GG, hacked, im out

I was all in in xrb, had 2k of them left, kept them in my destkop wallet. In my life never had any problems with trojans or viruses or being hacked.
This morning synced my wallet and saw 0 and transaction that i didnt do. HOWWWWWWWWWWW

Crypto will never get mass adoption, jews at banks insure your money, if it gets hacked you get it back even if it was your fault or stupid mistake, once couple more average joes get hacked word will get out and everyone will stay the fuck away. anyway, it was fun, bye

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..why though why on your desktop wallet. How is your opsec? What do you use on your desktop? RIP OP

nice just bought 100k

I lost $15k on poloniex last july via a fishing email, i was a fucking idiot and also underage. Made it back though so i guess it wasnt all bad.

because i didnt trust exchanges, kept them in my wallet since july

>mr bankerstein I accidentally swipped my debit card on a fake terminal and got stold'd
>No problem Mr. Goyimson We have measure in place for those situations

Proceeds to >credit his account with all his funds back after investigation

>Here you go mr Goyimson you're all set you can now go back to wagecucking for 10$ an hour

There is no more money in the pool.
I wonder where that money came from.
Buying power just went down.

Raiblocks community assemble!
We are going to rebrand to RAPEDOG coin!

>This message is approved by the Raiblocks community

Hi, it's me your hacker

Post the transaction faggot. Guessing this is just FUD.

not fud. gimme a sec

same....... just lost 100K
Fuck XRB and fuck white people

here you go

last transaction wasnt me, shame that it doesnt have the exact date

thanks just hacked 100k

Tx for the money OP it's not my fault you have a keylogger on
Ops it was

Damn bro that sucks. I'd message Kucoin as that is where the funds ended up. Send them the transaction address and get them to freeze the account that recieved your funds, just in case that damn Russian script kiddy has any funds left on the exchange.

I tracked it to an exchange. Report it to the police and the exchange. If you aren’t being a faggot who is FUDing because you just sold it you could easily get the person arrested.

which exchange? kucoin?

And what the hell do i even say to police? someone hacked my raiblocks? lel

holy shit you can't be that stupid and that's not how it works you fucking faggot

I'm guessing this is FUD. OP says he's kept the coins in his wallet since July, but the first transaction on his account is one from Bitgrail on Thu, 18 Jan 2018.

It’s either Kucoin or Binance. The other user says Kucoin so I’m guessing that one. Once you report it to the feds they can request the indentifying info from them. But I would also let the exchange know. Good luck user.

Nope you can't

Always keep money on exchanges with the google safety login thing.
Safer than trying to be your own bank.
I got my stuff across all exhanges for over two years and everythings fine. Frim etherdelta to kuckcoin. And i dont have to deal with transaction fees and fear of losing something while doing so.

well that not true, i bought 4300 raiblocks from bitgrail when it was 6600 satoshis in the beginning of summer, i dont know what are you talking about

I just checked the hashes and this user is right. He bought some from Bitgrail on Thursday and sold them on Kucoin today. He now wants to buy in cheaper so he is FUDing. God damn you are a faggot OP.

based person with an IQ above 90

No one losing ~30k in an "all in" would come here and post a post this calm on exactly the same day of losing it.

I agree OP is a larper. Funds were in account for 1 week. 18th of Jan to 25th of Jan. OP probably bought high and sold low. Losing ~25%.

guys, you are crazy. what proof do you want? alright, just for the fuck of it i can post any proof you want.

>post a post this calm on exactly the same day of losing it.

well, why i would be a pink wojack? it messed up my plans, but its not the end of the world, i had looked into the eyes of death and i laughed, why should i get depressed about some pixels? i mean it sucks, but theres more to it.

who's buying the dip?



Sorry bud but on the block explorer is fucked but on the old site you can check the exact time and date of every transaction. Just admit you are lying. It will make you feel better.

Post your wallet seed as proof pls.

i can literally post a screenshot of my bank account or any exchange account, why would i fud.

>durrr I luk in eyes a def n laff

God you're such a faggot.

here you go, any more proof guys?

sounds cliche and silly but its true.

>Posts seed on Mongolian basket weaving forum.
>Wonders how he got hacked.

Did you have 2fa? I have the web wallet with 2fa, not sure if the desktop has it

This is how we know you are lying. We know exactly when you sent and received every block. You weren’t holding since July, you bought your first stack in the middle of December.

well its already hacked, and i trust mongols

>you bought your first stack in the middle of December.

WHAT? in december i cashed out the first time. it was 2800 pounds,, i bought late june or july, cant remember exactly when but it was 6600 satoshis, and that ATH, when i bought it it immediatly went back down to ~2200 satoshis and that got me pissed i remember.

Yeah, to be fair, that doesn't say when op bought that just says when op _withdrew_ from the exchange

Based on what op has posted so far I fully believe he was retarded enough to get hacked

Sucks op but I guess crypto just isn't for you

How would this help you?

When things are stolen, they're put into exchanges changed to privacy coins and extracted. There is no trail from there.

>someone got his cash stold
>bank replaced it
>now theres 2 values of the sum instead of 1 in circulation
>where did that extra value get generated from
>le print money

If there are more dollars, the dollar becomes easier to acquire physically - creating less buy power.

>not leaving all your coins on binance with 2fa enabled

Like op said normies don't even know what opsec is
Goodbye normies money, or hello jews creating banks for crypto, hello fucked up system all over again, back to square 1

Looking closer something is funky with the date/time stamps. Maybe you sent but never cleared pending until later? Format your machine and stop using windows. Also don’t listen to other anons. Exchanges save every scrap of info you give them so they can give details to the police in cases like this. Make sure you file a claim. Worst case maybe you can write it off as a loss on your taxes.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt OP.
These are the transaction where your allegedly hacked funds were sent to Kucoin. Contact Kucoin with these addresses, ask them to freeze the account and see if they will give you any information like, what happened to the funds on kucoin, the IP address or email address of the account holder. That said, when your funds get hacked, they are gone. You are 100% correct in stating that crypto will not get mass adoption without an insurance mechanism. This insurance mechanism will most likely arrive in the form of a trusted third party, defeating the whole point of crypto.
I'd like to know more about how you got hacked OP. What OS, web browser do you use? Where did you store your seed?

windows 10, chrome. i stored seed in usb that was on my keychain that i carried everywhere with me and i didnt know about. My only theory is that i got trojan'd in the summer, but they only now collected my info. because i kept my seed on destkop in text file for about 2 weeks in the summer, i deleted it at the end of summer. thats all i got.

oh and funny thing, i used to hack wow accounts with sub7 when i was a kid. karma is a bitch

>i didnt know about

lol i meant no one knew about

I don't get it, how exactly were the funds stolen? I mean, how exactly did the hacker get access to it?

My opinion on seeds is that they should be stored physically rather than digitally. Carrying around your seed on USB, if you left your keys somewhere it would take all of 1 minute to get the data from your usb to their computer and put the keys back.
Windows is so fucking hard to diagnose suspicious network activity as all this weird shit is constantly getting sent to Microsoft.
I feel bad for you OP, i would be spewing if I lost 2000 XRB. I only hold 50 and consider them my ticket to the moon. I think you were ahead of the game in keeping your coins off of exchanges. Hoefully you can stick around and when communist China starts shutting down exchanges and pink wojaks go flying, you can have a good belly laugh.
When Spectre and Meltdown were in the news I didn't turn on my computer with the network connected, until I erased any digital trace of my seeds off my machine.

like i said my only theory is that somehow i got trojand in the summer, in the period when i kept my seed in text file on destkop, but i have no idea how. it never happenned before, i dont download or click suspicious shit. i mean i i downloaded some movies from piratebay, ive read before that its now possible to attach a undetectable trojan even to .avi file, so maybe i got very unlucky i and downloaded some oscar bait that was prepared to catch some cryptos.

OP is a brainlet faggot

OP could have been Meltdown'd or Spectre'd

>ive read before that its now possible to attach a undetectable trojan even to .avi file
No, that's bullshit.
But it's possible that you did download some binaries.

>i stored seed in usb that was on my keychain
Was the seed stored in plaintext and did you use that usb key for anything else especially on public computers, for instance transferring a PowerPoint presentation for class? If so, I guarantee that's how you got hacked, fwiw.

Still using windows. Weewww

>>le print money


no, i never put it into any public computers, and yes it was in plaintext hidden in folder labyrinth, should've been encrypted.

godspeed op
thank you btw, our circ supply keeps getting less

Did you put it in any device other than your computer? What else we're you using it for?

well. oh. shit.

i put it once about month ago in my girlfriends computer to transfer some photos. shes russian.

oh. i need to go shopping

seems the troll is done trolling

not trolling. just funny if that was the case

>search for wallet.dat

did you at least put it in a password protected rar file or something?

folder labyrinth is worthless tho, not even 1 second of searching it with a scrypt that has regex matching private keys formats of various cryptos

it was not wallet.dat

just .txt

you need to be a computer literate in order to use crypto currently. later this situation will improve, but there's a price of being early investor. is pretty rad because you can keep your seed off your computer, and can enable 2fa to access your wallet from the data stored on comp.

always use 2fa, or use a secure computer without possibility of trojan infection

or prepare to end up with a $45k worth pirated copy of fallout

I just want to be clear, sorry for your loss OP - i don't kek at other misfortunes, but really try to never have a wallet.dat on anything (I understand there are those times you have a desktop wallet and need to sync it - let that be the only window. I delete mine ASAP and put everything in password protected rar files and move them to cold storage ASAP. I might even be doing something wrong

ddang forgot pic

I should add I keep a dogecoin wallet.dat on my computer with a few hundred doge - it might not be the best canary in the coal mine but that's currently my tripline to see if my system get comprmised

once a file been on computer, especially on a HDD, it's potentially recoverable.
but i stored bitcoins like that for years and had no issues.
but if your coins are supported by hardware wallets, they're a very good investment,

nano/raiblocks support is coming for ledger soon. they have lifted the verification fees for this currency specifically (meaning they are invested in it)

>once a file been on computer, especially on a HDD, it's potentially recoverable

well i didn't get into full detail here, but I usually write 20GB movie files to my HDD until it is full a few times (2 to 7 times depending on time), in an effort to make any deleted files unrecoverable, but I typically just send right to my ledge nano s.

I have been leaving some stuff on binance lately which bothers me, I like to pull stuff off exchanges, but I plan on it soon so I will have the "desktop wallet" window problem soon.

I just moved my XYB holding off Cryptopia and went through the entire wallet sync/encrypt/password-rar/move-to-various-usbs/delete everything/mass HDD write/etc

And I'm sure I'm still fucking something up

I use a pirated version of windows
Am i screwed guys? Any tips on how to stay safe?

install gentoo

Sorry for your loss OP.

Lately I've been thinking about whether this will happen to me someday.
I use pirated Windows and download TV shows off private trackers but have all legit games and programs.

I have some long term coins that I want to secure because now I'm keeping everything on the same wallet which I know is very risky.

Is a hardware wallet the best solution for this?

This is accurate.

its not

>why should i get depressed about some pixels?

“Sir your wife is dead.”
“Ha! Speech is just pressure waves of air! Why should I be upset about some air moving?”

>Is a hardware wallet the best solution for this?
2fa exchanges are unironically the best solution for this

Also to both of you using pirated windows, well, you best not look at the exclusions in Windows Defender that you never manually typed in or you'll enjoy a comfy dose of daily paranoia from now on

are you seriously comparing crypto to life and love? you will never be happy mate

Christ you are dumb.

op is coping, and is likely legit. leave him be

exchanges can get hacked, and worse. hardware wallets are the best

then you're just paranoid, but it's ok. but i doubt you'll lose coins due to thievery, in fact it's prob not worth as much effort, actual risk/effort-put-in ratio wise

I was Gox'ed. This is terrible advice. Keep on your local PC on a encrypted drive.


maybe i am, but your metaphor is autistic and doesnt make any sense really

losing your wife can't be compared to losing 4300 XRB, but
the fact that you lost XRB relates to pixels having a different arrangement on your monitor
similarly to
being told that you've lost your wife relates to air moving differently toward you

like i said


sorry for being cruel, but it seems like you're just being ignorant. you made a mistake and if you're not upset about it you're not honest IMO, and you're much more likely to make this mistake again than if you honestly look at it for what it is.
and def. try to figure out exactly what happened. it could be a trojan on your computer, could be a trojan on your gf's computer, could be someone who had access to your gf's computer, or could be your gf.

def. figure it out. maybe you can even get it back but even if you can't, it's super important to know as much as possible about how this happened.

*or could be someone who had access to your computer IRL

i am upset, but this is not the worst thing that has happened to me. I'll live. i just scanned everything, nothing was found.


as a rule of thumb, it's unwise to store coins on a computer with a pirated OS / one that has ever run any pirated executables (movies are fine)

and then legit software can and does contain trojan also, like HP's built-in keyloggers that they just recently removed.

but consumer-grade anti virus software isn't really meant to guard tens of thousands of dollars worth of data, there are many-many stuff no AV software can catch

What do you recommend then if already on pirated os

if your gf didn't know about your nano, i'd test her a little. like examine her facial expression when you mention this coin to her. not saying you should treat her as a suspect but i think you'll be much more calm if she looks genuinely clueless about it all.

Kek i have never used a wallet exchanges are fucking iron clad

to be completely honest she's too dumb to do that.

store coins in HW wallet/at least on a USB/raspberry pi/laptop that has no internet connection.

but if you can afford get a legit OS

Dual boot linux