Guess who woke up

Guess who woke up

fucking amerifats

America about to wake up and pump these shitcoins pajeeto

We aint awake yet

>wake up
>reach into bedside drawer and retrieve paper bag containing my morning breakfast burger with super size fries and chocolate chip cookie
>open up Coinbase to see how my investments are doing
>I’m down 5%! That could have gone a long way at McDonald’s

>chocolate chip cookie


>Europoors sell off every day after lunch
>start blaming the burgers for not bailing their ass out again

Sir, I may shit in the street, but you shit on the charts.

ah yes, time to panic sell before work, and fomo back in at evening

rinse repeat untill i drag the entire market down with me desu

man wtf its always around 6-7am EST this shit happens. Fucking Mutts need to be banned from crypto.


I like to eat a light breakfast

It’s sunday at 4:13am. This is still the fucking Europoors.

>yuropoos jealous that we play the market better than them

We aren’t even awake yet. Euros fucking suck dick, look at this mess

murimutts cashed out to grab their first breakfast

Die cali scum

its 7am EST. Fucking retard. Learn your own countries time zones.

United Time Zones amirite?

>is pajeet
>calls euros poor

At most, only early risers in 1/3rd of America have woken up. You yuropoors who fail to understand this day in and day out are only demonstrating why America is still the superpower.

Usually it's amerifats repair the price and the asians who panic sell and suck away everything we put into it.

I actually hope the market crashes , this shit is insane any ways. I mean look at the prices for these white papers.

Not to mention its the weekend when most sleep in.

world starts at 9am est when walmart opens fag

No one wakes up at 7am on Sunday you dumb fucking sandnigger. It is, however, prime time in Eurocuckistan. Maybe you should learn European time zones, you actual moron.

I feel like it'll recover today back to 9k at least. Yay or nay?

America doesn't pump shit you stupid faggots. It's the Chinese who pump it back up at 7am, +8 GMT.

>America is still the superpower.
>At most, only early risers in 1/3rd of America have woken up.
>you yuropoors who fail to understand this day in and day out

Holy shit Americans are fucking retarded.

Exactly his point. How many people do you think are up at 7am trading fucking cryptocurrencies? It's FAR more likely this is eurotrash who are in the middle of their day, or Asia who all are now home from work and can panic sell to the max.

You fags trying to blame murca are just ashamed of your trash countries killing the markets. In 4 hours America will be awake and rescue you, like fucking always, in crypto & in war & economic crisis.

I forgot Americans like to sleep in till 1pm after a night of binge drinking and watching netflix all night while rubbing McDonald sauce all over themselves.

Their hands are made of the same cotton those ameriniggers pick

Asians home at 8pm +8 GMT? What are you on about you dumb yank. It's fucking Sunday. We West Aussies are on the same time zone. We've been home because it's fucking Sunday. America, the first penal colony, was a mistake.

just going to leave this here

Guess who's taking their bedtime market dump?

Sir, tell your wife Muhammad said hi.

ITT: Americunts saying 'it's not us because we are sleeping' yeah....

Trips of Truth

This. It's the same on stock markets like clockwork, after lunch around 1-2 pm euros sell.

stop bully us

>taking profit bad
>holding crashing assets good

Some economical masterminds here on Veeky Forums

based digits confirm mongrellica retardation

Man it’s super bowl Sunday and it’s only 7:30 AM on the east coast and 4:30 on the west. No Americans are up trading crypto right now. You are fucking retarded. The Super Bowl is practically a national holiday I doubt there will be a lot of trades today from America relatively speaking.

Dont you have a mcdonalds riot to attend to you fat subhuman?


Without the US Australia would be just another shit tier poor 3rd world country. We are literally responsible for the largest influx of money into your country, you fucking pathetic leech.

We should knock you off our teet so you can live impoverished.

>world starts at 9am est when walmart opens fag
Walmart closed?

Go back to McDonalds, 58% niggers

consumerist garbage
no wonder they are mostly made of blubber, passive spectators of bullshit with no relevance whatsoever

Ah, yes, sam alwaleed hyde. Known wall street insider.


What country are you from which doesn't have sports? Let me laugh at you.

>None wakes up at that time
>is woke
Holy shit you are genuinely retarded

Hell yeah dude. McDonald’s sauce is way better than the Muslim cum you rub all over yourself.

Don't feed the thicclets, please.


but...Dequan Jackson is my favorite player...I like to watch the big black men run on the field and chase the ball...they’re so strong...

Yeah because yuropoors don’t religiously watch soccer. Completely different.

I only play sports, you ad-receptive vegetable of no roots or identity

I am done with this shit. Seriously. I pulled all my money out of the market (still x10 my initial investment, even though down from x25). No reason to hold in this shitty market.

It's 7:30 here on the east coast, I doubt any more than 20% of americans are awake

What country are you from? Please allow me to laugh at you.

woke ass east coaster checking in.

>mfw us eurofags mess your crypto momentum

Fitting response from the double digit IQ chimp

even if I told you your ignorant brain couldn't do shit with that info

You are on an anonymous Internet message board and STILL too ashamed to tell me where you live.

LOL, fucking pathetic nerds from shit tier countries are the worst.

Mohammed has to wake up at 7 for the morning call to prayer, so he assumes the rest of us do too.

Sir, Don’t you have some refugees to turn your country over to, you classless panic selling fuck? Think about that when Ajmer sticks his cok in your sisters bobs.

Please, the firsts to have panic'ed were those europussies.

I didn’t wake up. I haven’t gone to sleep. I’m on the west coast so it’s 4:30. I’ll go to sleep in an hour after I have a couple burgers and some large fries to prepare me for the destruction I am going to put my intestines through tomorrow for super bowl Sunday.

I cannot wait until China makes you its bitch, as if you aren't already with your 13 trillion dollar debt to them. Our government isn't stupid enough to become schizophrenic and paranoid over an eastern European shit hole and rightly acknowledges China as being the real threat. While you faggots go into meltdown over the red scare China is going to wipe you from the earth and I'll be sitting back having an export with my emu named Neville cheering.


don't you have a constitution to defend instead of watching sports, goy? aren't you reminded of your place every time you look at your mutilated cock while taking a piss?

what a fucking mess, the next couple of decades are going to be hilarious.

>Telling other people they are classless
Top kek

You don’t even know what time it is in your own shithole country. Are you going to cry when your lineage is wiped out in 3 generations and your descendants become even more retarded than you are? Shit, you’re probably about to cry right now, you snaggletooth ass motherfucker.

Take a pick Veeky Forums

So you're saying you are a retarded then because thats exactly what happened in america? hahah
>this is the average american brain

Sir, I may shit in street but at least I don't shart in mart sir.

You think China is a threat to a country with the most advanced and well funded military in the world. I think that's hilarious. If we wanted to run through China right now and take everything they had, we could do it in under a week.

The US is the only country currently investing in AI robotic warfare. In a few years we won't even need to send troops anywhere to eliminate an entire army.

You anti-US trashbags think healthcare or money or # of people are power. No, weapons are power. And the US has the most. That's why we can rescue all of you pathetic worms when someone comes into your shit tier country to fuck with you, or we can run a train on any single nation in the world. That's why our retarded President can say absurdly obnoxious things to every world leader and threaten to shut you down from trade or US protection and ALL of your countries back down to him even though he's clearly an ignorant fucking moron with zero tact.

Anti-US sentiment is just the ultimate form of jealousy.

How rich would 1 person have to be to effectively manipulate the market? Could a guy like Soros do it, since I know he's dabbled in crypto?



All this discussion is pointless. It can be settled simply by waiting for a few years: in a few years, the nation with the weakest hands will be the one without any bitcoins.

>2020, 7:30 EST, America wakes up with no bitcoins
>*starts war on electrons*

I'm done with you, you're too ashamed to even say where you live. You're shit tier to me, next.

>we can take over China in a week
My sides. If you went vs Chinks it would be a draw because you both cannot take each other down. Chinks have no fleet and you cannot occupy them territorially.

don't misgender anyone today, you may lose your credit score because of it lmao

>you are a retarded then

The mongrel can’t even form a sentence properly. I rest my case my nigga.

Hahahaha you’re literally dumb as fuck if you think commie chinks who can barely feed their people are in any way shape or form a threat to America power. Now get back on your knees and keep sucking this big American dick you cuck

>calling Americans classless while they get outbred by brownies
You people are worse than Dalits

>Attacks my simple typo instead of acknowledging the fact he just got ass fucked.

Get fuckt you literal subhuman

>We aren’t even awake yet.

Unless we went nuclear you are probably correct.

This is from an article from a European based publication:

"The United States would likely win because sending China's untested forces against the might of America's military would be like pitching farmers against Achilles and his warriors"

Even eurofags know the deal. Where are you from? Australia? Pathetic leech country.

>calling Americans classless while they get outbred by brownies

Le 56% brainlets everyone!

Thank jeesus for mcdonalds. I can get a big Mac and fries for breakfast

jesus christ shut the fuck up you subhuman

You truly are a dumbass.
USA cannot even properly wrangle arab civilians and now you want to take a bite of China. How many soldiers you think it takes to pacify a billion civilians. As other user said unless you nuke em whole thing ends up in a stalemate. It would be like Vietnam but with 40 times as many gooks

Ah, my apologies sir. I forgot you think it is your place to turn your vagins over to allah to make amends for wwii.

Why are americunts so horrible? Fucking assholes are worse than the chinks and maybe even worse than Indians. Nukes when?