I'm 36. I work in construction. I was up on the roof the other day nailing in rafters...

I'm 36. I work in construction. I was up on the roof the other day nailing in rafters, and I started crying uncontrollably. I realized I have about a year left in me of working before my crippling depression leads me to kill myself.

I have about 15 grand in cash. Is crypto-currency a meme or have any of you actually become financially independent from trading crypto? Could I effectively translate a few thousand bucks into crypto-trading for a long term investment or at least to exchange my low income wage that stems from 6 days of working a week with trading?

You can. Buy btc when it hits 5k . I will also kill myself if I don't make it . I know people who made millions bro

yeah some people have managed to make a lot of money, you could to tbqh. just buy ethereum and NEO. You'll do fine so long as you do as much research as you can. And don't obsess over mild price drops.

Buy solid projects and hold through the volatility. Guaranteed gains

I noticed your stick doesn't contain any info on how to go about this wisely. Does Veeky Forums have any favored websites/tutorials?

What are you doing for work right now?

It's possible but it's still a huge gamble. There is always a risk of losing pretty much everything, by market crash or simply by user error in a transfer.

You missed a huge bull run, and the market has shrunk back down to more sensible prices, so maybe cautiously enter with 25%, then 25% in a week, and average your way in like that.

Maybe chuck $1k into 5 or so promising coins in the top 20 by Market Cap, and forget about it for a year.

Otherwise you can chase moon missions with us on biz but you will likely be outsmarted by an indian gentleman

Interesting. Not a bad idea. I feel like I missed out on everything though.

But it can't hurt. Is that all there is to it, largely? Just sit on it and wait?

if you can't even keep it together doing a stable, structured job working with your hands that has tangible, predictable progress every day, then crypto investing will drive you to madness and death. sorry user



lol no. It's the complete opposite. Also I will say I was under the impression that trading in crypto wasn't a "job" that would take up 12 hours a day. I thought it was a "buy and wait" sort of situation.

this time last year i was a full time bricklayer with 20k savings.1 year later i quit my job and im sitting at 200k. goal for next year is 2mill


(I hope it's not "buy bitcoin to buy drugs, forget you have it and then remember several years later" like one person I know)

u can buy the crypto in cash through local bitcoins with a reputable seller. thats what i did. now is a good time to buy when a bunch of coins are less than half their ath.


Your goal in crypto isn't to trade it's to buy and hold. You find a coin that has a future like Eth, Neo, XLM (though if you want to retire you're going to need a coin that isn't already massively bought into like those) and you hold it. You hold it when it lifts, you hold it when it drops. You install delta on your phone then you delete that shit because you aren't here to ballwatch you're here to hold. The time to sell will be when threads constantly turn up on Veeky Forums telling everyone to buy in because it's gone up so much.
Trading will make you a lot more money a lot faster if you're good at it but in this market where retards fomo over the dumbest empty hype like a rebranding and whales pumping and dumping out of the blue there is no way to tell what a good trade actually is until after the fact.
You hold and you'll be left with a coin that might drop by 60% but it will be a coin you believe in and know it can regrow.
You day trade and someday you'll get dumped on and be left either selling at a massive loss or forced to bag hold an absolute shit coin you don't believe in. That's when the suicidal thoughts start happening.

ud be buying bitcoin on localbitcoins.com. then ur best bet would be to make an account with binance and xfer ur bitcoin over there. then just buy whatever crypto u think will take u to the moon

Start with a few grand, leave it on solid projects for a few months (maybe like half a year) and then slowly, very slowly start trading and making cheddar that way.

Don't start by going after moon missions and shit right off the bat, you won't have the experience to make it on day 1.

>pic related it's the comfiest of solid hodls in the whole of kekistan

a lot of people get burned really hard, because the market crashes and their crypto worth is down 50% or worse. Thats what he meant that it'll drive you nuts. Just buying and waiting is more like investing i guess, professional trading is riding the waves, regardless of product or potential. And yes, i still think there is yuge potential for this thing to rise

Thanks again.

That was my thought. I was thinking of something I could buy and sit on for ~5 years.

btw op look into rlc thats what im currently invested in (Im all in). Highly reputable team and V2 releases in may which could make the price pop. least scammy project out there imo thats out of the top 100

Can I just hold one for a few years? Or do you need to start trading at some point?

Yeah, I didn't really mean day trading type stuff. I meant investing. I'd rather buy property, but I don't have a spare couple mil sitting around. Since things crashed, isn't now a good time to get in?

More thanks

You can obviously just hodl, just don't do it without a bit of diversification. If you want to just hodl put a bit more money straight in btc/eth/link and leave it there for a couple years.

best buy and sit on for 5 years => bitcoin cash

Buy stock options instead, OP. It's tedious and unsexy, but you can make better money doing it.

And go to a fucking psychiatrist if you're that depressed. You can't spend money if you're dead.

buy xrp

Might as well try, what's the worst that can happen, lose some money that you can make again

Wait for this crash to end and buy lots of coinies. Focus on alts, buy something yet unnoticed, Travelflex.
Crypto is way too easy and a goldmine.

You need to diversify, stocks, bonds, crypto..work hard and put it in all the right places.
Stock returns aren't the greatest but I made quite a few of 1000%ers with cannabis stocks e.g.
If you work hard and put every money you have over for gambling (!) in it...and you do this for some years..you will make it.
Slow and steady. If you simply work and put it in your bank account you will kys.

You can actually make it with crypto.

But you'll have to love it and work hard.

It's many times harder than construction. And once you're good enough that a big selloff of btc is nothing to you...

6 figures will be possible.

>never worked in construction
>sits in moms basement eating pizza doing hodl
It's much easier actually.

>Since things crashed, isn't now a good time to get in?
i really dont know, better to wait 1-2 weeks, could crash to 5k or 2k again, or stabilize now

Depression is the meme of the century. Stop being a bitch, you gaylord.

t. diagnosed clinically depressed w/suicidal ideation

I feel you OP. Life's worth shit without time, money and health. Wageslaving steals you at least one of these attributes.

Don't kill yourself op, life can get better.

Try reading some books, maybe go swimming to your local swimming pool, meet people, it gets better.

Don't gamble away all your money, put in a little you are willing to lose.


Im a construction worker aswell and feel the same way, i regret everyday that i didnt keep in touch with crypto after bitcoin and that i didnt invest in ethereum and other, id be a millionaire, was too busy with my real shitty life.

so what are you doing on Veeky Forums? did you start trading?

Its not too late brah
I wagecucked hardcore in a restaurant kitchen where not one day would pass without having my brains deep fried almost literally.
When I just had enough and it was I either get out or commit genocide I threw them a 2 month notice.
After I finished my notice the management saw how hard working I was and decided to move me to their office, and now I'm some sort of a multi manager, doing nothing but drinking tea and shitposting here.
Then I heard about crypto, felt its the next big thing and literally went all in in may 2017.
My initial investment was $16k
In December {before the current crash} it got to $180k.
TLDR we're all gonna make it brah, you won't know the sweet taste of victory without the pain of the filthy grind and suffering

Did you take out anything out of that 180k?

maybe you should have gone to school


couldn't get in a better time if u wanted too
everythings on sale right now

i answer calls and fling around emails when i wagecuck. i was looking at a dude cleaning windows the other day as i sucked on the tobacco jew and thought, i think i'd be happier working as a laborer. at least i'd be able to point at something and say that I helped make it. being an office cuck is a nightmare

Or, take your roof knowledge and go work for a stormer contractor and sell them. Unlike most of these faggots with their memecoins, I actually make a couple hundred grand in 3-6 months every year for the last 10 years.

You can make it user. I was blessed enough to get in a few years ago, basically forgot about it, and voila..tons of money. I have a good friend who started about a year ago with 7k...was at about 1.6m in jan. he moved to cash when btc hit 15k...not sure if he's still on the sidelines. to be fair, he's the exception to the rule, but it can be done. like me, he still works though...crypto is pretty volatile, so i like having a backup.
perhaps see a physician about your depression, though...money won't make it better my dude.

Or take your 15k, buy a truck and a dump trailer, find a decent sub crew, and pay for some Comp/GL and start doing it yourself.


You just stck it 1/3 ETH 1/3 BTC 1/3 Litecoin

Wait about 2 years and sell it.

So that's it

You need to see a doc re depression etc.
I made a lot of cash in the past and it doesn't help with what you're thinking long term. at all.

that's a convenient job for your situation

You'd be better off gambling, online poker is a good bet

there is no hope for you. there is no quick way to get rich. get rich quick in crypto is over. dont buy now or you'll lose nearly all of it

youre a salty dog who lost much of his ath profit and want others to lose money or youre delusional and think that crypto will keep going up forever.

Grown up here. If you have mental issues, you should stay away from any form of trading. Constant 24/7 worrying about possibly losing money at the moment will kill you in few years. All traders are in general neurotic as fuck. And if you can't abstract away from these worries, you are 95% guaranteed to lose money.

the average person's poker skill would only let them make consistent money at the lowest stake tables.
actually that's probably generous, the average person probably can't make money playing poker at all

Use the money in the bank to get weekly counselling (counselling, not [sychotherapy, and don't be afraid to try out different counsellors until you find one you like).

And also use the money to take stronglifts.com courses to learn to strength train.

Investing in both of thouse things can lift your depression. More money won't lift your depression, counselling and weight lifting can.

>works construction

I started with 200
Turned it into 1k
Put in another 1k
Turned it to 14k
Btc dipped and I'm at 9k now

I started mid December
If I had a passport I would've entered many ICOs instead of buying coins off the exchange, they're free money if you know the good ones

Construction =/= weight lifting.

>spend all day lifting heavy shit
>let me go home and lift more

Absolute retard

>tfw 24yo poorfag working in a metal factory

Be patient and educate yourself. If you fail, you might to kill yourself like never before, so don't go all-in on stupid advice you read online.

Plenty of construction workers are bodybuilders or strength trainers in their spare time.

Do you honestly think that trade workers can't do weight lifting?

I used to work a heavy job lifting machinery, and I still did exercise.

What do you do for a living?

Do you exercise?

Dude, I'm telling you: go be your own fucking contractor. It will be far more fulfilling watching your own business grow than looking at some fucking screen all day wondering if your going to hit the lottery or lose everything you own. I made fat cash even in 2008 when the the entire world was supposed to be ending. You literally have the start-up capital you need right now. Every supplier on Earth will extend you a reasonable amount of credit on at least net 30. Homeowners love it when the actual owner is on site doing real work and running their job like they should. Some states don't even require a license unless your an electrician or HVAC.

OP, if you are really that sad, leave me your contact and I'll prove to you that crypto and BTC is just beginning to take off. Don't worry, crypto has a far way to go :)

As said, if you are really that desperate leave me your contact and I'll guide you through what the situation is currently and where it is heading.

Mabye if you stayed in school instead of smoking weed, you wouldn't be fucking up your joints working in construction. fucking retard.

>up on the roof the other day nailing in rafters
roofer here. thanks for your hard work bro.
buy BCH, ETH, and NEO.
transfer off exchange.
hold. do not trade.
stay safe bro wear your PPE
see you in early retirement.

Not everyone has parents to guide them and teach them things as you grow. Some people do it anyway, but some people just don't have the luck to pull things through due to circumstances. Any way it is, after you are 25 and fucked up, I think you should be smart enough to start turning things around if you think you were delusional due to misguidance and unfurtune.