Is it a good time to buy Ethereum now?

Is it a good time to buy Ethereum now?

Better than yesterday.

yeah probably


why, not?

Yes but may as well wait until a proper bull run starts.

I FUDed it with the "solidity sucks" thread. Lol
Thanks for cheap ETH, dumbasses

The flippening can not be stopped

Loool like a biz fud thread actually effects the price of eth, retard

Sure user, it's all your doing.

That’s right! Mommy’s big boy did it all by himself :)

Is it below $1000 USD? Then yes.

Me too. I'm always in every ETH thread during a crash calling it a shitcoin or a piece of shit and that it will be $300 EOY. Then when I'm done accumulating I shill it.

i can't wait until the btc and eth marketcaps touch tips again
it's so funny thinking about the people that bought in right there for muh flippening


last time eth hit .1 btc went on a massive bull run and eth tanked

ETH is going to dip to $500, that's when you go all in. Put in your life savings, your house, anything

Who do you trust more: your dumbass self or Vitalik?

it's so fucking gay that everyone moves into btc from alts and not eth

>moved the entire market

And to think it was around $15 this time last year WTF

Bought ETH 4 hours ago, please kill me

Yeah but in April you will be a rich ass mufukka

You'll be fine in the long run, but you should probably get off crypto for a month or two...

If you mean for Fiat go ahead, if you want to trade for crypto you can maybe wait for 8400 sats or so.

yeah Ethereum will moon once that trading card dApp is out

w-what goys...everyone going to bitcoin now??

No. The flippening has been cancelled by Putin. Better go all in BTC and wait.