Ethpyramid just dropped to a pretty low buy price. Just reinvested my dividends. Good time to jump in if you wanted

Ethpyramid just dropped to a pretty low buy price. Just reinvested my dividends. Good time to jump in if you wanted.

Been running smoothly for days now. Veeky Forums really needs to get on board with one pyramid and stop jumping ship to clones. We can all make money as long as the volume of buys and sells are all in the same pyramid and we stop jumping ship to every clone that pops up. You’ll just lose money in fees constantly hopping in the new pyramid. Stick with the OG.

The pyramid idea is not meant to be a couple hour or even a couple day investment. It’s meant to be a weeks, months or even longer investment. We have been screwed by PoWH so I understand the hesitation of some but this one fixed the problems of the last and has had no issue yet. If we all invest in the OG Ethpyramid we can all make money shilling it elsewhere over the next few weeks/months. Buy low (like now), do some shilling occasionally when it’s low, ride the waves up and down, collect dividends or reinvest on a dip, and profit. Let’s do this shit guys.

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Straight truth.
Stop trying to make clones happen. It's not going to happen.

Or how about not jump on a pyramid scheme, period?

let's do this.
for newcomers or people, hesitant, on the sidelines:
invest small (max 0,5 ETH and just HODL)

worst case scenario: you lose up to 0,5 ETH
most likely: the dividends will make up for your investment within a week
code should be safe, i was in the discord when Arc checked up on several pyramid schemes like this and other ERC20 tokens that people were squeemish about concerning the bug that fucked POWH 1.0 is where the easy money is


Once people are confident that this one wont get hacked, many will join.

whales out?

Yea I went with cryptosports as well. EthPyramid is excellent as well, but crytsports has far greater mooning potential, similar cryptocelebs.

Still cheap

Yep some of the bigger whales are out. Still almost 300 eth in. Honesty I just think it’s a matter of time before people gain some trust back and start buying in and once they do it’s going to be crazy. I could see it easily hitting 800 eth. Could be a steady up and down for who knows how long until you’re satisfied with your return on dividends then cash out as close to a peak as you can. Or reinvest those dividends at a dip which is what I’ve been doing. This is a great idea guys it was just executed very poorly with PoWH so I can see how some don’t trust it but Ethpyramid is the real deal.

Is that suppose to be bad? That was some of the whales getting out. Still 280 eth in. Should have some steady ups and downs from here. It’s not meant to only go up man clearly you don’t understand the concept. You make money on ups and downs. Just buy a little and let it make you money. I could sell right now at the low and still come out over even in 3 days.

the logo is not even a pyramid, wtf, who would buy this?

>Doesn’t understand what a pyramid is.

Due to the log scale, people get so many more shares at the beginning you're getting breadcrumbs compared to them. Check out, you can see how little ether it takes for the first 100 EPY. Selling doesn't redistribute wealth all that much due to that. But you're right, reinvesting dividends on dip is the key. On a long term horizon, you should come out ahead.

Or get in my clone contract on my clone website and be the earliest of early adopters.

It’s only been 3 days and I already am ahead... the “bread crumbs” of dividends add up pretty quickly. I’m not ballin I anything but I’ve made my investment back in a few days. I planned on being in this for a lot longer then a few days though that is kind of the point. You are outlasting weak hands and collecting dividends.

that is misleading imo because it doesnt start at 0

Been in ethpyr for 3 days as well and it's been alright, but not close to your numbers (62% of token value, 10% in dividends). Entry point is critical. I went in at 0.137 and that fucked me majorly.

This ain't a clone, it's brand new clone written from scratch. The only thing unoriginal about it is the idea to use a smart contract to emotionlessly run a pyramid scheme.

it's dying off, you'll invest and the contract is going to get drained before you can make break even, currently faggots are only in it because they can't take it out

DOUBLE DIVVIES DUDE, but seriously, I know how you fucks live. Its not a big investment to make a quick 5-10 per day, and once the normeis get in and the market recovers, that can quickly escalate

youre retarded and dont understand how it workes. If it drains and you hold even a little bit you make massive divs on sale at higher proportions

you invest 10 ETH at 11pm you go to bed, morning wake up contract drained, nobody is investing cause it's dead, you shove you dividedts up your ass and kys

Look how angry this faggot is at nothing. You must be one of those failed PoWH fags who started the clone wars. Friendly reminder there is an active disinformation campaign against ethpy because it is superior to the original code and those OG faggots are bitthurt they didn't do it themselves. Those shadow fags had a chance but they locked 900k because they didn't proof read code.

These ethpy devs are far more compitent as proof is in the pudding. Try to hack the new contract, good luck. The point is, this contract is safer than 90% of the coins on the market because you will join huge interest off your inital investment and you can always pull out, anytime. You make money of people buying and selling, unlike the real market. This is such a game changer you fags don't even

There are actually people who will spend time shilling such a massive piece of shit just to make a few dollars

>10% of each buy is distributed to coin holders of each buy
>10% of each sell is also distributed between the coins

There are actually people who will spend there time shilling against such a smart contract just to make a few dollars. Eat cock PoWH hungry faggots.

get on, they just released new countries this morning, floor is picking up