Wait, are people on this board LARPing when they say they have no education and job? Or they have never worked? wtf?

Wait, are people on this board LARPing when they say they have no education and job? Or they have never worked? wtf?

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Please go back.

You've got not degree? Or some kind of qualification? You're literally shit tier...LMAO

>buying into degrees and qualifications over having experience
Aylemow early 20s low wage manlet detected

The newfag is strong with this one

Stop, there is a pace for ppl like you

Wait, this isn't a LARP...holy shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt you contribute nothing to society and literally sponge off the government. You absolute de-generate HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

dropped out of college a year ago
more comfy than ever

Umm, dude, I've got a master in Comp Sci. And I've got around 6+ years exp working. Holy shit. No wonder this board is full of absolute retards. didnt you lose over 1.8mill on 2 ponzi schemes? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

quit my job a bit over a year ago, literally made 10 years worth of salary while barely doing anything. doesn't get much better

So, what do you actually do? Like, nothing? If you tell me you invest into crypto im going to laugh even more. You know you can setup a bot to do y our trades for you? I've actually got my bot to just telegram me signals ...so i dont have to sit around staring at charts all day. I just get a msg of possible breakouts and I got check the coin out and buy. Literally, no more than 1hr of my day.

Did mr. Shecklestein not time you a check last Friday user?

Enjoy your wageslave!

me too, college was a waste of time

Just dropped out 3 semester in, my nibba

This is b8, right? Please tell me its b8

>master in Comp Sci.
you wouldn't need a masters if you were halfway good. programming will be low tier job soooon youre gon get H1Btfod

What a waste of money

>live with parents
>got my first job last week stocking shelves in a supermarket

I don't know why my life ended up this way. I'm kind of scared of people and hate leaving the hous. I've been on neetbux for years and my employment agency never did anything to find me a job. I got forced to apply for jobs but whenever they would call me I just ignored the call because I was too scared to answer the phone

its actualy truth

I've been into crypto a year. Started with 4k and now I'm up 500k. I've got a nice house, too. Why dont I quit? Because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment.
Tell me, what is it you do other than sit on Veeky Forums all day shit posting, are you one of those who post in begging threads? : D

imagine a mind without the ability for abstraction
that's what it is, normans live exclusively in the now
reality is whatever they're experiencing
if everyone around them is all about tron, then tron is a revolution
and "everyone" can be as small as half a dozen guys at the pub
the norman brain doesn't know where the dollar comes from
he doesn't know how the engine in his car makes the wheels turn
he has no idea how the organs in his own body process food and water
he sure as hell has no clue what a blockchain is
at school and other places he will memorize words about these concepts and throw them back at you, but he has not learned anything beyond navigating social settings
think of where you were a young child, many aspects of life were eerie and it's likely you held some paranormal beliefs (even if just something as simple as santa)
the norman has essentially the mind of a child
to him everything remains a black box
he's content to have his little corner of expertise, which he doesn't even truly understand but repeats motions he has been taught
he's had an ok life and experienced moderate social and sexual success with his norman friends, so that means he's doing it right
the norman lives a happy life, as long as you don't force him to think
the normal actively despises thinking
point out a logical flaw in his reasoning, and the norman will go absolutely crazy
it's not so much being called stupid. it's the primal fear of confronting the great unknown
when afraid, both dogs and normans bark
the goal is to scare this unsettling stranger, but also to reassure themselves
i am norman, i am here, i am strong, i exist
once discussion is made impossible, the threat to the norman's mental model is gone and he can resume his blissful ignorance

>what is it you do other than sit on Veeky Forums all day shit posting
says the faggot shit posting

>slave away forty + hours a week so you can "contribute to society"
Nobody is actually this brainwashed, a-are they?

you are going to make it

Wooah $500k, crypto for over a year!! We got a badass over here

>Tell me, what is it you do other than sit on Veeky Forums all day shit posting
Meh I go out to dinner sometimes with my parents, but besides that Vidya games all day

Newfags are

>Umm, dude, I've got a master in Comp Sci. And I've got around 6+ years exp working.
Hahaha I was right. Holy fuck. I've worked for 8 years since I was 18 as a software engineer. Surrounded by people with actual skills not weebs reading the word Java for the first time since playing runescape. You paid years of your life and money for a piece of paper while getting less real experience. You're a fucking joke lad, have you paid off your student loans yet, will you ever? My net worth is 200k excluding crypto gains. I hope to see you on my level some day, faggot.

you ignored my post about wasting time + $ on a masters. Not one person worth their shit in CS gets a masters noob. Also you're getting H1btfod by 2025. Enjoy becoming a washed up 50 something. Also the space before the D in your smiley indicates very strong norman tendencies. So norman why come to where you don't belong? Feeling bad about yourself? Not making as much as your coworkers? Don't get defensive.

Im on this board. Spoiler, we die in the end anyways. And, the same could be applied to you, for following the mentality of this board. Think about it, your way of thinking is normality as seen on this board.

Counter my lifestyle. Show me 'how to live'....

Jesus tapdancing christ the b8 continues

I hate the fact that you get replies, pisses me off

>Spoiler, we die in the end anyways.
Then why do you give a fuck how we spend our lives you total piece of shit lmfao. You faggots are so confrontational its unreal. You can't fucking handle anything outside your comprehension without lashing out to justify that your way of living is the right one.

>Counter my lifestyle. Show me 'how to live'....
Here you go blue pilled wagie beta male


Haha welfare queens

erm, all of that costs money. I already have a fabricated version of that. The truth? Money. Thats it.