Help, I’m new and retarded

Got a couple choices and I have no idea what to do. I can either buy a $200 or so laptop for staking but only have like $2k after that for buying coins, or I can just buy my coins and use some iOS wallet and not worry about staking with that small of an investment. Was looking at QTUM or SALT if that matters at all.

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literally what the fuck

Those are higher risk compared to the bigger coins. Stick with the steady gainers if youre new imo

Nah he needs some Cryptopia shit that goes 900x overnight


So no laptop? I said I was retarded.

right. no labtop,

Which part are you wtfing? Don’t say all of it pls. I just want to have some fun with you guys and this crypto market looks like it could be an awesome hobby/interest (more than that if I was ever good at it, but I obviously know next to nothing currently).

Thank you

checked so you get it straight. if you don't know, why would you stake?

For a chance to get more coins. Figured with that few coins it likely wouldn’t pay for itself, but wanted to confirm with you guys that know about it better.

Don't buy crypto, it's not going back up. You said it yourself, you're retarded.

QTUM is good you don't need a laptop if you're a bit saavy you could do a rpi. But cheap laptop really honestly isn't a bad option. Staking isn't really worth it with only $2k desu...see
don't be a dick.
what's wrong with you

rpi as in raspberry pi? I was looking at some guides for it and I definitely don’t trust my abilities to get it running properly for staking.


But ADST right now and at the end of the month you will have $20,000 for sure

Yes. Honestly just go for a cheap laptop that you only use for staking then. But again you will need more than $2k worth of tokens to get decent returns. Could still be fun to try.

You think it would be worth the investment now or just wait until the coin is worth more, if it does well?

If anything now user as you would have more to stake vs after the moon. QTUM will double easy within 2 months.

just make one bet at a time

How am I wrong?

Whit 2k you can't stake for shit

Is there a rule of thumb for when it becomes worth messing with?

Just buy XTZ when it comes out in 2-3 months. You'll be able to stake in pools if you don't have enough.