buys the dip

> buys the dip

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> biz doesnt deserve adshares

feels good to know ive got some guaranteed gains for the next couple days

> feels good to see one more add buddy

i've been trading adshares for weeks. one of the dips you can buy

i am just holding, luck for u user

thank you friend. Adshares will bring great fortune to us both

Fuck I wish I had some ETH to buy the dip, been doing a bit of day trading to increase my stack but the indicators on cryptopia are shit


Biz will fomo in at ath

bought at 2 dollars so yeah, i have no more money to buy more so yeah

at least $7 this month, no worries

this, don't worry user, marketcap is so low that the price can change greatly in a day

i unironically dont, this is the first coin i feel comfy to hold, also i really like our community

But i dont know 7 dollars ? The stock market crash will also affect us

No progress over there, no product.
Sad thing is, all alts need a BTC bull run. If we enter one, $6 or $7 wille be possible for sure. Realistic marketcap and AdShares is still under radar.

they have a product, they already tested the demo

Is it public? Where? I meant AdEx by the way. AdShares has a demo right now, but the whole product is nearly finished.

W-whats AdEx ?


A competitor without a product yet. Also much higher market cap. That's why I'm confident that AdShares will reach at least their marketcap.

> will reach theire marketcap

yeah adex is a shitcoin and adshares has its own blockchain, the devs should really hire a pr guy though

I guess they really wanna have a finished and perfect product, thats avaible on some trustworthy exchanges to prevent :
> security lacks and frauds in bull run
> being cucks like iota shills
> maybe our devs are a bit insecure of cryptoworld and want to be seen as solid guys

yep, I just hope they get 10clouds in order so their front end is ready, the demo was a bit lacklustre. This being said the project seems to be coming along well and I'm very happy that the blockchain is actually operational because thats the core. Also anything with dividends goes fucking parabolic because crypto types seem to love passive income. Have you joined the telegram yet?

n-no how can i get in ?

the demo is live
its pretty solid from what ive playd with it

Who bought the dip? Got some at 36c

do you have a telegram? the link is



I found the fact that you couldn't access some features kind of disconcerting but thats 10clouds field and it was stuff that required a connected back end (I thought demo data could be used) but I suppose the token conversion is the big thing and they are hard at work with the ESC chain.

fuck user mirin that timing

Demo looked sleek tho

>devs awarding themselves HALF the supply of the new coin as "incentives"
>their demo is an interface mockup that uses static images and non-working buttons
>they are too lazy to change the fucking favicon
Starting to regret buying this shit. At least it's a small bag.

>half the supply of new coins is not circulating
>demo was 10clouds and just wasn't connected to the backend
>muh favicon

user they are building a custom blockchain and it has under 10million marketcap you cannot loose

Didn't get in at the bottom but picked up 1700 at 4700 sats. Feels bretty gud.

you will make it

>they are too lazy to change the fucking favicon