Wake up

>wake up
>check portfolio, 15% up
>make some coffee and roll a joint
>enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning

How is your sunday anons?


Pull out now or lose those gains.buy on the next floor

Also ~15% up.
Did a 15 km run and now enjoying the free time to code on my own projects.

hahaha ye im just making a coffee for myself too hahaha nothing wrong here hahaha

Sunday is another work day for me. I'll be slaving all of 2018. Can't miss the train to lambo land


Nothing wrong with me

just lost another 8% or so.

it's fine, it's not like I like money or anything...


1. nothing wrong with me


Got to go to work soon, but I will spend it flirting with beautiful underage girls, of-age girls, and trans-sexuals. Whilst handing bottles of wine vodka and whiskey to alcoholics.

Such is the life of a guy who works in a supermarket, and actually quite enjoys it.

I'm basically...easy like Sunday Morning,


whatcha smoking op

check op digitalis

up +250% from initial investment
went to have pancakes with qt gf

my biggest bag is CPCHAIN, so life right now is excellent.

>Just making some coffee

Yeah but it's probably some pajeet tier economy size preground Folgers dirt. Meanwhile I'm grinding some fresh whole bean Ka'ū that was roasted 3 days ago and shipped to me overnight and using a pour over cause I'm not a filthy savage.

Seriously, if your drinking that sludge do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks to get the good shit, and if you put cream or sugar in it jump in front of a car and die horribly. And unless you are dirt poor fly to Hawaii and try it on the farm, it's grown on the South East side of the big island, and don't even bother stopping in the Kona region, that shit is overpriced garbage compared to Ka'ū.

Only low test faggots need caffeine

>using a pour over
I bet you have a selection of moustache waxes in your bathroom.

down 2.12% but no big deal

I've done exactly the same today.

George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt drank coffee

Why do you care what other people drink. Jesus Christ what an autistic faggot.

Wish I could roll one but live in shitty faggot state with draconian weed laws.

I drink instant coffee, black. 25 cents for 10 cups.

Because Im not a woman or faggot child, and I know that coffee is for staying awake, not enjoying.

Tea is for enjoying. Whiskey is for enjoying. Brandy, Cognac, Wine are for enjoying.

Not coffee, which morons pretend to enjoy until their pea brains actually start to associate it with good feelings.

stalin is not slavic