Haven’t been able to do a shit since btc dropped below 11k

>haven’t been able to do a shit since btc dropped below 11k

wat do biz

Lock the bathroom door and do a pump n dump

You're sphincter is just hodling your shit in escrow. You're basically a Smart Contract.

go wageslave and buy some more magicmoney

same user from 3 or 4 days ago??



Look at historic prices on CMC, that usually gets me going.

jusd tage a shid :-DD
idds easy :-D

You better get this sorted op otherwise its going to give you a lot of health issues.

Milk of magnesia. If that doesn't work try suppositories. Longer you leave it, the worse it will get.

short it

I once didn't shit for almost a month. Don't recommend.

drink a lot of prune juice.

don't scare me, i've had this for ages
I've heard its bad but haven't noticed much

I go shit every 4 days , only after a laxative. What is so bad about it ;(

>4 days , only after a laxative

fuck dude you gotta change that. change your diet so your not relying on laxatives.

can confirm
t. drank almost 2 pints once. shat out half my body weight in about 6 hours

Faecal impaction for one. 4 days and always requiring laxatives suggests your diet is poor. Sort that out.

i've had prune juice . Didn't do shit ffs
Maybe i got the artificial bs ones? It said it was real

Will 2 cups do? I don't even bother going unless my body has charged up for 4 days. Then i shit : )

Have you seen a doctor? If you get this fixed I imagine your quality of life will improve drastically

My shit last night took as long as current market's dumping but there was more liquidity.

Either get off opiates or stop eating wheat, get more fiber and liquids, and exercise.

will my depression and drug addiction get better?

I don't do heroin anymore
But when i was on it i'd shit ever week

Oh, FFS, if you're on any opiates even low-grade ones, you don't need to look further, that's your problem. Quit them.

If you already did, then do the other suggestions, and if nothing works, it might be sign of something more problematic, so go see a doctor. Don't be hypochondriac, but take your health seriously.

i know opiates are horrible for shitting but
i'm on meth

plenty of ppl poop on it

Maybe it is drying out my body? Dunno
ty for help gastrofag

>am drug addict
>why body no werk

Quit recreational drugs, your mood will never stabilize while you're on them. For the rest, watch what you eat and exercise daily, and if you can afford it, go see a doctor. You'll get through this. Now if you'll excuse me, it's 5 am and I need to go reevaluate my life.

Does that make you sick?

3 words for you.

Salt. Water. Flush.

youtube it. You will empty your intestines with a roar. Recommend it. Drink lots of regular water after, you will be dehydrated af

Looks legit