What's the next Bitcoin?

What's the next Bitcoin?

There's only one bitcoin and it will be like this forever, doesn't matter how shitty or expensive or slow is
You can try asking what's the next eth or neo tho

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Nas, ELA.

Both so be huge at least another 20x each.

lol the answer is eth and neo, no matter how shitty or slow they are


>Nas, ELA.
>Both so be huge at least another 20x each.

Your an idiot, Nas is not a currency lol.

Realistically though, NANO/XRB WILL BE THE crypto CURRENCY of 2018.

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ENG will be the ETH of 2018

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Nah, Chainlink is actually useful product

Omisego 1000$ in 24 months. Not bitcoin levels but still.

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user are these still pre-ICO?? Can't find anything!!

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Vechain is the next ETH. Wait and see

An ethereum erc20 token is the next ethereum... youve be smoking that glass dick

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It’s XLM. Noobs

redpill time: Bitcoin is BCH. What was Bitcoin originally, became Blockstream Coin.

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Biz and vitalik shilled it so I bought.

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