I lost all my life savings

I lost all my life savings

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thank god

not funny. if true sorry op. crypto is deep water

Good now kill yourself

why did you invest in a downturn?

It is funny

>falling for the cryptomeme


i did too
the stress destroyed my marriage

We all did

>Investing more than you can affoerd to loose
you deserve it

That is bad.

Here is a freebie to get you back on your feet user.

never invest more than you're willing to lose fucking idiot

Maybe you should lose your life while you're at it, idiot.

Its only a loss until you click sell - so if you did this then its probably best you just kys.


Sorry. No sympathy here. If you have been here long enough you had enough warning about what’s happening right now.

>Its only a loss until you click sell

Prove me wrong faggot

Rule #1 Never invest money you can't afford to lose. Invest the same amount you would spend on lottery tickets or gambling.
Rule #2 The faster something increases in price the faster it may decrease in price. Also More price = More risk.
Rule #3 Never invest in something you don't understand.
Rule #4 You should focus not only in maximizing your profits, but also in minimizing your loses.
Rule #5 Diversify in assets with non correlated market behaviors and keep part of your portfolio in cash, to be able to increase your positions when price goes down.
Rule #6 Do not use high leverage or binary options, it's almost gambling and you will get raped.
Rule #7 Conditional orders used as stop loses may cause you to lose some money time to time due to market fluctuations, but they will save your ass when there is a crash.

Hope you didn't lose it all.

>rule 3
by that logic 97% of Veeky Forums shouldn't invest in any crypto

>he thought he could save his life

I can do all this shit except rule 4. I fucking suck at minimizing my losses cause theres been so many times where I sell and it instantly goes up I am not joking. What do??

Someone loses - someone wins
>I just won all your life savings

post your eth/btc address. ONLY OP!

so, you took up a loan equal to all your savings and bought bitcoin when the price was 18000 thinking that the price would continue increasing like before and that you could triple everything in three weeks?

i hope you live in europe or a country where health care and education is free, if you're american you're pretty fucked lol

I lost 80k, on loan. On suicide watch.