Fortune500 Jews already in

> Private Investors like ex-CEO of Bank of America, from Deutsche Telekom or Wells Fargo / all confirmed via interviews you can watch on their site
> 4m USD raised from those jews
> Team consists of Ex-Alibaba, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, MIT and Cisco

Will use Ethereum based tokens, blockchain technologies, and advanced user authentication to solve the fundamental trust problem in B2B and international trade. Authenticated, vetted, and reviewed buyers & sellers will utilize smart contracts to execute trade across a global business-to-business platform, ensuring that payments are successful.

If you cant beat the jews now, make bank alongside them and beat them later.

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seriously what‘s wrong with you? delete this now

Yeah I wont. Go cry in your closed group

Putting 50 eth in this, ty op

>fundraising goal 52m
>not a scam

thanks just bought 200k


Yeah I am sure they went through all the trouble of getting all those people and employers from 250+ Fortune500 companies involved to exitscam

Things like this are why I browse Veeky Forums.

I kinda was interested but why would I pay 0.04 cents more than presale price

got half of my bankroll in that! I think i might make it.

also everything I see in biz reminds me of a scam.

because you are late. This is what happens when people decide something shouldnt go on biz

I actually saw this ico like 3 weeks ago, but there was lots of scam fud about it. I guess I will just happily live in my bubble and think it is a scam.

Is it still worth to get into this?

user everybody can put anything on a webzite kek

Eh, 1 billion coins selling already at 0.16. Better investments out there

>1 billion supply
>0.16$ starting price
Kek, is this some joke? Did they forget a 0?

Just watch out carefully. Tons of red flags. Look at their linkedin profiles. All kinds of errors. And most of the admins are asian for a american based company. The fk?

you mean like actual videos of the people in the op confirming their investment?


This will trade well below even the presale price for some time before getting any traction. 52mm is just way too fucking much in this market.

Classic biz, go all in on a pre-ico and start shilling your heart out once it’s over.

Aka investing in ary and bita forces
Stay very poor niggers

I won't buy in until their advisors publically link themselves to the project in a video or some medium that can verify their account.

>FORMER chairman

Lmao, they need to get some current high level execs instead of some guys that got fired.

First major partnership will be with ary cap it

Shitcoin's shitcoin
>solve trust problem

Bancor all over again, stupid people never learn.

>didnt read my post
>your reply is irrelevant
>mfw i hold ary so i also hope you are right, if tradove is legit

That's how the ponzi works

Is there ANY evidence their advisors are actually part of this project? I havent found ANY.

Looks fishy af

They've a video that Rosenberg talking about investing the project. I still have my doubts about the project becasu it seems too legit.

Soure? Please and thank you user.

This one;

and this one with Mike Honda;

its literally on their frontpage cmon

The videos are done with that new deepfake program. Check out the subreddit. Use photos videos and shit to train the software and it puts the face you want over another persons face on a video.

>check out the Emma Watson one

This is probably the only coin I trust. Have been putting $500/week in for the last five weeks

mongs buy everything

Not to be rude OP, but how is an ICO that can't even automate the buy-in process ever come up with valuable blockchain tech?

uhhh guys?

Honestly, hes right you know.

stop fudding

I'm sorry you lost money on this. Next time do your research first.


So what is this the coin all the stacies are going to buy?

i can fucking imagine it now on all the news programs

"One of the most promising coins right now is BBCoin or BBC for short."

"Yes jim this coin is attracting a lot of the nations top (((investors))) from wall street.