I'm writing a movie. Anyone have some ideas for my script?


Here's an Idea It's a Pajeet trying to get rich quick.

I have an amazing idea. You should write a movie about this faggot who wants to write a movie so he goes on to the internet for help, then he makes the movie and nobody ever watches it.

and in the end he kill himself cause everybody on internet calls him fagot postmortem Oscar

don't forget to write in fat old nigger dike

Write a movie about a world where marketing is outlawed. Think about it.

sister-sister love

Or about the time when robots are so advanced they demand equal rights. Cyborgism. Robot power

a lonely user stumbling upon occult practices of the elite. gets in too deep responding to a cicada 3301-esque ARG. mr. robot in movie form with more high-society satanism.

>Rich white guy crypto trader
>Poor broke ghetto nigger
>Rich white guys employ rich white guy
>Rich guys decide to put white guy in poor house and make poor nigger rich in their crypto company
>Insert funny shit
>White guy and nigger become aware of each other and the evil rich guys plan
>Decide to work together to put rich evil guys in the poor house while they themselves get rich in the process

Do it OP!

that movie already exists, eddie murphy

emoji movie but with crypto charatcers lol

Say whaaaa?


Call it 'Exchanging Positions', as in crypto exchange.

>Exchanging Positions
Ha! That's perfect!

>muh crypto movies

You need a coin for this. Get working on whitepaper.

Done, can't even tell you the name of it

good luck with your movie user. I myself am becoming a rich cryptocurrency trader. Does anyone know some good coins to buy or sell or whatever?

The fictional memoir's of Satoshi.
>His backstory leading into creating bitcoin in a clandestine manner
>His current status
>Then the mega plot twist as his plan comes to it's fantastic conclusion

>scriptwriting user goes to Veeky Forums boards in order to gather ideas for a film
>each board provides something different
>Veeky Forums is the only board with enough business foresight to enter into a legally binding contract with user to guarantee a cut of the profits and rights to Veeky Forums
...there was more, but these girl scoot cookies are AMAZING (it's weed).

make a movie about an ex criminal who made millions scamming his clients into buying useless shitcoins and the extravagant lifestyle he lived until he ultimately loses it all and goes to jail.

>that ghost-face richard stallman looking motherfucker wearing an unsecured straightjacket who enters from the right at thirty six seconds

I liek this idea. do it op

neet becomes rich with Bitcoin
Played by Ryan Gosling

bitcoin obviously
that's gonna be a huge movie one day
multiple points of view like the big short, one of them is underage neet watching anime who goes from bullied kid to depressed adult millionaire because of threads on /g
mfw that could be me if I didn't sell at $10, top kek

Kinda like The Gambler (2014) only good and with cryptocurencies

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>any ideas aka I dont have any ideas
fuck off Im not your ideas man think up your own shit faggot

Setting:post apocalyptic dystopian future where the economy and all things are run by ai, paid for by blockchains. Society has broken down around anarchic governance models, except for several corporations which exist, secretly run by ai with the facade of still being governed bY people

A group of neo luddites, cripples by blockchain debt follow a quasi religious prophesy with the ultimate goal of stopping the blockchain, allowing civilization to start again unencumbered by the slavery of everything being accounted for by decentralised ledgers

Morale of the story:- just break anything with a circuit board inside it.

Crippled by debt, not a bunch of cripples

A movie about whether a man decides to kill himself or not, his struggle. Have him poor/broke/running out of options and yet he doesn't care. Can't care. Too depressed, numb, and detached from reality that life is more of an autopilot ride at a carnival or a bad television show. Less than human. He goes from day dreaming about his issues and thoughts as he goes through life only having few moments where he has clarity snapping back into reality but ultimately cannot change. the cycle repeats. the day begins.

record scratch
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Setting: designated shitting street

Plot: find internet and shitpost and shill on /biz

Moral of the story: stay poor

In the future there's no wars. Instead soldiers are dropped in a giant meat grinder.

either way it won't get produced so why does it matter user, the film industry is dead for screenwriters (and I mean real ones like me who actually make annual income off of options and rewrites)