I have credible information about the contents of the SEC hearing on the 6th

I have credible information about the contents of the SEC hearing on the 6th.

Where can I go to sell this type of info, and not get buttfucked?

Crumbs: what is coming out is stranger and more baffling than anything you could possibly imagine. In hindsight you will realize it fits perfectly with the theme of this timeline.

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what this i hear about someone selling state information


They are going to classify digital assets as securities allowing institutional investors to come in. Everyone knows this already, leave.

Its not that. I promise.

Et me guess, they're gonna remove the taxes on crypto and this crash was coordinated?
you guys need to wake the fuck up and oil your buttholes well because you're about to get fucked again

The US dollar will be reimplemented using a blockchain

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They are going to classify XRP as a currency for interledger payments purposes and make transactions with it tax exempt. All others will be classified as commodities and subject to capital gains. XRP will be worth 10 dollars.

This news will not come out in the hearing. No news wil come out during the hearing. It is a hearing. Decisions or policy are not announced during hearings. They have hearings to get information and think about the issue to then make policy. It is likely the SEC will suggest the congress makes a law classifying cryptos as currencies, but anyone who thinks any actual news will come out doesn't undestand how the world works.

ICO regulations?

Close, but no cigar. It does involve adoption and a type of asset held by the us gvt.

They're going to shut down the internet aren't they?

What about Stellar?


Who you trying to sell it too user?

I just wanna know : will this be good for crypto or not. Aka moon or no moon?

>Ripple revealed as a regulated federal crypto mint.
Best of both worlds, block chain, and knows where your money is going. (trackable)

Im interested in buying but i need to know more.

Thank god I increased my stack in this crash. I also think the price singularity is near and that it will be something to do with what happens on the 6th

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Anyone willing to pay you probably paid the guy who told you twice as much before he told you.

SO gold silver or bonds?

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