"Best Coin in 2018"

You can not believe how much i am happy that this shit is going to be burried.
All this shitters who were trying to shill it are hopefully being justed right now
>muh no fees
ONE WHOLE XRB withdraw fee on binance LUL
>muh fastest coin
>muh scalable
>muh developer working hard

man i can no say how much i feel the justice while this shit is going to the ground

who else here liking how nano being burried?

Agreed one of the worst ERC20 tokens, Vitalik said it himself.
1nano withdrawal fee lol so much about muh feeless.

I'm unironically thinking of buying 100k

>ONE WHOLE XRB withdraw fee on binance LUL
that's not true though.
is this some "subtle" nano shilling again?

the withdraw fee is already 0,01 kek

and no this coin is not going to get burried, you wish iotafag

the binance fee was lowered to 0.01

Op just go neck yourself. Your fud sucks. Your worthless. It's obvious your life is that miserable that you need to spread lies on an anonymous message board. There no point in living anymore user. Just end it.

I raped a dog because it is the Nano Raiblocks tradition.
My dog now sits in a corner staring for hours is afraid of me when I go near her.
Did I make my dog pregnant, when am I going to get luck and profit?

XRB isn't an ERC20 token ya fuckin' nerd.

stop with the fucking railedblocks thads. noone cares about your shitcoin

It's one of the scammiest, dyr

All you said is demonstrably false

Ok explain me how?
You know that there is a huge demand needed and a lot of buyers?
Who are the buyers?
Everyone who believes in this shit is already in or already sold at 35€ ATH.

explain pls

Useless shitcoin, doesn't even have smart-contracts.

It's a DAG, dyr.


I'm not familiar with this meme?

no, you explain to me how did bitcoin go from $100 to $10000, at 100 everyone was already in or sold

faggot is trying to force it and it makes no sense lol. Check the other nano/xrb thread he posted the rapedog thing again... just weird

Why is it called Rapedog? I am on board with the rebrand, just want to know why.

Rapedog. Has a nice ring to it, very memorable. Way better than nano.

actually the demand for bitcoin exploded in August/September/November 2017.

So that you are talking about no demand for bitcoin at 100$ shows me you do not know anything about this.

hey OP im sorry to break it for you but the entire stock market is about to kick the bucket so you know what happens next
it legit doesent matter that fucking coin you own
but hey enjoy fudding a coin that works and is actually fast go buy litecoin or something if you want to get fucked over by (((miners)))

I pray ven is next. Most annoying jeets on the fucking internet.

I love NANO but im thinking if i should trade some for NEO right now

Do whatever your heart desires. For me I’m choosing the fastest fee-less coin on the market that has the highest chance of mass adoption once their mobile wallet comes out

you know that BTC or LTC also had no fees ( really zero fees) at the beginning.

but because stupid ppl. started to spam the network or the satoshidice that did all tx onchain we had to react to keep the DB size small

Well here’s the reset button

the same thing will happen to nano raiblocks, just a simple math.

If I am starting an attack to bust the feeless concept, 7000tx/second will blow up the storage of full history backbone nodes +250gb per day!

A coordinated botnetwork could produce a million tx/second attack.
until the network is knocked out or unusable because of the size.

Do it, there’s an open invitation

So its not feeless any more? kek.


Exchanges charge that fee to make money. It’s not the coin.

So no way to escape the fees of the feeless coin? kek.

Use your own wallet, dingus.

But there is still a fee to transfer to that wallet user. kek.

>all this fud

XRB confirmed as next ETH

Yea there’s some discord group getting a good kek out of this.

why lie? the fee is for binance not the network. its also not an ERC20 its its own chain

It’s coordinated FUD by discord NEETs

Plz rebrand to RaiBlocks and back again so I can at least break even on this.
Or maybe stay low so I'm not as miserable about my 200 nano stuck at Bitgrail.

from wallet to wallet, it doesn't have fees.
Some exchange are greedy and charge fee.
Bitgrail charge 0 fee( for withdrawal(if oyu can withdraw these days).

>Every negative thing said about this coin is all FUD by neets

Yes, because we all know XRB is the BTC killer.

A simple google search of issues with this coin is all I need to refute all the pumping done on this board.

Why would I ever transfer from wallet to wallet? You can't spend this token anywhere and there's no platform on which anything will be launched in the future so what's the point of holding this? Just so maybe in the future I can spend it on stuff? In the meantime I'll have to pay a fee to move it around because the only thing you can do with it is trade it on exchanges. This is the definition of a retard trap.


>.2% fee
your point?

Temporary. They will introduce a fiat/nano pairing when it launches.

How much do they pay you to FUD pajeet