Is there a way to get a refund from an ICO?

Is there a way to get a refund from an ICO?

My coins are still in an ICO that hasn't finished yet but I need the money to buy food and pay rent due to an emergency (unironically)

Or will they not allow it? I don't want to do it but like I said... emergency

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yep, just send a self addressed stamp envelope and a standard ICO withdrawal form to the federal bureau of ICO administration and you should have your funds back in 8-12 weeks

So no?

Fuck im so fucked

Sell your Lambo.

ICO usually do refund. Depending on what stage it's at.

You sound like a fucking schoolkid, listen to yourself.

How? What do you mean?

No, you deserved it

>wasting your reserve money for a gamble

Its the only money I have
t. Poorfag

I would have no crypto at all otherwise

You should've trade not invest in ICO with money you need.

You still deserved it. Let it be a lesson.

Trade? Daytrade? Thats how you lose money
And I didnt know I needed it hence EMERGENCY
Did you even read?

hi its me, ur landlord. it's the 4th already where's the rent?

Wow why did you use your emergency money if you knew you were going to have an emergency┬┐

>Thats how you lose money

you are dumb holy shit.
you are currently losing money now because you couldn't even get it back when you need it. If you trade, at least you can liquidate it immediately you fucking moron.

get a payday loan you cuck.

you do have a job right?

H-haa y-yeah sure


I have bad credit

Get a payday loan and roll it over until your shitcoin moons

i have bad credit so i cant

Payday loans only require knees


payday loans dont accept me
i tried already
my credit history is bad

doesnt help me

Your parents shouldn't be making you pay rent or buy food at your age

i love alone

Drop a PIVX address m8 ill slide you a few hundy.

Thx if you do

ive never used pivx so i dont know if this is right btw

Depends, what platform is the ICO on? If it's an ethereum based token, you can send the EXACT amount of ETH you sent (check your transaction histories) to the ether refund address here:

well where did you get the address from?

a wallet generator but if you still want to then DRdaJnCE9qT5et26CWxhFxtq69p4SwyjBQ is a cryptopia address since its probably safer and i am not sure how to use pivx
the desktop wallet is syncing i didnt have it

h-ha nice try scammer

i will send soon

If it's a emergancy then just borrow some money from (((them))) a.k.a the bank.


the banks do not lend me money because i have a bad credit score and low incoe
"they lend to people who dont need it but want it but refuse those who need it" this is what someone said to me before


you trolled me?


>Only invest money you can afford to lose

You deserve to stay poor, i'd exterminate you from the gene pool

thats extreme

What ico is it op?


What ICO? I'll buy your account if it's good

i dont want to get scammed


Oh you poor kid...

What are your other options? Do you have any other form of income?

i dont have any thats why i need to refund it
i dont want to because it will probably moon but shit, emergency and all
i still cant get an answer

>buying ico during a dip

What the fuck my lad? Do you like losing money

Try to write them a mail or some shit

are you invested into any eth? why not sell it off?

i have 1 eth and its in the ico
i bought it about 2 weeks ago

>don't want to get scammed
kiss your funds good bye. If you are lucky it will have some value in 2020, if it will ever hit an exchange, what is more than questionable. Time to get blow on credit and hit the rich kids Highschools or kneepads if you are too much of a pussy to risk jail

wait what? is it a scam??
holy fuckign shit thatw as my whole crypto

do you have any games to sell? craigslist? any savings or vacation days from work? Can you ask your parents for help?

user, that ICO has more redflags than Maos China.
>ICO that isn't sold out after 72 hours
>Bot trading asset management coin
>Frenchies telling they will APPLY for an asset management licence
>pic related
You really fucked up. Take it as a lesson and think about that the amount of happiness in the world increased because you financed a week of lattes for the frogs

no, i am a poorfag already otherwise i would

no no no!! thats all of my eth in this ico i looked at the whitepaper and the team looks ok please be trolling

forgot the most obvious redflag


Al mai femelies sefinks want buy roses Sir?

so what is your emergency again?

no trolling, you most likely got scammed. Best case scenario, you helped financing the vision of a bunch of Boomer and early Xers who tried to get around capital acquirement regulations to offer a product which no one will ever need and you are going to hold worthless erc 20 tokens with critical bugs, which are at best equal to some low class shares of a start up that has 90% chance to go bankrupt in the first year, if crypto goes into another bull run.

If you put money into crypto, see it as a being consumed and stop counting on that money. If you have no money you can lose, it is irrational to be in this zero sum game.

You probably have bad credit because of moronic decisions like this.
Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. That includes any money that should be set aside for an emergency fund.
Protip: Get your shit together OP.

this but unironically

Also buy everything that gets counter-shilled by Veeky Forums. Last time when Veeky Forums shilled against BCH it jumped from ~$600 to 3k, the same will happen with BTC right now as almost everyone's saying that its crashing

I love how people continually tell you not to invest more money than you can afford to lose but you dumbfucks just don't listen.

i have to buy food and rent becuase i lost my job 3 days ago and now my my eth is in an ico, it is more convoluted than that but that is the basis

but they are top bankers? i read everything and it looked good not bulletproof but good enough
how do you know its a scam? i put all my eth into this ico and i dont have much to start with

i know but i am already poor if i didnt have this 1eth i would have no crypto
i am just hoping something moons a small amount and i dont have to worry every day

so buy the opposite? i didnt see it shilled on here i found it by researching for hours and then after i bought i ssaw it on here

it is either that or i have no crypto at all
i dont have the choice

One look at this subreddit would tell you what you need to know...

The hell were you thinkin? Sit on eth/btc/ltc before movin coin.

You're going to have to get a job man. UPS will hire you on day 1. you'll have 300 bucks in 2 weeks.

Thank you user for gifting us this valuable lesson. Your sacrifice will not be in vain, when we all make it and you are homeless I will remember you. Thank you for your service.

If you really had read everything, you would have seen, that their white paper stated that they started with the idea of not accepting any """investment""" by private citizens, excluding mutts from the start. and btw, the minimum amount of """investment""" was lowered the moment they saw that their scam would not work with smart money.
> IIIIII put all MMMMYYYYY eth into this ico and IIIII dont have much to start with
Stupid money right here. Get fucked, literally, you earned it

i dont think its a scam!
i know but i need to find out how to get it back asap i have to buy food and rent i cant wait 2 weeks that is my point

the reason the us cant investis because of us law, many icos have this rule now

peanut butter, eggs and a bag of rice

Look man. I'm going to be straight with you and you might hate me for it, but if you don't have an emergency fund then you should not be investing in crypto. If you can not afford to lose the money you've put in, then you should not be investing in crypto. If you ever want to make it then you need to start acting like an adult with your finances. Yes, the first few years it'll suck until you get your shit in order but unless you want to be broke forever you need to stop gambling on one offs. 0.01% of faggots who gamble like that end up making it on pure luck and then end up broke again because they have no idea of how to work with money. Yes wagecucking sucks dick but if you work properly with your money and make educated decisions you'll end up much better off than the majority of retards. I clawed my way up from the fucking ground to get where I am but I didn't put shit into crypto until I could afford to lose it. Seriously OP, get a fucking grip on your life before you start throwing cash into high risk investments.

worst comes to worse, you can't get kicked out for being late on rent?

okay, now I'm 100% sure you are a shill for those scammers. Fuck off from this board and never come back.

your welcome
thanks for your advice i appreciate the effort even if you are calling me retarded

no i can that is why i am panicing

you can think whatever you want but i am not a shill and this is all truth
i really am fucked

its amazing how many retarded people are here


how late on rent are you?

I don't think you can get kicked out OP. There's tons of testimony, laws and even movies about it from both sides. Usually landlords REEing that they can't kick out the bums that aren't paying rent. So this gives you time. Plead with the property owner, some collateral, a good story, whatever, buy yourself some time, you have some rights.

So you have time to get that job, sell shit on craigslist, sell blood, shovel/cut grass, deliver pizza(today is the superbowl, they ARE hiring.) Or you can't live in that apartment.

You're not getting your money back in the time you could get a job and make the amount missing. You have no emergency money, and your parents, and Veeky Forums aren't going to help you. you could try with the socialist faggots on reddit. But it's looking like you're not going to be given any money. You should right now be signing off Veeky Forums and selling everything except your soul away.

If this isn't larp, then damn dude.

i know all of this that is why im trying to get my eth from the ico back
thanks for the thought out response anyway, take care

What country/state do you live in? Do you live in a big city? How much money do you need? How many possessions do you own?

Not sure why you're fudding this guy's post. He is clearly trying to help. Not to mention he has also helped me get out of a bind when I mistakenly sent some ether to the wrong person.

sent ;)

albania and i have 1 eth in the ico that i am trying to get back i was hoping it might moon but i guess now ive been informed of the ico then i guess not and i am already a poorfag this is why i am in crypto

he is a scammer i am not that retarded

btw NapoleonX is legit but you still fucked up by putting your rent money on it

i wouldn't listen to that other user, I don't think he knows what he's talking about

You never answered how much money you needed.

i dont know exactly but i wanted to take the eth because it should cover me for a certain amount of time until things are clear

if you invested what you could afford to lose, but suddenly you invested what you could need for an emergency then you invested what you could not afford to lose

i have no eergency money because i am already poor an emergency fund is a luxury for people with money only people with money have them

Post your ETH address OP. I know how it feels like. I've already made it and I want my fellow Veeky Forumsness men to make it as well.

Take this $10k and go to personalfinance subreddit after you pay your emergency off

i know its probably troll but who knows

you got me

Dude you have to talk to the organization. You're an idiot, you shouldn't be invested money when you don't have an emergency fund. FFS, I still put money into my 401k and have emergency funds and I'm fucking poor as fuck, but still have the ability to put 1k a month into crypto.

i know user but it is not the same for everyone if you live in a country with high wages and more money etc
thank you though i can tell you mean well with advice

>i dont know exactly
This is why you'll never get a sat from me. I wanted to give you financial advice, but if you think paycheck to paycheck instead of longterm you're not going to make it. You'll just end up in this situation again.

thats ok user i listened to your advice and i dont think it is the solution that is why i was in crypto anyway i listened but it is not the same for everyone you may have more to save because wages are higher and standard of life is better
anyway i just want to get my 1eth out of the ico and that will cover me like i said
thanks for the advice

>thats ok user i listened to your advice
You didn't because you never answered all of my questions when I asked them I'm trying to help you out but if you can't answer simple questions then I can't help you out.

i live in shkoder it is not too big like american cities i dont know exact amount but at least 400 dollars to cover period of time and i dont have much possessions as i said earlier
i did take your advice but as far as i can see i am fucked

What are you talking about? I spent 3 years interning for 6 bucks an hour in the United States to get to this point where I'm barely 42k.

the minimum wage in my country is about 170 euro equivalent per month

>I need the money to buy food and pay rent due to an emergency

>due to an emergency

Tfw investing in the most volatile market in recorded history whilst not keeping a rainy day fund

its a good movie