Anyone else think there are CTR/Shareblue levels of Psyops against Crypto, going on right now?

I wasn't looking at Veeky Forums as closely in 2016 to see how bad it was then. Has it always been this bad?

not really, there's enough fud generated organically by the ecosystem to explain the downtrend.


It gets worse during dips when it's blatantly obvious and easily impressionable Anons are being pushed into selling. I wouldn't bet on Shariablue, but presence of some kind of organized effort is undeniable.

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i know CTR shills and they're not on Veeky Forums.
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sure it is

all you have to say is bitcoin cash is bitcoin and they come out of the woodwork



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It's pretty much always been full of FUD, newfriend.
That being said, I feel the amount of normies and faggots like yourself getting on this board and making /pol/-tier threads is fucking up my ability to shill my bags... Now buy some fucking Mooncoin or gtfo

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People who know the truth need to stop making /pol/ look bad. People who are too pussy to figure out the truth without /pol/ need to go lurk it for a few months.

yes I think there is to some degree. Biz in the past was a very slow and boring board filled with actual retarded business ideas, book generals about business, robinhood threads, dropshipping threads and a few crypto threads maybe. But conspiracies aside I do think there is some level of misinfo / divide and conquer psyops occuring here. Then there is the usual shilling, fud and whatnot. You learn to spot it.
this is one of them he was posting on another board earlier.



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There are no mods on Veeky Forums, I can shit up the whole board with NatSoc threads and nothing will stop me.

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Lol this is nothing. There's always nocoiners and coiners fudding the boards when the market temporarily takes a dump.

If you think this is anything like the millions of dollars of paid fud from a program like CTR then you weren't around /pol/ in 2016.

We shit on Reddit but r/the_donald was the only place you could get actual Republican news online without wading through the fud.

Ever since Trump got elected/was running there have been a ton of psyops, most of them have been obvious like this shillthread though

It's everywhere and constant -- if you think the banks don't have Pedostas and CTRs of their own you're delusional

it's called msm. not secret. A bunch of uninformed brainlet niggers telling other brainlet niggers what they should think, fucking shit up for people capable of using their brain, as always.

>it's a /pol/ thread