Marries at 32 to an older woman

>marries at 32 to an older woman

right. i dont buy these people have any power

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is he a jew

And that's why they're rich and have brain and you're poor with no gf on Veeky Forums

It's all for image, behind closed doors they have a buffet of cheese pizzas


its great

>he doesn't exclusively have relationships with women older than himself

They marry for power and support between families like traditional princes and princesses.

This. That old hag is loaded.

I agree.

OP 'marrying a young virgin' is a meme, don't base your life on memes.



uh what?

I married a 16 year old virgin and im 30

of course it helps i have 10m in the bank but still. these "elite" marriages are shams to keep the plebs in line "omg im a 30 year old women but rothschild married a 30 year old women so ive still got a chance right?? RIGHT??!!"


rothschild is fucking 14 year old CPS girls and that roastie hes married too isnt getting shit but shopping trips in dubai.

post it on sjw topics on reddit and get a ban

fuck bro, why are they not on forbes?

You expect the Jew to name itself?

>I married a 16 year old virgin and im 30
For how long have you known her?


she looks dead behind the eyes

Rothchilds cinsider themselves part of the messianic bloodline.

Jewish diaspora is only supposed to end with the return of the messiah. Guess who created modern day Israel. So basically Israelis accept rothchikds are the messianic bloodline.

But get this. They don’t accept Jesus Christ. Rothchilds are Jews not Christians. So they are antichrist by definition.


Nobility and Royalty are not on Forbes.

Should've gone for the aunt.

Stands more to inherit
Closer to kicking the bucket

2 years

Why would they intermarry with the granddaughter of someone who has 4,4 billion? She max gets half a billion.
Thats peanuts for them if your post is true.

I've never heard of anything to do with this, but this was a very interesting comic! Is it anti-jew?

So you were dating her when she was 14..? How did you meet?

What are you even doing on here if you have that much money? Other than larping I mean
Also are you an Indian or Arab?

we werent dating at that point, but the attraction was obvious. we dated 6 months max.

both families were friends from church. they didnt care (luckily).

serious? Veeky Forums made me rich why wouldnt i be on here? protip: money wont do fuck all to change your demeanor. i still drive a civic.

So you had a psychological and emotional romantic connection with a 14 year old, when you were 28?

To be blunt, you have psychological issues. I don't know a single 28 year old (and I've known some messed up people) who can romantically connect with 14 year old.

I meant to write:

So you had a cognitive and emotional connect.

Go to pol and get redpilled user.


Specifically what did you do to get rich? Sit on bitcoins until they mooned? Advice would be good pls

>ever marrying an older woman

obviously money doesnt buy brains

lol, implying ASD means shit when you have that kind of wealth

There's no way a guy who made a software company is the richest guy in the world.

sour grapes, the post
just because you got shafted doesn't mean you have to ruin things for the next generation

guarantee you're under 130 iq
anyone who leans on the smart side feels utter loneliness trying to connect with people. if you're a genius, you'll feel closer to a teen with that same intelligence than with a woman your age of average intelligence
there's a bigger cognitive gap between geniuses and normal white people than between normal people and abos who have to be told not to sleep on the road
are YOU attracted to abos? what would you even talk about? there's no possible cognitive connection there
luckily for you, majority of people are around your intelligence. now put yourself in the shoes of a genius, and you've got someone who lives in a world full of abos. might as well marry a sex doll
bottomline, age difference is a meme from low quality people who defer to quantity as a qualifier

Id rather have an older woman desu, you dont have to put up with a bunch of immature bullshit

Gotta marry the dip, boys.

Get in low, get out high.



Marriage is about children, wealth and power for jews. It has nothing to do with sex, which I'm sure they both have lots of with other people.

Why is Veeky Forums so full of pedos? Seriously they're in every board but Veeky Forums might the worst blue board in that respect.

You kids need to lurk /pol/

/tv/ is worse

/tv/ is objectively the worst board on Veeky Forums but that's a different matter

>Implying maturity directly correlates with age

for the most part it most definitely does, its more or less the rule and there are a few out there that are exceptions to that rule.

t correlates logarithmically, after a certain age people don't really mature more, but kids will always be immature shits. I thought I was mature when I was a teenager and what I really was a stupid know-it all dunning-krueger killjoy prick.

Just avoid the vaccines and you'll be good.

You really think this dude is going to type a sentence and it's going to be that easy? It's called WORK FOR IT you fucking faggot

> after a certain age people don't really mature more
that hasnt been my experience, maturity levels continue to grow. The same things that upsets someone in their 30's is basically nothing to someone in their 50's.
> when I was a teenager and what I really was a stupid know-it all dunning-krueger killjoy prick.
sorry to hear that. Hopefully that is all out of your system now

>tfw I fucked myself out of a beautiful and brilliant girl I was in love with and who loved me back by being a dunning-krueger shithead kid and 10 years later am still alone
Wasn't expecting this feel from this thread. Don't be like me, kids.

>using iq to legitimize pedophilia

man those heels are so ridiculous

id hate to have to tip toe all fucking day at some social function

how do women do it

Opportunist individuals who want to quit the work farm and take control of their lives through achieving power and wealth are all hebiphiles and/or pedos. A popular Hebrew saying is
>A poor man will look for emotional support, stability and direction from a woman. A rich man is only interested in her youth and fertility as she has nothing more to offer as a woman.
Look at all the pedo rings in Hollywood or New York.
t. richfag dating only 18 yos

they're fucking betas. My breeding sow is 21 and I admire all you guys with teenage GF's. To think that 16 is pedo is laughable. I think 80% of girls in my HS were having regular sex at that time. 16 year old girls love sucking cock and getting fucked. They're not children by any standard.