entire time, while everything was dying. And then just went up to $0.6, and no $0.9. Do you understand how hard this would've mooned during a bull run? You couldn't have done anything better than buying this while the market went crazy and people thought crypto was over.

If it wasn't a scam why would they need some impoverished 'royal' family in Dubai? Also, they clearly blackmailed Don Tapscott and the Binance CEO to back them. Moreover, no crypto that isn't a scam would be able to run such a big blockchain meetup. All of these things are big red flags for me.

Lastly, the whole 'jcash' and JNT thing doesn't make sense to me...why not just focus on one thing? Are they trying to take peoples money twice? I even heard they are making a third currency, something called a CryDR. That sounds even scammier. My mother always told me that if i didn't understand something it wasn't worth knowing.

There isn't going to be a 'catch up', failed and poorly timed releases will fall in line with the rest of the market. JNT is dipping now as we speak.

GOD. Damn. Fucking fiat pairings on palmex holllyyyy shit

This advice was in literally every JNT thread the past 3 days. FUCK YOU. I would be over 2x if I just bought instread of listening to you faggots.

Oh shiiiiiiiiittttttttt


lol this retard

Lol Your mother always told you if you didn't understand something it was worth knowing.... I really hope that was a joke.

There is no way that isn’t a joke lmao

Nobody knows that much about this coin and isn’t trying to accumulate more

the coin that saved crypto

welp I only managed to get 1.5k

I'm really pissed that I didn't catch this at 35c, that would have almost doubled my stack

That was most sarcastic post I ever seen and you still didn't detect it.

Boy I bet this isn't a PnD at all.


no sir this is legit moon mission sir can i interest you in these nice bags sir very nice 100x guaranteed



pretty much every half decent ico is going to be pumped and dumped, it's the easiest way to get some quick gains

>Shilling this at the ATH
>Not a pajeet
>Brand new coin that miraculously does well while the market is bellyflopping
>Not a single fucking word in the thread about what the coin actually does, just a lot of FOMO-bait, just a fucking link any Discord Pajeet PnD fuckface can copypasta

Yeah, LMAO.



Thanks. Saved me from this scam.

Gullible sheep, haha.

Can someone dump their bags on ED for me? Thanks guys i know i could count on you lot

>Gullible sheep
>For not jumping in on some fucking new coin without any research because some anonymous faggots with no credentials shout BUY NOW OR MISS OUT WE $1
>Shit's already back down to 75 cents with no guarantees it won't tank another 25% or more in the next 24 hours because it's got no history and, again, nobody in this thread talking about why it's worth even 1 cent.

Lmao where do you think you are?

exactly, big scam coin with no information anywhere to suggest otherwise. You can see just how scammy from the blockchain meetup they held



so fake lol. scamscamscam

Because if YOU base your investment decisions only with information you get on /biz, it doesn't mean everyone else the same brainlet motherfuckers as you.

Google any information you need, faggot

>why itz wors iven 1 cent

Woah, what a retard.

In a bear market with a lot of desperate Pajeets who probably took out high interest short term loans to buy crypto for their PnD scams and are now looking at losing their hands at the local butcher shop.

>Well obviously look at this coin and all of these guys in suits, they're smart and rich, and now I'll be smart and rich.
>Legit coins are never pumped and dumped!
Well, you've got a strong point there, user.

how to stay poor:
>dismiss every coin mentioned on Veeky Forums as a pajeet shill scam
>never do your own research on anything
>only buy into top 20 coins thinking you'll be rich
>watching as people get rich with pajeet scam coins while you're still in bitcoin

listen faggot, i have no incentive to shill you on JNT, but if you continue to dismiss every fucking coin you see as a shitcoin you better get the fuck out of crypto. nobody is forcing you to buy at ATH. of course you wouldn't jump in at 90c. and now you see a dip to 70c and instead of buying the fucking dip on one of the most promising coins right now you just say 'i knew it was a pnd!'. no shit, coins that go up will come down again at some point. why the fuck is it our job to shill you something? look into the fucking project yourself, i don't fucking care, but how dumb are you to think that jibrel of all things is a scam? for fuck's sake. if jibrel is a scam all of crypto is. and if it is, who cares. are you here to make profit or to play social justice warrior? ffs

Yes yes please sell sell

True brainlets who didn't get in at the ICO would be the ones who buy when the coin comes out and shoots up like this, especially considering how every other coin's fared so far straight out of ICO and considering the market right now, but sure man. You're right, this definitely isn't a thread to prey on people who are bleeding in the current market and looking for a rescue.

Hey man, just spend the money you fleece off these people to buy a basic toilet. That's all I ask.


It was listed like this before, the problem is that CMC doesn't add an exchange.

^ That video is all I need to know that Jibrel is gonna be big. Dubaicoin did 30x but unlike Jibrel it is not a tether replacement, so JNT has more practical use, which means JNT will probably go higher, maybe 50x.

Any idea how long it took Dubai coin to do that?

>jibrel new link confirmed
>mfw it doesnt even have autistic russian as head developer and CEO
>literally worthless

April 2017 94c
July 2017 $45.96

My plan was to triple+ my investment before JNT launched so that I could go all in, but the fucking market crashed a little earlier than I had expected and I wasn't able to get out in time.

Oh well. Still very comfy with JNT though.

So what do you think Jibrel is going to?

What was the ICO price of Jibrel?

What is Circulating/Total supply?

Where to buy this scamcoin?

look it up yourself you faggot

Around 200mil

yeah well no...


3. totalSupply 148335800422140292707927872

LMFAO, get ripple'd

nvm, circulating supply is actually 148 mil due to 18 decimals.

approved for hot investment - gonna go in with 10 ETH

148,335,800.blablabla retard.

read above u fckng slow faggot

Went in at 60 cents, still kicking myself for not getting this sooner. But my money was on cuckoin in NEO and I was waiting to get back even since I bought in at ATH. But since NEO was about the only shitcoin not going up I said fuck it. NEO, never again.

you seriously take advice from youtube?
read this: robertkim-scam-korean-american-conman.blogspot.kr/

he might be a conman, but in this instance his info is legit.Everyone is talking about the coinbase of the arab world adding jibrel along with the coinbase coins.

Fuck sake yet another exchange to sign up to

jibrel is legit. no doubt about that. I wasn't talking about jibrel, but the fact that you take advice from a conman.

10k ji/bro/ checking in.

where ya;s at???

Sitting on comfy 30k

I honestly believe that everyone with at least 10k will be a millionaire in 1-2 years. So you probably just need some strong hands for the ride until institutions start using Jibrel. I don't see how this would fail (except if the whole crypto market crashes of course).

>Doesn't talk about the fundamentals of the project

This same shilling happens with other coins and the same thing always happens afterwards, it starts tanking.


lul buy now or regret later

exactly the whole prooject is incredibly scammy if you actually take the time to read the whitepaper

fucking king of the pajeet coins right here

So, if this is trying to be a legit Tether replacement the price should shoot up to $1? lol

Stay poor

Retard here, how do I git gud and buy?

I'm gonna get in once it drops. Because, come on, we all know it will.

>why is news about goodTether being shared
it's literally the only green in a sea of red