Just relax

Just relax

So 8500 is the point of no return?

Lol fuck your meme lines, all analysts predict a larger crash plus the SEC + CFTC are meeting in 2 days.


we crashed already to 7900

>implying Ta works with crypto


yeah, TA is not working, just a coincidence

zoom out

Explain what are you trying to show us by posting these crappy memelines

Voodoo Analysis say the magic moni can't go down, vasshaalaa papa shangĂ”, hayahay
*throw magic dust*

Im not sure, but maybe this

Iko iko i yay

That wasn't a crash, that was the first taste of where we're headed. $5k, or hopefully, lower.

>$5k, or hopefully, lower.
ok, but if BTC goes below 5000, it means real crash, BTC will not recover anymore, at least not in this year

It will recover within 3 months.

1.Normies wont trust in BTC anymore
2.BTC is slow, high fees, banks will not hype BTC anymore.

If BTC goes below 5k now, it means 2-3k eoy

So far OP has been correct in his determination of the support line, but for how long?

what about the decreasing volume tho

I guess we will hit 12500 at 12-13 February, and will crash again, and at 18-19 February, after Christmas in Asia we will recover to 13-14k eom


That's a pretty bold prognosis.

thats not a wedge

>plebs taking about Lambos is again

Time to drop it another 30%

wedge in downtrend is bearish tho, isn't it?

one that makes more sense that "MUH CRASH TO 5k" panic fudders. It will never go to 5k anymore. too many people involved lurking to just subsequently buying at 8,5k, 8k and 7.5k. demand grows and supply is still limited. many whales and people who dont care about price fluctuations will just hold at this point and just not offer anything for years because they don't have to if they have enough other money than their crypto bucks.

Exactly this

The thing is, this is not 2013 anymore. There are lots of other projects with a strong demand and potential. Bitcoin is essentially overbought and overrated. You don't even need it to trade altcoins these days.

>thinks the whales paid $8.5k for BTC
you dumb cunt



Tell me, how? By the way, your dear OP said that 8500 is the point of no return. Guess what's the current price on Bitfinex is? 8560. We just broke through OP's support line.

Yes, but it's not a wedge. Wedge is a triangle.

8450. "Just relax", right.

>Just relax
>t. faggot

8400 now nigger

time for another bull run you mean