Crypto is dead. Back to literally wagecucking

Back to being a hired black bull for cuck couples. Today I'm fuckin a 10 year old married couple from Kansas outcall. Smoking weed right now to maintain my erection. What are you folks doing since everything went to shit. Feelsbadman

Investing for long term loser

I didn't sell anything, I mean there aren't any gains anymore as it used to be

I'm French and i'm still wondering how some people have this kind of cuck fantasy. I assume it's because of all the porn people are watching.

WTF I love cuckolding now

I wouldnt mind watching a girl get black'd....they seem to enjoy it so much more. A few girls have told me the blacks guys they hooked up with 'were too big' and play it off like its a bad thing

Im shorting btc with 10x leverage.

Some people literally like to eat shit, or fuck goats or pre-pubescent children, or drill another man's butthole. Some get off to being physically or mentally abused.
Some people are just fucked in the head.

why can't you keep an erection?
how much do you think these wives enjoy cucking their husbands?

Its just another fetish fad

Right now a muscular black man with a big dick is the most popular trope in porn.
When all the pervs get tired of this genre, we might seem some other fantasies emerge.
It could be so that cuckold porn gets replaced by its antonym: big dick shaming. Imagine a porn film, where a skinny man with a small dick gets to fuck a nigger's wife and the nigger can't do anything about it despite being stronger, better-looking and hung.
The ultimate humiliation is when you turn out to be inferior to smb you have considered scum all your life. This new genre of porn could appeal to all those cucks.

the first 3 sentences made sense

that picture made me sick. fuck them


Back you fucking go

i've seen at least 2 or 3 of those articles, it's real


You seen this scene where Batman beats Joker to pulp, but it is not helping? You know, why Joker is laughing his ass off with a bloody mess of a face?
That is because Batman is all so powerful and strong an just, but that is not helping him in the least.
Batman has all the properties of a dominant male, but fails to control an unfit older unarmed inmate.

That was a great scene. Imagine the porn version of the same emotion set

i think he meant the text of the OP, not the image, but in case he didn't, i googled the top 5 and they all showed up.

Does anyone else feel like the don't know what the fuck is going on in the world anymore? I used to consider myself quite liberal but these people in the media/political/business elite are just fucking nuts, as proven by the articles written in the picture.

Literally utter lunacy.

Yeah man, I'm 31 years old and I hated GW Bush with a passion.

But now I hate all these leftist fucks with identity politics and I have turned anti-immigration reactionary.

The millennial generation is going to be the most conservative generation we have in quite some time.

> crypto "crashes" again like every year before

aren't your fellow millennials the ones taking up the literal cuck and feminist shit? Most of the people those articles are referring to are under 30 I would think

I was just a normal republican back in the day. I liked bush. Now I am a fucking nazi.

Liberalism will always keep going left. A liberal from the 90s is practically a moderate conservative these days.

>the porn version
which would be what exactly?