What's a real life infinite money glitch?

What's a real life infinite money glitch?

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steal small dogs and sell them for money




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Learn to counterfeit US dollars
They are simpler to counterfeit than other currencies

You have to trigger some event during the Napoleonic war event, but you can only do it while you are in the british isles.
You have to use the intrigue interface and fire up the "Napoléon is about to invade" decision, and in the event window that pop up, choose "Buy all central bank shares". Make sure you have enough money before hand ( which you should since you always need some cash in case you need to hire mercenaries quickly ).
After that, a new sub-province appear in the province of London, kinda like with merchant princes, except that it can't be invaded and generate as much gold as all the gold that is generated by all others player.

Pretty OP but since the requirement is basically impossible to fulfill now ( minus modding time-travel into your game ) the devs said fuck it.
Apparently no one used the event anyway so whatever, anyway #OpenBorders #Diversity #NoToBiggotry


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All empires fall eventually

Being an entrepreneur with a great (economically viable, mass-producable) idea. Now your only limit is intelligence and time.

We post shit like this, and we wonder why more women haven't been able to enjoy the cyprto boom.

Even worse, some of us claim women are biologically ill-suited for risk-taking in ventures like crypto, while we do FUCKING EVERYTHING we can to make them feel as unwelcome and unsafe as possible.

Women are more lax compared to men because they are 20% more stupid than men, 55% physically weaker than men and 20% less risk taking. Now there is an evolutionary reason for this, women in the past are less prone to natural selection while men were more exposed therefore killing the brainlets. Today in the age of peace, this gap is rapidly decreasing since people like you get to reproduce without getting eaten by sabertooths.

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It's not that we wonder why women dont trade crypto, it's that we don't want them to, as when women come, it usually signifies the end of something that was good (vidya and CS is a more recent example, but any small social circle will have this happen if it grows)
tldr: women and people like you are the niggers of people, you go around destroying good things others have made


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They are literally biologically ill suited for everything except creative thought and baby making, simple fact. Males are literally the alpha biologically, nothing wrong with that. It's a fact that can't be changed.

>buy tether when it's below a dollar
>exchange for the dollar its worth
>use new money to buy more tether

>creative thought

LMAO then why are all of the greatest artists men?


women are smart enough to realize what crypto is
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federal reserve

Fixed betting
Obviously no infinite money in there but still

Petro-dollar and the Federal Reserve