Who here still comfy?

Who here still comfy?

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Less comfy, but still pretty comfy


cashed out 80% of my portfolio before the dip/crash

feels good

Don't care what happens in the short term. I'm holding till I die.

ath was 500k. now at 200k. still comfy


Comfy as can be. My mining hardware's still running and it's still stable. The fluctuations of the market don't really affect me, so all I have to do is wait it out and keep working my two jobs from home. The future's looking brighter every day.

Only put in what I can afford to lose (few hundred bucks) and ETH is still above what I bought it for so this hasn't been so bad...I'm expecting ETH to slowly climb back up to around $1500 and then I'll probably sell and bail on crypto completely desu until I have more to fuck around with...it feels dumb to stress out over going up or down just $50 in a day or leave a few hundred bucks in there and have it go up $50 in 2 months. It's like playing a $5 game of poker lol I'll get back into it when I can put some real money in (and can afford to lose some real money without caring).

so comfy

this is awesome

holy shit

I'm pretty fucking uncomfy right now

Wtf did you make money on recently?



Buy when theres blood in the street, even if it's your own blood.

i've been tethered up since the 27th so I'm swell. just waiting for the bottom at 6500 (what i believe will be bottom) before reassessing and considering reentry. may daytrade some tomorrow if i get bored though. we'll see how things look when I wake up in 9 hrs

he is not going to survive that

mirin 8-pack

I bought "early" so I'm still preatty comfy

He's gonna make it just like the rest of us

>ross many product lines and I don't know where to start. I s

We are #DGB

Still so far ahead that I have no fucks given. Just booked myself a bad ass first class Vegas trip to deal with how shitty January was.

Hes already warm for the beta particles of wojack.